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Batman: The Dark Knight Blu-ray Movie Review

Updated on November 26, 2014
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight | Source

Our Family's Dark Knight Blu-Ray Review

We'd like to share with you our Dark Knight Blu-ray Review. We are not technical experts so you will find mostly our impressions of the movie, whether or not we liked it and would recommend it and perhaps a bit about the format, blu-ray. To compensate for our lack of technical expertise, you will find a host of great links to The Dark Knight blu-ray movie reviews by experts.

It might help to know that we are a family of four -- one Mom (that's me) who doesn't mind action movies but who does cringe occasionally when there is violence on the screen, one Dad (Chris) who could probably watch anything and two teenage boys, Douglas and Ian, one who is a bit more sensitive than the other in regard to the movies he is comfortable watching. Because of the makeup of our family, it is natural that a superhero movie would be one we would have to consider buying on blu-ray. Read on to find out what we thought.

If, by any rare chance, you have not already seen this movie, you do not have to worry about us spoiling it for you. We have written our reviews of the movie without giving the story away! I hope you enjoy your visit on this page and that you will come back and let us know what YOU think of the movie once you have watched it.

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Batman - The Official Dark Knight Movie Trailer

The Dark Knight Blu-ray Review by Me, Wife and Mother of Two Teenage Boys

Brenda gives this movie an 'A' but please do not show it to your children!

Let me start by saying I did not particularly enjoy this movie in the movie theatre but I LOVED it at home. I enjoyed it so much that I felt it was a real shame we had chosen to rent this one for $8 rather than buy it...

Why did I like it more at home? I am not sure. I do not believe it is as simple as the fact that I could curl up with a blanket on the couch or that I could stop midway for a little treat or that I could go to the washroom as required. (Although those facts certainly helped.) I really felt like the movie was richer at home, deeper. The characters more likeable.

Definitely a 'dark' movie, I would not show this one to children. As a matter of fact, my 15 year old is really in my mind, just old enough to watch this movie. I'd agree with Nell Minow, The Movie Mom, who I frequently quote. She rates this one for 'Mature High Schoolers' and I positively agree. You can read The Movie Mom's full review at The Dark Knight. It has intense sequences of violence and some menace. As always I appreciate her full review and especially the thoughtful questions she puts forth for family discussion.

If you are careful about the movies you buy and you like superhero movies, I would definitely consider this one as one you should own. Blu-ray and a high definition television made it an absolutely amazing movie to watch.

"Let's Put A Smile On That Face"

The Dark Knight Blu-ray Review by My Husband, A Fifty-Ish-Year Old Action Movie Lover

Chris says, "Eight out of Ten."

This is a movie I found hard to rate both in the theatre and at home. It was not immediately one of my favourites, but it still scored very well. 8/10. There was plenty of action and effects that were spectacular playing on a blu ray disk on a large screen HD TV at home. The detail was so crisp it came across better than in the theatre. On the other hand, much like the Joker setting up the climax to be a social experiment, the director used a number of situations, especially between Bruce Wayne/Batman and Luscious Fox, Alfred, Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent to introduce serious social comments that sometimes seemed contrived rather than natural. This was the one drawback from an otherwise very good movie. It helps that I have always liked Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman and I think they are both terrific in this film. Heath Ledger portrays the Joker as the most believable villain, drawn from a comic book, that I have ever seen. His performance alone makes this movie worth watching. I am sure we will be watching it again.

"Gotham Needs You"

The Dark Knight Blu-ray Review by Douglas, A 17-Year Old Movie Lover

With our new TV and crystal clear blu-ray disk, the movie was awesome. As in every superhero movie, the cars that Batman drove were amazing and of course they were then smashed. There was one surprise though...Two Face. I was taken aback when they made two face different than I expected. With plenty of action to satisfy action lovers and parts that may even make you close your eyes, this is a movie that will satisfy all. With the now famous quote from the joker -- “Why so serious?”-- this movie is another great addition to the Batman series.

"Why So Serious?"

The Dark Knight Blu-ray Review by Ian, A 15-Year Old Movie Lover

"It was good."

The filmography was good. The sound was good. The lighting was good. The effects were good. The stunts were good. The story was good. It was all good!

The silent pans at the end showing the devastation were particularly effective on our big screen t.v. Recommended for anyone who likes comic books and action movies. This movie should put a...SMILE...on your face.

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The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight | Source

Also Available: The Dark Knight: Limited Edition with Batpod Digital Copy and BD Live Blu-ray

The Dark Knight Limited Edition with Batpod
The Dark Knight Limited Edition with Batpod | Source

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