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Days of our Lives

Updated on June 17, 2014

Like Sand Through the Hourglass.....

So are the days of our lives. Celebrating 45 years on air, Days is in my mind the best Soap on TV these days. I remember watching this show as a child, in highschool and college. I have started watching again and it is like just catching up with the family. Even if your family doesn't bury each other alive in coffins, it still has a warm welcoming feeling!

My partner worked on this show for some years as a hairdresser. From time to time some of the actors still come in.

Must admit that I haven't watched the show in some time.


Leanne Hunley

Leanne Hunley plays the character Anna DiMera she is sort of evil but you can't help but love her.

FYI her hair is super beautiful and easy to do. It has a mind of it's own and just sort of let's you style it where it looks it's best.

The Villans

There are so many. But let's pit these two against each other....

Who Do Your Love To Hate?

The Families

Which Family Is Your Favorite

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The Studio

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    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 6 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      I go through stages where I can't stand to watch it and can't live without it. It is definitely a love hate relationship that like you has gone on since childhood.

    • kimmie1967 profile image

      kimmie1967 7 years ago

      Days of our Live has always been and will always be my favorite daytime show. My mom always watched it when I was growing up and her and my sister still watch so we talk about the show all the time, it is like you are discussing family, in fact I would rather see them than some of my actual family members.