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Deftones Discography

Updated on February 1, 2015

An Introduction to Deftones

Deftones are an alternative metal band from Sacramento, California. At the start of their career, they were pigeonholed into the 'nu-metal' genre with bands such as Korn and Limp Bizkit, however over the course of their career have evolved and changed their style to a more progressive, hard metal sound. They formed around 1988, writing and demoing songs in guitarist Stephen Carpenters garage. After a gig in LA, closing for another band, most of the audience had left, but they impressed a representative for Maverick Records, and they were signed shortly after. The band is currently made up of vocalist/guitarist Chino Moreno, guitarist Stephen Carpenter, bassist Chi Cheng, keys/sample/turntablist Frank Delgado, and drummer Abe Cunningham. In 2008, Chi Cheng was involved in a serious car accident, so bass duties are currently being filled by ex-Quicksand member Sergio Vega.

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Adrenaline - 1995


Deftones' debut release, way back in 1995, most certainly set the groundwork for what has been a spectacular career so far. This first effort, released at the early dawn of the Nu-Metal scene, is a crunching, angry affair. Songs such as 'Bored' and 'Engine Number 9', still sound as hard-hitting as ever, over 15 years after first recorded. Admittedly the recording quality on the album isn't as polished as today's modern albums, but it gives the album a 'no-nonsense', rough and ready sound; as if the band recorded it in a garage, throwing themselves against the walls and tearing the fixings from the ceiling in rage. Its not all shouting and detuned riffage though, the 6-minute closer 'Fireal' shows they can take a song and progress it into a brooding epic, hinting at the sound they will eventually adopt in later albums. Overall, fans of the band, or anyone who followed the 'nu-metal' scene, should seriously considering giving this release pride of place in their CD collection


Deftones - Bored Video

Around The Fur - 1997

Around the Fur
Around the Fur

Deftones give the nu-metal scene a shot in the arm in this, their second album. More polished than their first album, and more engaging too. Tracks such as 'Rickets' and 'Headup' provide the heavy rock anthems on the album, while 'Mascara' and 'Dai The Flu' slow the tempo down a little, if only for a short while. You'll also be hard pressed to find a song that's as beautiful yet crushing as 'Be Quiet And Drive' anywhere else.


Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive (far away) Video

White Pony - 2000

White Pony
White Pony

Quite possibly one Deftones' greatest albums, and in my opinion one of the greatest pieces of music ever committed to CD. Each song is a mini-masterpiece, from the opening riff of 'Feiticeira' to the closing heartbeats of 'Pink Maggit', every second is both outstanding and awe-inspiring. With this album, Deftones pushed aside the 'nu-metal' tag they were previously burdened with, and created something so unique and original its almost unclassifiable. The vocals are recorded with a slight echo effect, which gives them an almost haunting vibe, while the drums sound so tight that they keep each track an unmistakable beat. If you don't own it yet, you really should


Deftones - Change (in the house of flies) Video

Deftones - 2003


After the success of 'White Pony', Deftones chose to try recording a heavier album this time around. It received a positive critical response. Its definitely worth hearing, especially the opener 'Hexagram' and 'When Girls Telephone Boys'. 'Lucky You' is a slight differentiation in Deftones notable style, and nods closer towards Chino's side project Team Sleep. The majority of the album is still as heavy as ever, but is still as diversive as 'White Pony'


Deftones - Minerva Video

B Sides & Rarities - 2005

B-Sides & Rarities
B-Sides & Rarities

A collection of the bands B-Sides and rare tracks to date. Features several covers, acoustic versions of popular songs, and rare tracks previously unavailable. The DVD version also includes a selection of the bands music videos to date. Notable tracks worth hearing are the cover of Helmet song 'Sinatra', and the version of Teenager featuring electronic alternative band Idiot Pilot


Saturday Night Wrist - 2006

Saturday Night Wrist
Saturday Night Wrist

'Saturday Night Wrist' was recorded after the band suffered several problems and setbacks, most notably Chino's problems with drug abuse. Relationships within the band were starting to fray, and after a brief hiatus Deftones recorded 'Saturday Night Wrist'.


Deftones - Hole In The Earth Video

Diamond Eyes - 2010

Diamond Eyes
Diamond Eyes

Diamond Eyes was seen by many as a 'return to form' for the band, but it was never meant to be their next album. They had just finished an album named 'Eros' before bassist Chi Cheng was involved in a car collision which left him comatose and hospitalised for months. Unsure of whether or not he would return, or even if they would continue as a band, they invited ex-Quicksand bassist Sergio Vega for a few shows. After a while, they wrote and recorded 'Diamond Eyes', which to the band had a much more positive vibe to 'Eros'. It still features their signature crushing sound, hinting at a sound last heard on previous albums, yet still showing evolution and a push on the boundaries set in 'Saturday Night Wrist'


Deftones - You've Seen The Butcher

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