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Cwalk. Here for life or here for a day?

Updated on January 6, 2013


Most people wanting to know what cwalk is are surprised to find out, Cwalk is not a single dance. Or even just a dance. Cwalk, much like rap originates from the ghetto surroundings. It is a very popular dance of youth, be it for fun or for survival. Check out what cwalk is about on this blog.


Showing you the cwalk - Getting a taste of what is to come!

First of all, lets take a look at some of the dance videos representative of cwalk!

First off is the crown walk of Gagong Pinoy.

Second clip is Bettadenu, a well known clown walker.

Third clip is Ghost, an original crip walk.

What is cwalk, crown walk, clown walk, cripwalk?

Seriously not cool bro, too much info!

Ok lets start slow.

Cwalk is a common name for all the walks, be it crown walk, clown walk or crip walk.

Crip walk is the original gang dance if you can even call it a dance. It was a show of belonging to ghetto gang members. It was later popularized by the modern media and artists such as WC, Ice Cube and Xzibit. It involves gang signs aswell.

Clown walk is the first and most common walk involving elements of speed, rhythm and clean transitions between moves. Most famous clownwalkers i know are youtube users Bettadenu, Viet Jr..

Crown walk is a slower version emphasizing clean and well executed moves, slower speed and a lot more involvement with music. It is probably best described as a slower clownwalk or a mix between clownwalk and cripwalk, without much gang affiliation. Most famous representatives of this subversion i can think of are youtube users Ryeez and Gagong Pinoy.

IMPORTANT NOTE. Many people claim to be internet gangsters, rappers and other silly things. Cwalk we are talking about here is a popular dance, not a gang dance so please do not discuss any gang themes here. Gangs may have its appeals, but in general, being in a gang is not the best use of your time (because of all the dying you will be doing). If you want to talk about gangs, unplug the internet and go outside. Internet gangsters is about as silly as can be.

Cwalk tutorials - Lets learn!

Starting out is usually clumsy and unfamiliar. What i suggest is relaxing, feeling (listening to the music) and being patient. I have selected three videos a newcomer to the dance should know in my opinion.

First one is by far my favorite and my starting one. TeeCee (the last link) offers some really fun moves! A definate must to check out!

I also suggest checking out the tutorials on this link.

Cwalk music


I know you are perfectly capable of finding great music to dance to on your own. Here i will be listing the various cwalk musicians and their classics!

For crip walk the music is, well ghetto music talking about life in the ghetto. Usually slow and steady.

Music: Nationwide Rip Ridas, Snoop dogg.

For crown walk the music is decently slow and easy to dance to.

Music: Some great 2Pac remixes (Hellraiser, Ghetto), Ice cube (Do your thang, Keep it gangsta), WC, D-Prdyez.

For clown walk songs are faster. Many people like underground R&B (meaning R&B made by less known artists).

Music: Some faster 2Pac remixes (Straight balling), Cheif Wakil (I'm so cool), Mark Meija (Somebodys baby), LilSokz (Stuck on you)- check out stuck on you megamix as well!, Mario (Let me love you).

The choice of music is usually about what mood you are in, personally i dance to 2Pac and the likes when happy, to modern R&B love songs when sad :).

Interesting fact: In one of Hollywood undead songs, Charlie Scene mentiones Cwalk. Song name: Gangsta sexy. Great song by the way!

Girl cwalkers - I like those :)

Don't you think this is a male dance buddy! Meet Anika. She teaches you many things in her tutorials, her style of dance being the clown walk. Check her out on youtube!

A cwalk movie - Cwalk history

This movie/documentary shows how cwalk evolved as a dance, from the ghetto to competitions, tournaments and art. It is a fun movie, not only because it is educational, but because many rap artists responsible for the popularity of cwalk are presented within. You will learn the origins, its evolution and types of cwalk. Enjoy!

Notable cwalks - Check them apples out!

I found these cwalks to be most entertaining. Which one is your favorite? Should i add any i forgot?

B-walk - Cwalk or something else?

B-walk is a dance very much the same as Cwalk. Below is a clip explaining how it evolved and an example.

Cwalk shoes! - The most important gear :)

Besides a decent hoodie or your style of sweater and some bagy pants, shoes are what make you stand out in cwalk!

My top favorites:

- Converse All Stars HI

- Nike Cortez's

- Vestige's (not featured here since they are custom made)

Vestige - These shoes are made for cwalking, and thats what they will do

They even started making shoes for cwalk! They are probably decent for most dances, but my favorite are Nike Cortez and All Stars!

Cwalk music and movies on Amazon - Check out cwalk music and videos on Amazon.

Debate - Lets talk

Did you find this blog to be entertaining/educational?

Comments - About Cwalk

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    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      Cool videos.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      Cool videos.