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Deadpool Pre-review

Updated on December 4, 2014

Spoiler alert!

For those who have not seen the X-men movies, there will be spoilers here so watch out! Go watch the movies and then come read this!

This is what I would look like.
This is what I would look like.

Marvel fan

Now, I have yet to be to a comic con or dress up like my favorite comic book hero (mostly because I don’t wanna be one of those fat wolverines or a spiderman with his hairy gut hanging out) but I do love comic books, my favorite being marvel comics. Among my favorite marvel super heroes is Deadpool, the regenerating swordsman who dons a red costume and talks just a little too much. So when I heard that he was in X-Men orrigins: wolverine, I was ecstatic. Then I watched the movie, and don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t very bad… but it wasn’t very good either. I love wolverine, and no one is a better wolverine than Hugh Jackman, and it isn’t that he didn’t deserve his own movie, but they did fuck it up pretty badly.

Why I'm pissed

I am pretty pissed off at this new movie announcement, after they did X-men first class I was disappointed to the point of agreeing not to watch any more of their movies, now I have read the article about the new deadpool movie set to come out February 2016 and I nearly Flipped! You see, if you saw the movie you know that Ryan Reynolds was in the beginning as a talkative samurai, and from the first time I saw him with those blades on his back I knew he was gonna be playing deadpool, it was just to obvious to me! But then after that scene where they show off his amazing skills, you don’t see him for a while. After the first scene, you follow Logan (AKA Wolverine) who has left the team the included deadpool, and you don’t see deadpool again until the very end, when the only reason he has regenerative powers is because they threw some of wolverine in there, his mouth is sown and possibly burned shut, and they put a ton of other mutant powers into him, THAT is when they give him the title “Deadpool” because he is one big mutant gene pool and, well, he looks kinda dead.

Why does this piss me off?

I’m pissed off at that because in the end of wolverine’s special feature, the thing they call deadpool is beheaded and left there, granted if you watch the credits and see the special ending, you see his eyes open, but still… I think they might be trying to make a movie that acts like none of that shit ever happened. Don’t get me wrong, Ryan Reynolds played a great deadpool for the short time he did it, but come on people! Don’t just pretend your embarrassing fuck up didn’t happen, own it and learn from your mistakes!


I won’t pass final judgment until I have seen the movie, but so far its looking like it will not be a good call, and based on the reviews I have seen for the past few movies, not many people will want to even try watching this. Marvel has a good thing going with the avengers, and honestly, I would rather them have cut off the X-Men movies after the third one than to watch as it not only goes downhill, but with first class it seems to have fallen off the side of the cliff. I don’t expect Deadpool to be welcomed very openly by the fans out there, but hey, marvel has its own little universe there so for all I know this is just the beginning of something great! I just doubt it is all… In all, I’m actually quite positive that this movie will be a good one, as long as we treat it as if it were it’s own movie that has nothing to do with the other movies whatsoever $6. So if the plan is to pretend that X-men orrigins: wolverine was never even filmed, then great! Because we are all going to have to pretend that if we want to enjoy deadpool.


I’m sorry, maybe I did get a little ahead of myself. I do realize we have more than a year before this movie will come out and maybe it will have some kind of really good story line, or maybe it will make Miley Cyrus look like a great performer, and I don’t mean just as a porn star. Really, this rage of mine stems from my hatred for prequels. Yes, I hate prequels because to me, not many things have decent prequels. As far as I can tell, many great movies will reach an impasse, they can’t really go any further with their story after some time, so instead they will just make a prequel to answer whatever questions you have of someone’s past, or to extend the movie by adding something that leads up to it. The thing about this is, you can’t expect for the prequel to be as great as the original story line, and in some cases, they will be a great deal worse, and I feel that X-men has proven that point quite well. Be honest, you loved the first X-Men movie, magneto tries turning everyone into mutants, rogue is introduced, Hugh Jackman simply BECOMES wolverine, and the story unfolds in a rather interesting way. Then you have the second movie, which puts the first one to shame as they emphasize wolverine’s past, they have magneto joining forces with the X-Men for a common cause, and of course everyone knows he has his own secret plan on the side. The third movie put them all to shame when now Jean is revealed to have never actually died, but instead, Scott finds her completely changed into some kind of evil nut case with insane power, non to mention the fact that unforeseen deaths occur which help unravel that story pretty well, but with so many people dead and so many have been “cured” of their mutant abilities, how will they ever move forward? I don’t know, but they leave you with magneto making a chess piece vibrate, so you have to think “what have they got in store for us next?”. So what happened next? Did they give us another great sequel? No. They then sat down and said “O.K. so we left them with a teaser for another movie, so how are we going to solve the majority of our main characters being dead and the rest are now cured?” and their solution? PREQUELS! They made prequels, they made prequels of prequels, they made sequels of prequels and sequels of the sequels that the prequels were made for. At this point I don’t know if dead pool is going to be a movie that takes place during, between, before, or after something else. Can anyone explain days of future past to me? Because I can’t tell if it’s a prequel or a sequel yet… honestly, when you have something so intricate as this then you really should just give up.

Deadpool is disappointed with the how the movies are going.
Deadpool is disappointed with the how the movies are going.

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Why am I so passionate about this?

I grew up with X-Men, the original animated series WAS my childhood, The first three movies came out during my younger years as well, but then after so much build up, I feel as though I was lured into a trap. I enjoyed the first movies so much that when Origins came out, I went to the movies expecting something amazing, instead I just wasted money.

I hope that as my reader, you have already seen the movies, and if you haven’t I hope you do because I would love to hear what you think of them too. I would love to hear what your favorite movie is out of the bunch, and I would love to know if you think this Deadpool movie will be worth seeing, or if you think it shouldn’t even be considered.

This blog is Deadpool approved!
This blog is Deadpool approved!

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