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Crystal Castles III 2012 Album

Updated on December 7, 2012

New Album Crystal Castles Just Released!

The new album III by Crystal Castles, produced entirely by Ethan Kath, deals with opression in a very forward manner. The album cover is disturbing featuring a picture by the Spanish photographer Samuel Aranda that shows a woman dressed in black holding her son Zayed who was hit by a tear gas attack in Yemen 2011. So the album deals with fresh issues while the sound of Crystal Castles stays close to that of the two albums that were released before III.

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Crystal Castles III


Very well received new album from Crystal Castles. Those that are fans from the very first day and those just discovering the musical chaos and cries of despair of CC will enjoy it. Highly focussed album that deals with the themes that are plaguing the world nowadays. This album is definitely an evolution from the albums I and II.


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Crystal Castles III

Which is quite surprising if you take into account that all keyboards and pedals used on album I and II were discarded and new keyboards and pedeals were brought in! Additionally Crystal Castles didn't use a computer to record anything and they went and recorded everything in one take. First listening to the studio album I was surprised how much it sounded like a live recording but after reading about their methods of recording this seems natural. Alice Glass voice echoing through the driving beats that change gears between standard techno to more erratic tunes. Crystal Castles sound is still full of their trademark muted energy that seems ready to erupt into an explosion of rage at every second.

Crystal Castles came into the music scene with an unmistakable sound that even though there were copyright disputes was highly original and fresh. In 2012 they have become such a landmark themselves after getting listed in NME's top 100 greatest albums of the decade at 39 and the album II receiving wide crical acclaim as an absolute killer album, that there is now a lot of history to their sound. I'm not surprised anymore when I listen to the tracks on III but it is their achievement that I am still captivated.

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