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Denise Alvarado's Hub Page Portfolio

Updated on January 17, 2015
My latest book by Weiser Books
My latest book by Weiser Books

Following the Advice of a Squid Angel

When I was on Squidoo, before the merger with Hub pages, I was reading one of the top 100 lenses "What I look for in a Lens" by a Squidangel and started to heed the advice. It was, after all, good and logical advice. Most of all, it was doable. I decided to improve many of my what were called lenses on Squidoo (Hub pages here) to reflect this advice. This particular Hub page is one of the recommendations made, and since I have a lot of them, I thought it would be a good idea to have one place to list examples of my articles and organize them according to category.

Following is an introduction to a sampling of my hubs. I try to write about interesting things in the area of metaphysical phenomenon, as well as current trends and anything that inspires me. My goal is to have 1000 Hub pages eventually. Why? Just because I love to write! Plain and simple.

People of Interest

Marie Laveaux

Marie Laveaux by Denise Alvarado
Marie Laveaux by Denise Alvarado

Day of the Dead

La LLorona

La Llorona, Artwork by Denise Alvarado copyright 2013 All rights reserved worldwide
La Llorona, Artwork by Denise Alvarado copyright 2013 All rights reserved worldwide

Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhounds
My little greyhound Luigi Zephyrini, or Zephyr for short, has been making his way slowly but surely around the internet. He is a great source of inspiration for many things, including this lens about Italian greyhounds.

Italian Greyhounds

In much of the art in antiquity, dogs are depicted in numerous roles and are often dressed in collars and various fashions of the day. Here, Zephyr presents an introduction to his heritage and the role the greyhound played in ancient Egypt. Zephyr's zany fashion picks and favorite fashion mojo are included.

Internet Marketing

My Internet Marketing Articles

My internet niche is Voodoo art and I have had to learn some creative ways to get, maintain, and increase traffic and sales. I got into other aspects of internet marketing as I became fascinated with all of the software and ebooks available on the subject. After a couple of years struggling with a variety of techniques, I am now either #1 in Google searches for my keywords or on the first page. Not bad for not spending a dime on Google adwords, or on any kind of advertisment, for that matter. These techniques work, if you work them.

Ready for Massive Traffic? Go Viral!

This lens presents strategies, programs, and software that work extremely well to increase the traffic to your website, so be prepared for some massive visitor traffic!

Website Conversion Tactics
This lens offers a free website builder, and discusses the top 10 landing page secrets, 10 ways to propel people to your order page, 10 outstanding email subject lines, lead generation tactics, and more!


My Fairy Articles

Field Guide To Spirits, Elements, Goblins, And Fairies: The Best Fairy Lore Ever!
Fairies are beings of a metaphysical, spiritual, or mythical nature. According to some, fairies are a particular type of ethereal creature, and to others, they are any type of magical creature, such as gnomes, trolls, elements, and goblins. Whatever your definition of a fairy is, the word undoubtedly conjures up images of fantasy and fairy tales, beautiful enchanted places, Tinkerbell, and fairy dust.

Fairy Festivals
I love fairies and sprites and elves and trolls and goblins and all the little people of the worlds. In a world where most everything is taken much too seriously, it was refreshing to go to a place where whimsy, light, and love abounds. This lens is about the first fairy festival my son and I went to outside of Chicago.

The Original How to Make a Voodoo Doll Tutorials

Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo Altar Dolls by Denise Alvarado
Voodoo Altar Dolls by Denise Alvarado

How to Make a Voodoo Doll Out of Anything: Episode 1: Barnyard Ju Ju



My Holiday Articles


My YouTube vids


Our Lady of Guadalupe Devotional Bracelet

Our Lady of Guadalupe Devotional Bracelet
Our Lady of Guadalupe Devotional Bracelet

My Blogs

Following is a list of a few of my blogs:

The Conjurer's Guide to Saint Expedite

All about the saint of fast solutions

Voodoo News

Strange and bizarre news from near and far.

On the Nature of Conjure Art

Dissecting the mind of a conjure artist.

Changing the face of doodle art, one Voodoodle at a time.

Secrets of the LOA

This is about using the wisdom of the ancients to get what you want out of life.

Free Spells

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      dance4everDANSE 5 years ago

      I love this lens and that uproar spirit of yours just lift me up! Entering this magical word of fairy and voodoo is fun, informative, captivating and inspiring...

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      anonymous 7 years ago

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      EelKat13 9 years ago

      I love your voodoo doll lenses! I've added this lens as a featured lens on my "Lensographies I Like" lens (