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Denisof Family - Celebrity Babies

Updated on July 15, 2015

Denisof/Hannigan Family

Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof(also of Buffy fame) married on October 11, 2003 in California. They have two daughters together.

Interesting fact: Hannigan and Densiof are Godparent's of Joss Whedon's son.

Satyana Marie Denisof

Satyana Marie Denisof was born March 24, 2009. The adorable red haired baby who is too adorable for words.

Satyana turned 4 years old this past March.

Keeva Jane Denisof

Keeva Jane Denisof was born May 23, 2012. Keeva has been sighted on many outings with her parents and big sister.

Keeva turned one this past May.

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The Denisof/Hannigan family Halloween costumes are my all time favourite. They all dress up and they all look so happy. Plus they are beyond creative. The first thing I did November 1st was google their new Halloween costume and I was not disappointed.

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2012

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