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Dae Jang Geum - Korean Historical Drama 2003

Updated on May 22, 2013

Dae Jang Geum

Everything you'll need to know about Dae Jang Geum

English Title: Jewel in the Palace / Dae Jang Geum

Broadcast year: 2003

Dae Jang Geum (DJG) is the most popular Korean historical drama, it aired in Korea in 2003 with an average viewer rate of 45.8% and an all-time high of 57.1%.

It was also aired in various countries such as:

- New Zealand in 2009,

- Hongkong in 2005. DJG was dubbed in Mandarin and called Da Changjin (Dà Chángjin),

- Japan in 2005 titled The Vow of Palace Court Lady Jang Geum.

- Thailand in 2005,

- Philippine in 2005,

- Indonesia in 2005,

- India in 2007 and was called "Ghar ka Chirag",

- Canada in 2005.

- Peru in 2008, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico in 2010 and DJG was renamed as "Una Joya en el Palacio"

DJG is a historical drama which is based on a true story. The drama was set in Korea in the 15th century and it follows the journey of one special lady, Seo Jang Geum, who was with her great determination and diligence, became the country's King Female Personal Physician.

The story began when a young Jang Geum's mother, Park Myeong-yi, saw someone from Choi clan put a poison into the Queen's food. They were both kitchen apprentice. Park then reported this to the head kitchen (unknowingly that the Choi conspiracy has already been happening for generations). Park was then poisoned, but thanks to her friend, Han Baek-yeong, she was saved and to cut story short, has a daughter named "Jang Geum".

They lived a normal quiet live in a village, but one day, due to unforeseen circumstances, they had to be back to the capital. Park was killed, leaving Jang Geum to find her own way. She promised her mother that she will be the highest kitchen lady.

Jang Geum will not only caught the audience about its remarkable story, but also about the traditional food and medicine. Honestly, I watched this drama for five times already, and I learnt so many things about food & medicine from each episode. Something that I've never heard before and I know now the difference between low and high blood pressure.

So if you like food / medicine and historical drama, this movie is definitely for you. There are 54 episodes and each episode is approximately 1 hour long.

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Seo Jang-Geum is the daughter of Seo Cheon-su and Madame Park. As a bubble and smart young child, she kept telling everyone about her parents' past, which made her father being captured and her mother's death. As a young orphaned, she found her way to the royal court kitchen and learn to cook over there under the guidance of Lady Han, her mother's best friend. She spends a harsh childhood due to the conspiracy and unfair competition set up by Choi's family, but she persevere and makes every effort to be the best cook in the palace.

Unfortunately, jealous of Jang-Geum kitchen success, the Choi family plot a conspiracy which leads to the death of Lady Han and Jang-Geum was expelled from the palace. She was relegated to the local government office in Jeju Island and she then started learning medicine.

Through native intelligence and patient efforts, she earns her reputation as a woman doctor on the island. After a time, she returns to the palace, where she healed few members of the royal family from their illnesses.

Her medicine talent is recognized by the King, Jang-Geum was appointed as the Great Jang-Geum, and become the first female physician in the Korean history to serve the King.

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  • poptastic profile image

    Cynthia Arre 7 years ago from Quezon City

    I was recently in Korea and this drama is featured in the gallery at the folk museum in Seoul. Will make sure to watch this one too, thanks for the intro.

  • profile image

    handymoor 7 years ago

    one of my favorite movies...