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Dark Shadows Eva Green

Updated on October 9, 2012

Eva Green as Angelique in 2012's Dark Shadows Movie

Eva Green is a French actress who burst onto the film scene in her reprisal of Ursula Andress' Vesper Lynd Bond Girl in 2006's film of Casino Royale. Now she is set to resurrect Lara Parker's Angelique character in the 2012 film version of the Dark Shadows television soap opera. Playing Angelique will not be the first time Green has played a witch either: she was the warrior with Serafina Pekkala in The Golden Compass. Watch clips of the original portrayal of Angelique by Lara Parker, as well as clips from Eva Green's previous roles and her thoughts on playing Angelique Bouchard in the 2012 film version of Dark Shadows.

Dark Shadows Trailer

First look at Eva Green's Angelique

Eva Green looks dark-haired in the scenes where she has Barnabus buried alive. However, upon her return to his life in the 1970s, she's blonde. Her character is obviously HIGHLY sexed and I think a bit reminiscent of Joan Cusack's Debbie in the Addams Family. Green has her American accent down to a T. Lets see what comes of this film.

Eva Green at the Los Angeles and European premieres of Dark Shadows

What was it like for her to work with Burton and Depp, her 'ballsy barbie' character and more

Eva Green discusses how welcoming Johnny Depp and Tim Burton were to her when filming Dark Shadows.

For this interview, she describes here "ballsy barbie" character of Angelique Bouchard, and her chemistry with Johnny Depp's Barnabas Collins

Koo Koo

We’ve never seen a character like her. She’s really koo-koo.

Eva Green Interview

- Malibu Magazine, June 10, 2011

What are you working on right now?

I'm starting shooting in a few days for the Dark Shadows movie with Tim Burton. I'm prepping like mad. It's quite a tough, unusual character, and it's the first time I'm doing an American accent, so it's a challenge.

When speaking English, you have quite the British accent. How is your American coming along?

I hope it'll be fine. It's my standard American. It's a bit of an old-fashioned American accent.

How did working with Tim Burton come about? Did you audition?

It's came really quite easily. We met a couple of times. He wants to connect with the person. He wants to hear you thinking about your role, and he looks at your previous work. He's kind of old-fashioned in a very nice way. It's a big machine, people are doing auditions, auditions and people get stuck, and instead, he just wants to connect, and that was just wonderful. And I got fucking lucky.

And they've already begun filming on Dark Shadows, yes?

They have. That's why I feel like "Oh my god! What if they don't like me?"

You play Angélique Bouchard. Describe who she is.

Well, I can't say too much, but she's a woman who is madly, madly in love with this guy called Barnabas Collins. They are attracted to each other, but from her point of view, I mean, he doesn't think that he's in love with her. It's kind of a man-hates-love relationship. There's a lot of banter, and it's a passionate, obsessed love story. It's a great, great character. We've never seen a character like her. She's really koo-koo.

How do you prepare for this kind of role?

I work with a dialect coach, and I work with my old drama teacher that I used to have in drama school years ago when I was young. We talk a lot about the character because there are so many possibilities, so many options, so it's good to explore them with someone else. I love prepping; it's great. Now, of course, I'm very nervous because it's next week, and I'm like, 'Aaah!' I find it exciting and stressful.

Eva Green Interview

Eva Green interview: Playing Evil - The Guardian, June 5, 2011

She still feels physically awkward and ill at ease.

It's hard to speak about. I think I like my body more when I'm exercising I've never been comfortable with it [but] I know I'm not terrible looking either." At the moment, she feels guilty about eating too much because her character in Dark Shadows has to wear a bone-crushing corset.

"I'm like 'Oh my God, I have to lose weight! Tonight, I'll eat salad, no wine, that's it," she sighs. But it is hard to see where she could possibly lose weight from.

Johnny Depp Eva Green Dark Shadows
Johnny Depp Eva Green Dark Shadows

Eva Green and Johnny Depp

Rumours Abound About The Two Amidst Stories of A Split Between Depp and Longtime Girlfriend Vanessa Paradis

Early in 2012, tabloids and celebrity mags alike were full of rumours about a split between Dark Shadows leading man Johnny Depp and longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis. The mags went on to then blame the supposed split on both Eva Green and Depp's costar in The Tourist, Angelina Jolie. Paradis denied the split when asked about it. No word came from Johnny Depp's or Eva Green's publicists though. Here are just a few of the articles hinting at an affair between Depp and Green.

Dark Shadows' Original Angelique - Angelique As Portrayed By Lara Parker

Lara Parker was the original actress to portray the witch Angelique. She was blonde and had an English accent, calmly being evil and assertive.

Tough, Unusual Character

I’m starting shooting in a few days for the Dark Shadows movie with Tim Burton. I’m prepping like mad. It’s quite a tough, unusual character, and it’s the first time I’m doing an American accent, so it’s a challenge.

A story of love before the 5th century a little in the genre of Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf its very funny like that its black its me it's a good choice of actors

Are you a traditionalist, voting for Lara Parker as the ultimate Angelique Bouchard? Or, do you feel Eva Green can bring an appropriately modern twist to Angelique for the 2012 film of Dark Shadows?

Who is the best Angelique Bouchard?

Eva Green's Influences For Angelique Bouchard 2012

Eva Green has said that her Angelique Bouchard will be very '70s, cool, American, blonde'. She's also said she's channeling Janis Joplin for this character. Angelique Bouchard will mark the first time that Eva has done an American accent for a film and she's stated she worked with a voice coach for this. I wonder how she will sound.

Eva Green's Stepping Into An Ursula Andress Role - The Bond Girl Vesper Lynd

Playing Angelique in the Dark Shadows remake won't be the first time she takes on a role another actress originally made famous. Eva Green broke into the spotlight by recharging the role of Vesper Lynd in the 2006 remake of the James Bond film, Casino Royale. Vesper Lynd was originally portrayed by legendary film actress and sex symbol Ursula Andress.

Eva Green - Vesper Lynd - 2006's Casino Royale

Ursula Andress - Vesper Lynd - 1966's Casino Royale

Eva Green's Other Roles

The Dark Shadows role of Angelique won't be the first time Eva Green has played a witch. She was cast as the warrior witch Serafina Pekkala in 2007's film of The Golden Compass. Most recently she comes off her long-standing role in the television series of 'Camelot', where she's a warrior with 'some balls.' Also, the ad Green did for Dior's Midnight Poison perfume was slightly prophetic to her gothic witch role in Dark Shadows.

Isabelle - The Dreamers - Bernardo Bertolucci (2003)

Clarisse de Dreux Soubise - Arsene Lupin (2004)

Serafina Pekkala - The Golden Compass (2007)

Morgan - Camelot TV Series(2011)

Eva Green Sources Cited

Interviews, Videos, Eva Green Articles and Background

Song To The Siren: An Interview With French Temptress Eva Green - Malibu Magazine, Yasha Wallin, June 10, 2011

Eva Green interview: Playing Evil - The Guardian, Elizabeth Day, June 5, 2011

Eva Green on Perfect Sense, Dark Shadows and Love In The Time of Calamity - Movieline, February 1, 2012

Dark Shadows and Eva Green Films on Amazon

Do you think it was a good casting decision to place Eva Green in the role of Angelique Bouchard? She's played strong, evil woman and (in particular) witches before. She's also reprised a Bond girl role held by the inimitable Ursula Andress. This Parisian actress (who speaks English with a pronounced English accent) should offer a unique accent for Angelique Bouchard. Do you think it was a good idea to place Eva Green in this role or do you think someone else would've done it better?

Do You Think Eva Green Will Make A Good Angelique Bouchard? - Will she do the role justice?

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      JoshK47 5 years ago

      I never watched the original show, so I can't say too much pertaining to it - but she seems to be a capable actress, so I'm sure she'll do just fine.