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Destroyer by KISS - Birthing a Baby Metal Head - First Step in my Rock and Roll Journey

Updated on August 17, 2014

It was the 70's. 

I was a young almost tween just getting into music. Being a bit of a rogue even then, I shocked my parents silly when they saw the first album I ever bought.

They had gotten me a record player a few years before for Christmas. Yea, I know. I'm old. Mom had gotten me many albums that were audio versions of popular children's tales. As far as music went, I didn't have any.

Of course, I was welcome to listen to the adult's music all I wanted to and did. It wasn't really what I liked, though. See, they liked country.

Little did they know my tastes in music went a little further afield. I blame radio at my cousin's house.

KISS about sent my father through the roof.

I still remember Daddy giving me ten dollars just to buy records when I complained one day I was tired of the same old songs over and over again.

Wow. Ten bucks was a lot back then, or so I thought. Mom laughed when I said so and we headed out to the mall. It was my first time in the record store. I was so excited.

Another big first for me was she let me go in by myself. It seemed she wanted to shop for clothes. She told me to be on my best behavior and meet her in fifteen minutes by the fountain.

Hours later, I finally got to jam.

After dragging me through numerous boring stores, we finally got home. Surprisingly, she never even asked to see what I bought, just inquired if I found something I thought I would like. You bet I did, I said with a smile and that was the end of it.

Until, I cranked up the record player and started to jam that night. An "oh, sh#t expression" describes the looks I got from both parents rather well as they came into my room with faces aghast.

After what seemed an enternity of inquisition as to why would you want to listen to that and where did you ever hear such trash, Daddy came down firmly on the side of it could only be long haired hippie music that would rot my brain.

Have you ever heard a ten year old try to argue discrimination?

It must have been pitiful but that was my first approach. It was different and the band wore make up so my parents were unfairly judging what they didn't understand. Did not you always tell me to never judge a book by its cover I complained.

My lame argument met only with repeated utterances of not in my house and over my dead body type of parental speak.

Finally, in a desperate fit, I pointed out that when told to get what I liked, that's just what I did and now it was being made to seem like I didn't have the right to decide what I liked. After more grumbling and repeatedly being told it better never be heard outside the confines of my room, they capitulated. I was happily shocked!

I played that album so much, I literally wore it out.

Since then, I've had it in cassette version and have it now on CD. I love every song on it and know every one by heart, word for word.

I like it so much, I have even gone to see them play live. Of course, I did that as an adult with Mr. Vix. We had a blast! It was in the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in Conroe, Tx.

Decades older, I was afraid I would be disappointed by the band. I can happily report they jammed! Paul Stanley rocked that stage like he was still 20 years old. Gene Simmons had the entire crowd in a frenzy during "God of Thunder."  The rendition of "Beth" was so moving thousands of people were silently waving lighters in tribute until the very end.

KISS shocked the nation when they debuted on TV.

They made a career out of using shock value combined with rock and roll. I can't say they were the best band around but they were good and I loved them. Thanks to that album, I have developed a life long love of rock and roll much to the dismay of my poor parents.

For some rocking tunes from back when shock rock was still young and one of the most famous rock ballads ever made, check out the "Destroyer" album by KISS.

Crank it up!

Kiss puts on one hell of a show.

Many a band is what I would call a studio band, meaning they sound really good on radio or CD but you get them on stage and not so much. Kiss sounds better! Further, the stage show is top notch with tons of laser support and you just can't get better than Gene Simmons for firing up a crowd.

Check out some songs featured on the album at various Kiss concerts over the years.

Background image credit; Poetvix. Two concert jerseys we bought when we last saw Kiss live.

What music genre was your first love?

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They are still rocking and Gene Simmons has become a marketing guru.

Check out the movie Detroit Rock City featuring the music of KISS. It's really funny about a few young teens going the gauntlet for one night at a KISS concert.

Detroit Rock City
Detroit Rock City

This movie has me in stitches every time I watch it.The kids are so adorable in their quest for tunes.The stereotypical overprotective mom is formidable, the challenges so very teen like and the laughs are constant.The music rocks from the opening to the closing in this fun filled campy comedy with a rock and roll flavor.


What's the first music you ever bought?  Music you want now?

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    • Rhonda Lytle profile image

      Rhonda Lytle 3 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      @WriterJanis2: Since I penned this little number, I've had "Shout it Out Loud" stuck in my head :).

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 3 years ago

      I don't remember, but I do like KISS.

    • Rhonda Lytle profile image

      Rhonda Lytle 3 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      @aka-rms: :) You made my day. For a long time I thought I was the only girl with that album. I still love KiSS.

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 3 years ago from USA

      Ha, Destroyer was one of my first albums too! Great lens!

    • Rhonda Lytle profile image

      Rhonda Lytle 3 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      @asereht1970: Thank you :) I smile about it now but I wasn't back then. Blessings.

    • asereht1970 profile image

      asereht1970 3 years ago

      Your description about the way your parents act with your first album made me smile. Thanks for sharing.