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Tom Delonge's Mysterious Pedals

Updated on July 24, 2013

The Basics

Tom Delonge has been in three well known bands: Blink-182, Boxcar Racer, and Angels and Airwaves. Blink-182 was his most famous band, but Angels and Airwaves got pretty big too. Blink had it's first hit in 1999 with Adam's Song from the album Enema of the State, but they are the most well known for their album Blink-182(2004) that included songs like I Miss You, Down and many others.

Being a part of the punk genre, Tom doesn't use very many pedals. But the few that he has he uses to great effect, mainly live. I'm not sure what his signal path is either.

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MXR EVH117 Flanger

This is the effect that I think Tom uses the most live. You can hear it clearly when Blink plays I Miss You live.

This pedal is rather simple and straightforward with only four controls: manual, width, speed, and regeneration. The EVH series was origionally made for Eddie Van Halen(thus the name EVH), and it's basically just Dunlop pedals that are slightly modiied, and have a different design painted on them.

Click Here to go to the official website

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MXR Phase 90

A classic phaser pedal; basically the standard. With only one knob for controlling speed, it's essentially one of the simplest pedals out there. I'm not exactly sure when Tom uses it, but I suppose it's there.

There is also a EVH edition available of the Phase 90, but it's basically just a different paint design.

Click Here to go to the official website

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Boss DD-6 Digital Delay

Delay is something you'll find on almost every guitarist's pedalboard. It's just an effect that you have to have. I'm not entirely sure when Tom uses this pedal, but I know he uses it live.

This pedal is rather high quality(not just because it's made by Boss). It has 6 different delay modes, and then 3 adjustable parameters. It can also hold over 5 seconds of delay time. If you really like delay, this is the way to go.

Click Here to go to the official website

image from

Electro-Harmonix Micro-Synth

If you know anything about Electro-Harmonix, you should know that their pedals are very versatile, and complicated. This is an extremely complicated pedal that I would never have expected to see on Tom's pedalboard. I'm pretty sure he uses this pedal when he plays I Miss You and Down live.

This pedal has 10 controls! Each is very crucial to the sound of the pedal, and of course, the sound of your guitar. It's set up a lot like you would expect an equalizer to be set up.

Click Here to go to the official website

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Line 6 Constrictor

This is a rather complex compressor. It has a switch that allows you to use 3 different compression modes(compact, squeeze, mellow), then it also has 3 different parameter knobs(level, gate, sustain). These controls allow you to get a large variety of sounds from the pedal.

Click Here to go to the official website

The Constrictor is no longer in production

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What's Your Favorite of Tom's Effects? Any Specific Reason? Kinda Surprised How Subtle His Effects Are? - I sure was! My favorite of Tom's effects is when he pl

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Los efectos que mas usa Tom son Chorus, y Flanger, ahora esta empesando a usar mas el Flanger, pero al Chorus no lo deja de lado, y pocas veces Delay, y Phaster.

    • adamfrench profile image


      7 years ago

      Impressive lens, thumbs up


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