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DFW TEEN VOICE Prosperous &Thriving Youth "The Game Clue" Benefits

Updated on May 4, 2011

DFW TEEN VOICE "The Game Clue" & Benefits

TEEN VOICE Prosperous & Thriving Youth Production Project

By Patricia Ross Founder

This was a Report written in Dallas, Texas Metro-Plex and presented to the Youth Director of Holy Trinity Catholic Church 2005-2006. By this time in my life I now have grandchildren as a young grandmother reference my profile and a daughter who is successful served in the military and current in Corporate America CIS BS Degree and Masters Project Manager and has been married for 17 yrs.

In Observing Holy Trinity Catholic Church serving Dallas Youth for 100+ it reminded me of early years when I attended a Catholic School in Canton, Ohio As a child I grew up exposed to different denominational backgrounds and was told that I could make my chose about serving my Creator of the Universe. (Freedom of Choice) I dedicate this Hub writing to Joe Lang who passed at 90 a mentor and father figure here in Dallas because by now My adopted Dad has deceased in 1980 Canton Ohio. I know to believe that is positive to have male role models in ones life because their are strong positive men -father figures you can learn from-I asked and received from my higher power. A couple of leaders that i have heard confess being a catholic are Supreme Court Justice Clarence Jones and Film Star Actor Denzel Washington. In 1983 I relocated to Dallas and in 1986 I met Joe Lang, one member out of a group of Founders of the Inter-Faith Job Search Council upon passing he is to be remembered as a Pillar with a prayer named Joe Lang. The Inter-faith job Search reached out to the community in the 80's when the DFW area were going threw challenging job times because of the slum in the oil industry and the down size of merging corporations. Still have all documentation of group etc..

The name of the Catholic School is St. Peters in Canton, Ohio where we had to attend Mass everyday before we went to class. As I reflect back on this childhood experience it was considered to be one of the most positive experiences. I was a child/person of color attending St. Peters in 60's . I express this scenario because within this scenario, their were no name calling nor negative slants in conversations. WHAT ARE OUR CHILDREN FACING IN OUR SCHOOL ENVIRONMENTS TO CAUSE SUCH ANGER AND RAGE? So, early childhood in my Catholic School environment I was able to experience a positive SELF-ESTEEM. We are taught that we as individuals are important and we are connected to GOD. YES, I know the difference because of previous experience before Catholic School in public school the words I received were brutal and affected me emotionally. I am sharing because my experience because I've been saved emotionally for readers like you.

The intent is to out-line what I observed in the Youth department at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. I'm sure you have an effective youth department, group and/ organization targeted at our teenage/youth. America our culture represent different denominational backgrounds and together we can progress by developing our youth future.

The "GAME CLUE" yielding out-standing results with their youth group with the game clue it represented team work, competitive spirit, along with developing skills for each teenager to stand and communicate in front of an audience. Also, they participated in out door activities.

1. The GAME CLUE involved acting and demonstrating famous people by giving clues. The names of famous people are written on a strip of paper which are folded up and placed into a bag. The group of teenagers/youth are chosen into two teams. The teams rotate each player. A teenager from Team 1 comes to the front of the group to select a name out of the bag and then act out the selected famous person. The demonstration of the famous person must be acted out and named by team members within a certain time limit. Points are won by the team if the famous person is named correct. Then team 2 repeats the same process. The score keeper names the team with the most points as the winner. BENEFITS: 1) Youth learning from peers in group setting which is actually fun. 2) Youth gaining self-confidence by standing in front of an audience 3) the group discuss what made these people Famous-The ones famous names selected to place in hat/box etc..

We all have a gift or talents given by our higher power but we do have to develop our gifts. How do we grow into our potential? First we must identify our gifts and talents.



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      DFW TEEN VOICE 8 years ago from Richardson, Texas

      We as adults and Parents can make the difference!

    DFW TEEN VOICE Prosperous & Thriving Youth "The Game Clue"Benefits

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