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Daddy or Chips?

Updated on February 12, 2014

What do you like more, daddy or chips?

It's quite a tricky question, if you think about it. The question was first asked in an advertisement for McCain Oven Chips (some of the British readers to this page might remember the advertisement I'm referring to) My aim is to ask Internet readers and Squidoo writers, what would you choose?

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The Video That Started It All

Here's the original advertisement for McCain Oven Chips (or for American readers, 'fries'). Two young sisters are sitting on their school bus, when one asks the other 'what do you like best, Daddy, or chips?'. Watch the video below to find out what she chooses!

Would You Choose Daddy?

(Picture source: A photo of me and my oldest daughter. You can probably tell, I'm not enjoying this game very much.

Daddy could be considered a good choice, after all, he is your own father. But then again, could that let him down?


  • He helped bring you into the world
  • He could have been the 'breadwinner' at home, working all day to earn money to buy chips!
  • He drove you around, to parties / school / boy or girlfriends' houses / from outside nightclubs at 3 in the morning
  • He might have painted your room for you, or put up some shelves, or fixed your bike when it was broken
  • He came to watch your school plays, or football matches
  • He probably let you get away with things your mother wouldn't
  • When you turned 18 (or 21 in the USA), he was probably the first person to offer you a drink!


  • Dads tend to a bit of a 'wind-up', teasing you and pulling your leg (I know I am!)
  • Dads often disapprove of your first boyfriend (if you're a girl) or embarrass you in front of your first girlfriend (if you're a boy)
  • They can sometimes be a little competitive when playing games
  • They snore, they watch rubbish things on TV, and their feet smell

But most importantly,

  • They eat your chips!

Would You Choose Chips?

(Picture source:

Maybe chips, or french fries, would get your vote? Hey, they taste great, and go well with a burger, let's see:


  • They're made of potato. Potato is a vegetable. So if cooked properly, they can be healthy!
  • Dip them in ketchup, or mayonnaise, or BBQ sauce. Wow, they taste great!
  • Can you imagine going into McDonalds or Buger Kings and ordering mashed potato to go with your burger? No? Exactly
  • Nando's chips. They're the 'Holy Grail' of chips in the UK, USA and Canada, you need to try them


  • Fast-Food chips and fries can be terrible unhealthy. They're fried in unhealthy fats, they're full or starch, and some restaurants cover them in salt and sometimes even sugar!
  • "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips" as they say...
  • Studies have shown that some fast-food french fries contain fats and ingredients that can cause high cholesterol, which could lead to diabetes, strokes, and heart disease!

Which Would You Choose?

So, after reading my cases for both daddy and chips, if you were to choose, which would it be?

Daddy or Chips?

If You're Really Unsure of What To Choose...

Why not have both! Try some Daddies brown sauce on your chips!

In the UK, 'brown sauce' or 'steak sauce' is a popular type of ketchup, often working best on fried breakfasts and cooked meat. Its much spicier than normal ketchup, and its ingredients often include a combination of malt vinegar, tomatoes, and spices. Visit Cookipedia and Wikipedia for more information.

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...And Finally

I asked my 3 kids what they preferred; Daddy, or Chips. Probably a little biased, because 2 of them can't speak, and I'd just bought the other one a cake from the bakery. But still, a win's a win...

I hope you enjoyed reading this page. If you've anything else you'd like to add, maybe why daddy should win, or if there's an argument for chips that I've not included, then leave a comment below!

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    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Nice lens I enjoyed it. I have never heard of Daddy's until now and it wasn't until nearly the end of your lens, that i released what it was. Nice one Thanks. Blessed.

    • rallo-smith profile image

      rallo-smith 5 years ago

      Love the commercial!

    • chas65 profile image

      chas65 5 years ago

      Great commercial, and loved the humor of the lens. As much as I love chips, my dad was my best friend.

    • SheilaMilne profile image

      SheilaMilne 5 years ago from Kent, UK

      I really loved that ad when it was first aired, and I still do!

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Adorable! But no fair if I really have to choose just one!

    • alexis84 profile image

      alexis84 5 years ago from Kent, UK

      @kerbev: Aaah, tricky one! I guess if you choose 'daddy', he gets to have all the chips, but if you choose 'chips', he'll probably eat them while you're not looking!



    • kerbev profile image

      kab 5 years ago from Upstate, NY

      Does choosing one mean you can't have any of the other?

    • profile image

      TheCause 5 years ago

      haha...Yessss. Nice lens :D

    • profile image

      brian_pelton 5 years ago

      Interesting lens. Never heard of this before. That's only because I'm in the states.