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Despicable Me 1 movie

Updated on November 12, 2015

Despicable Me 1 begins with this tall, disproportionate man who shows us that he is happy being evil (popping a kid's balloon, freezing everyone ahead of him in line for coffee, ramming into other cars while parking with his enormous tank-like vehicle, etc.) Right off the bat the movie has taken a unique turn. Although his personality and actions result in a lot of laughs from the audience, Gru is explicitly trying to be evil. His mission throughout the movie is to steal the moon before his rival, Vector, and use it as blackmail to rule the world with his tiny yellow minions and his old scientist friend Dr. Nefario.

Gru takes custody of three orphans and uses them to distract Vector while he sneaks into his house and steals a shrink ray for the moon. But as he's living with the young girls, he realizes that there's a lot more to living than power, and that doing evil to get it isn't satisfying. Once again here pops up the same moral to every kid's movie. What's special about this compared to other movies is that the love is family love instead of love for a partner. Also the way the love is presented is something Pixar is experimenting with. The main character is aspiring to be the best bad guy in the world, but changes because he's found something worth more than the world itself. Same moral, different way of presenting it.

The minions (small yellow creatures created by Gru to help him in his schemes) are a wonderful way to keep kids laughing and paying attention to what's going on. There are definitely serious parts in the movie, and then there are sections where the minions just take over. One example is the scene where they raid a shopping center looking for a toy for one of the orphans. These little yellow guys are perfect for anyone of any age who wants to bust their sides laughing. It seemed to be a very original idea.

In the end, Gru gives up the moon to Vector for the three orphans and they live with him and his minions in his mansion. While being family oriented and captivating for children, the movie provides an obvious moral that should be ground into the minds of children and can be watched again and again.

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