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Buy Curious George Videos And Episodes

Updated on November 3, 2012

Curious George Videos

Curious George is one of the most loved children's characters of all time. Parents can purchase Curious George videos for their children so they can enjoy the hugely popular animated series from PBS Kids whenever they want.

Read on to learn more about the series and how you can enjoy it with your child.

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Curious George Videos Series

Curious George Videos

The Curious George series focuses on teaching math and science concepts. George's natural curiosity translates into plenty of opportunities for him to learn about numbers, measuring, the meaning and uses of signs, locations such as the airport or doctor's office, etc.

Kids love George because he is so much like them. He gets into a little trouble sometimes, has a lot of fun, and learns lots of new things. The series encourages creativity and exploring. Those are great things for kids to practice!

Each of the Curious George videos contains approximately 8 full-length that have aired on PBS. The DVDs follow a theme, such as Curious George, Zoo Night and Other Animal Stories.

The Zoo night DVD contains a selection of shows revolving around animals with whom George interacts. There are also interactive games and printable coloring pages on the DVD.

Curious George Episodes on YouTube - PBS Kids Curious George

Check out a clip from a great episode where Curious George learns what mulch is and how it is properly made...then he tries to make his own.

Curious George Videos - Curious George Videos for Sale

We own almost all of the Curious George Videos currently available. Both of our kids love to watch George over and over, so it is easy to put in a DVD and watch a couple of episodes. I like that there are no commercials and that the kids learn something while watching TV. I know a lot of shows say they teach something, but the things talked about on George, like weather or measuring, come up often in our conversation.

Each Curious George video is a themed collection of regular episodes from different seasons. The DVDs also contain extra games and printable Curious George coloring pages. Each DVD is almost 2 hours. We have most of them in our house and they are very popular with our kids.

Curious George - Zoo Night & Other Animal Stories
Curious George - Zoo Night & Other Animal Stories

Eight episodes include "Zoo Night," "Bee is for Bear," "From Scratch," "Curious George, Dog Counter," "Squirrel for a Day," and more. 112 min. total.

"I bought this for a long car trip with my 3-year-old son, and it did not disappoint. The stories are appropriate for younger children, and I was pleasantly surprised that my son even enjoys the segments with real children after each episode. (I have tried to forward past them, and he stops me!) As a parent, I like the gentle, loving approach that the adult characters take in dealing with George's mischievous behavior, as well as the emphasis given to George's creativity in solving problems. If your child loves George and his antics, s/he will likely enjoy this video. " ~ Amazon Review

Curious George: Plays in the Snow and Other Awesome Activities!
Curious George: Plays in the Snow and Other Awesome Activities!

Winter, spring, summer, fall, Curious George explores it all! Join the world's most curious monkey for year-round laughter with 8 more adventures from his Daytime Emmy®-nominated PBS KIDS® TV Series narrated by Primetime Emmy® Award winner William H. Macy. Whether he's playing in the winter snow or building a boat for a summer race, Curious George makes every season fun in Curious George Plays in the Snow and Other Awesome Activities!

"We enjoy the Curious George PBS episodes on DVD very much, and this one is the best yet. It has excellent teaching points for the kids and is amazingly entertaining for parents to have on in the background -- good tongue in cheek humor. " ~ Amazon Review

Curious George - Takes a Vacation & Discovers New Things
Curious George - Takes a Vacation & Discovers New Things

Curious George loves to travel, and no matter where he goes, adventure is always waiting for him! And he's sharing it with you in a new collection of shows from his Daytime Emmy®-nominated hit PBS KIDS® TV series. Go exploring with George, from the tip-top of the big top to deep under the sea, in Curious George Takes a Vacation and Discovers New Things!

"My three and a half year old watches Curious George over and over and over. Other dvds don't seem to keep her attention right now, but if I need to cook dinner or get ready to go somewhere, I can pop this in and know that she'll stay put. Some of the original Curious George books are dated and refer to a "fat" man or a "bad" monkey, which are labels we don't use. These DVDs are current and inclusive of different people. George always does something to create trouble, but the story focuses on problem solving. The stories are short and followed by a segment with children talking about the story." ~ Amazon Review

Curious George: Sails with the Pirates and Other Curious Capers!
Curious George: Sails with the Pirates and Other Curious Capers!

Curious George: Sails with Pirates and Other Curious Capers from Universal Studios. Includes eight episodes. 108 min. total.

"We own 10 George dvds. This is my 3 year old's favorite one. I'm very VERY picky about what my kids watch, so I was really excited to finally find something pirate-related that meets my approval. Although it is just one episode, the "pirate one!" is the only one my son asks for anymore. I like that they made TMWTYH (If you've watched George enough, surely you know what I mean: The Man With The Yellow Hat) be the (sort-of)villainous pirate - its hilarious how he keeps forgetting to be rough and say "yarrrr!" Another amazing addition to the Curious George series from PBS! " ~ Amazon Review


Great Curiour George Coloring Pages and Games - Curious George Videos

Check out these wonderful online activities for kids. PBS Kids is a safe site for children to play games and the games featuring George are for the pre-school ages.

Curious George Seasons for Sale

Curious George downloads of entire seasons can be purchased on Amazon Video.

Curious George Toys - Curious George Plush Toy and Toys

Would you rather check out Curious George Plush Animals and Toys? See the links below for some great examples of PBS Kids Curious George toys. The plush animals make excellent special friends for little kids.

Other Movies, Shows, and Videos

Check out these other shows and videos that might interest children.

Tell me why you like Curious George and why!


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