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Despicable Me 2 is Despicably Lovable

Updated on October 15, 2013

Seeing these yellow patois-looking characters called Minions for the first time during the debut of Despicable Me's first installment in 2010 made me wonder what these cuties are. But as the movie went along, I began to fall in love with them! I was one of the excited fans who waited for a sequel of this movie because aside from the cute Minions, the plot of the story was totally spectacular that it will entertain and please kids and adults alike.

This movie has a complete mixture of comedy, action and family moments. This is the kind of movie that the entire family could enjoy and would urge you to hold your pee just because you don't wanna miss a scene in it. It could sent out much laughter that even after watching it, you still have that wonderful smile on your face. It is a good cure for a bad day!

Despicable Me was a blast but Despicable Me 2 sends rockets to the sky! What adds amor to the movie are the Minions who had an increased role this time. Spotlight would illuminate on Kevin, Dave, and Stuart who became instant celebrities. But despite their expanded roles, they were not scene stealers. It was still Gru who starred it. I also love the genuine emotions seen from the relationship of Gru to her kids. It milked a sweet taste to the funny and action packed movie. The script was also great especially when it leaves punchlines that would send the audience to a roaring laughter.

Image from Sreencrush
Image from Sreencrush

Brief Summary

The first franchise of the movie was a total hit as it showed how a felonious fellow like Gru could actually soften, fall in love and care for three kids, Margo, Edith and Agnes. He then retired from being a villain and had a happy (yet kinda boring life minus the evil jobs) as a loving father. But the current sequel no longer centered on it but have a different exiting plot

The movie started with a giant magnet-like-thingy that grabbed an intelligence team and their laboratory to the sky. This caught the attention of Anti-Villain League (AVL)who recruited Gru to track the villains behind this event. After being forced by an undercover AVL agent Lucy Wilde to work with him, they combined forces to spy on the Paradise Shopping Mall as they used a Bakery called Bake My Day as their headquarters. Gru suspected Mexican restaurant owner Eduardo Perez or El Macho as the man behind the magnetic demonstrations. But after their investigation, a wrong villain was captured in the character of Floyd Eagle-san. With that, the case was closed and Lucy was reassigned to Australia. Gru then realizes that he is in love with her while she was away.

While having a party in Eduardo's Cinco De Mayo, Gru found out that he was really the super-villain. He was also surprised to know that he and his assistant Dr. Nefario had accidentally turned the yellow Minions into purple crazy beasties using PX-41. El Macho wanted to send a rocket filled with mutated Minions to achieve world domination. But Dr. Nefario soon finds a solution to get back the yellow Minions by spraying them with an awful smelling jelly containing a powerful antidote.

Lucy was also kidnapped by El Macho when she went down the plane realizing her romantic feelings for Gru. Gru of course rescued her and they got married after one hundred and forty seven days. Their marriage was in answer to the kid's prayer to have a mother. The movie concluded showing the Minions sing "I Swear" and "YMCA".

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Despicable Me 2 Trailer

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Have you watched Despicable Me 2? Let us know how you find it!

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    • profile image

      DavidMoses1986 3 years ago

      I haven't seen this movie, but this movie info seems so great, I have to watch it. nice lens :)

    • SimonJay profile image

      SimonJay 4 years ago

      I haven't seen these movies but so many people around me have told me they love it i got curious now and think ill take the time to watch it.

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      It is a nice movie! I have already watched it, enjoyed much :)

    • Blessed Liez profile image

      Kareen Liez 4 years ago from Philippines

      @DawnRae64: Thanks for dropping by Dawnraeb. You got to see this movie! :D

    • DawnRae64 profile image

      Dawn 4 years ago from Maryland, USA

      I have not seen Despicable 2...but I can't wait. Good review. Thankyou.