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Updated on May 7, 2013


Written by Hoshino Katsura in May 2004, D.Gray-Man follows the story of a 15 year-old boy Allen Walker who joined the Black Order to be an Exorcist during the 19th century. This popular manga series has been adapted into an anime series as well as two novel illustrations. It has also been well-received all around the world and remains a best-seller.

A must-watch!

Brillant story plot. Good looking characters. Fantastic fighting scenes. Numerous funny moments. Ever-changing plot that keeps you in suspense. What's there not to like about D.Gray-Man? :D


Exorcists are there mainly to find new Innocence, defeat Akuma and protect people from Akuma.When Allen first joined the Black Order, there were about 19 Exorcists then, but now there are only around 14 left.

Their anti-akuma weapon could either be equipment-type or parasitic-type. Those with equipment type Innocence are usually restricted by their weapons compared to parasitic types. However, they are believed to have a longer lifespan then parasitic types. Parasitic type of Innocence are in part of an Exorcist's body and theycan be activated simply by emotions or willing it to happen. Those with parasitic types are believed to have huge appetites (such as Allen). There is also another new kind called the "Crystal" type, whereby Lenalee is the only one having it so far. It is neither equipment type nor parasitic type and seems like half of each.

Allen Walker

Allen Walker.

The protagonist of this story is without a doubt, Allen Walker. Abandoned by his parents because of his deformed left arm when he was young, he was adopted by Mana Walker, a clown. When Mana Walker was killed, Allen tried to bring him back to life with the help of the Millennium Earl, but Mana was turned into an Akuma instead. Akuma are machines which has a human soul attached to it, and created by the Millennium Earl to kill humans. Just then, Allen's left arm has a life on its own and began to attack the Akuma Mana Walker. Despite Allen's attempts to stop it, Mana Walker was destroyed, but Mana cursed Allen, causing Allen to have the ability to see the souls trapped inside of the Akuma. Later, Allen became the disciple of General Cross Marian from the Black Order to be trained to become an Exorcist, as Allen's arm has an ancient substance Innocence, which has the power to destroy Akuma. Allen is firm in his belief to save people as well as the Akuma. He has the parasitic type of Innocence, whereby Innocence is part of his body(left arm).

Lavi Bookman Jr

My personal favourite character, Lavi is an 18 years old Exorcist and was 16 years old when he joined the Black Order Organization. He is known as a Bookman, someone who records the hidden history in this world. Lavi is just his 49th alias as he has to forsake his real name to become a Bookman. His anti-akuma weapon is a Tettsui~ Iron Hammer, whereby he could control the nature's elements, such as fire. He is a cheerful person and is often reprimanded by his grandfather Bookman for becoming too attached to his friends at the Black Order, as a Bookman successor, he should just stay by the sidelines and record history only. Likes to think up new nicknames for his friends and is attracted to pretty women.

Hi Ban: Gouka Kaijin (fire seal)using the fire seal to create a torrent of flames in the form of a snake;

Ten Ban: Raitei Kaiten (heaven seal) using the heaven seal to liberate an immense lightning;

Moku Ban: Tenchi Bankai (Wood Seal) using the wood seal to control objects in nature such as clouds;

Konbo Ban: Gouraiten (Combo Seal) :using both fire and heaven seals to create a huge snake of fire and iron. Also making a shield-like flame wall.

Kanda Yu

An 18 year old Exorcist from Japan who is always loggerheads with Allen, whom he calls 'beansprout' all the time. He is always seen being anti-social and unfriendly. His anti-akuma weapon is a sword named Mugen~ six illusions. His sword fighting skills are top-notch and no Akuma could survive from his attacks.

Kanda has a mysterious tattoo on his chest that becomes bigger, which Kanda did not reveal the reason. Kanda also can heal very fast, due to his tattoo which is somehow related to the hourglass with a lotus plant in it. So far, the lotus has lost 3 petals but there are still about 10 left. Kanda refuses to die and give up until he has finally found a certain "someone". Even though he may seem proud, he was seen encouraging Lenalee in the later part of the manga series.

Continue to read D.Gray-Man to learn more about Kanda :)

Lenalee Lee

She is 16 years old, a year older than Allen. She was forced to joined the Black Order at a young age, when she was found to be compatible with the Innocence, Dark Boots. Her parents were killed by Akuma when she was young, and her only kin is her brother Komui Lee, who worked hard to become a supervisor of the Science Department at the Black Order so that he culd be at her side. Lenalee sees her brother, friends and colleagues at the Black Order as her world, which she could not be without and does her best fighting to protect her 'world'. Hoshino Katsura drew Lenalee based on her idol (whom she did not reveal who) and Lenalee is one of a handful of female Exorcists at the Black Order.

Miranda Lotto

Miranda is a 25 year old woman from German who believes she is useless and will never accomplish anything. Her Innocence comes from her old grandfather-style clock, Time Record, which later was modified by Komui Lee to be attached to her right arm instead (she can't possibly bring along that large clock everywhere she goes right?) After meeting Allen and Lenalee, she becomes determined to become a useful person and Exorcist. Her powers allow her to stop time for a while, and also to 'absorb' the time when her comrades are injured, therefore 'absorbing' away their injuries too. However, her powers are limited and everything will revert back to their original state when she stop her Innocence's activation.

Arystar Krory

He is a 28 year old Romanian man who is shunned by all the villagers in the village where he lives, due to the rumours that he is a vampire. He lives in an old castle with Eliade, who is an Akuma. It is when Allen and Lavi when to find General Cross Marian then they meet Arystar, whereby they fought with him. Later, he finds out that Eliade is an Akuma and kills her, but always mourned her death ever since. His anti-akuma weapon is his teeth, which can seek out Akuma. When he sucks the blood from the Akuma, he is given temporary supernatural strength just like like a vampire's, such as super speed and strength and to regenerate quickly. He is a sentimental and trusting person, and his best friends are Allen and Lavi, who helped him cope after Eliade's death. Lavi gave him a nickname: kuro-chan. :D

Noise Marie

Just like Kanda, he was also trained under General Theodore. His anti-akuma weapon is Noel Organon, which gives him very good hearing that can seek out people or Akuma from long distances away. He could also form 'strings' which could capture Akuma and plays a music that is lethal to them.


Bookman is from the bookman clan and does not have a name, thus calling himself 'Bookman'. He feels that as a Bookman, he must just stay at the sidelines and record history, and not to participate in it. He is the one who treats the Exorcists' injuries with acupuncture skills that he learnt. His anti-akuma weapon is also his set of acupuncture needles, which is called Heavenly Compass.

Lavi's nickname for him is 'panda', because of the large dark rings around his eyes. (picture)

Komui Lee

He is Lenalee's 29 year old brother and is the Supervisor of the Science Department at the Black Order Organization. When Lenalee was taken away by the Black Order when she was around 5 years old, he worked very hard so he could join the Black Order to be with her. He is very protective of his sister and could be a little maniacal at times (especially in the anime) Nevertheless, he tries his best to protect the Exorcists whether it is by making better quality uniforms for them or by repairing the Exorcists' weapons.


Only Exorcists that have 100% synchronization with their Innocence can become a General. They are far more powerful and difficult to defeat than the Exorcists. A general's job is to search for new Exorcists and train them, as well as look for new Innocence and defeat Akuma. So far, there are 4 generals left, after one has been killed. Out of these five, there is only one female general around.

Cross Marian

General Cross Marian was the one who trained Allen to become an Exorcist. He is a womanizer and loves to drink wine. He detests dirty things and people and cares a lot about his appearance. He has two anti-akuma weapons: Judgement, his gun, whose bullets laced with Innocence will never ceased to stop until they reached their target, and Grave of Maria, which has a corpse of an Exorcist. He uses magic to control her and her parasitic type Innocence, hymms that could create illusions as well as control people's actions by affecting their brain waves. This method is unorthodox and forbidden by the Black Order. Before he became a General, he was a scientist and sorcerer. He is also the one who created Timcampy.

Cloud Nyne

She was a circus trainer before she joined the Black Order, as well as the only female general in D. Gray-Man. Her parasitic type anti-akuma weapon is Lau Shimin, which takes a form of a monkey, which she could control. It will turn into a large and powerful monster when her Innocence is activated.

Froi Tiedoll

He is a kind person and loves to draw. His anti-akuma weapon can take the form of a crucifix, rod or spiritual chisel. He could also create a defensive orb-like light that destroys Akuma within contact of it and a 'forest' made from thorns to protect people underneath it. Kanda respects him but can't stand the way this General treats him and his disciples.

Froi is a man who is very dedicated to his work and would not even go back to the headquarters when his life could be in danger.

Winter Zokalo

Winter Zokalo is a harsh and rude person. Unlike the other generals, he does not seem to care a lot about his companions in the Black Order. He is often seen in his thick metal helmet.

When Zokalo activates his Innocence, he slides the rings down his arms and claps his hands together, creating a complete circle. When the circle is completed, two enormous blades materialize on either side of the ring. Zokalo then uses Madness as a powerful, close-combat Anti-Akuma weapon, usually by spinning the blades at high speed, creating a massive buzz saw. He can also use it in another type of attack, Madness Dederupa, whereby he throws it at the enemy at a very high speed, generating a lot of heat which will then melt and slices the enemy very quickly.

Kevin Yeegar

He is a kindhearted teacher/mentors to his disciples and is a very good person. He joined the Black Order when he was young and he is the oldest general. He was formerly a school teacher but one day, one of his students was turned into an akuma and she killed the rest of the students there. However, Kevin cannot do anything to save his students and so later decided to become an Exorcist to save people. He was later killed by Tyki and Road.

The Noah Clan

So far, there is only a total of 7 Noahs shown in the series- Road, Tyki, Lulubell Jasbro, Debitto, Skin and the 14th Noah.

Each of the Noah family has a special power which they can use to defeat and kill Exorcists as well as destroy Innocence. They can also control the Akuma and use them at their bidding.

Millenium Earl

The creator of Akuma. He makes Akuma by taking advantage of people's sorrow when their loved one died. He will ask the person to summon the soul of his loved one and places it inside a machine, whereby later the Earl will command it to kill the human and use it's skin. The Millennium Earl is trying to find all the Innocence in the world and destroy every single one of them, especially the 'Heart' of all the Innocence. He is always seen with a wide grin on his face complete with pince-nez spectacles and a hat. However, he was later shown to have a human appearance later in the manga series. Has an army of Akuma at his bidding as well as his family of Noahs to aid him in his quest for earth's annihilation.

Road Kamelot

The supposedly oldest of the Noah clan despite her young appearance. She is known as the 'dream' of Noah, and she has the ability to have her own portal to her world as well as ability to read minds and people's memories. She has a special door to take her anywhere she wants to go to. Her hobbies include stealing Lero the golem from the Millennium Earl when he's not looking, and bullying Lero and Akuma. She is always seen eating sweets especially lollipops. She attends school as she is seen trying to do her homework in both the manga and anime series. She is interested in Allen Walker too. She kissed Allen once :)

Tyki Mikk

Another from the Noah clan. He is known to be the 'pleasure' of Noah. He is the brother of Sheryl/Cyril Kamelot, and is Road's uncle. He has the power to choose to do anything he wants, whether it is walking on air or water, creating a vacuum(empty space) or going through any solid material like buildings. He also can control man-eating golems that are in the form of butterflies. He is of Portuguese heritage and is seen having two sides of him. In one, he is a vagabond who is always with his 3 other human friends, whom he fears to lose. In another, he is a reputable gentleman from the upper-class society. Tyki subconsciously suppresses his Noah inside him, which later was released after a failed attempt by Allen to exorcise him. Hoshino Katsura drew him based on inspiration from David Beckham's good looks. One of the most good looking anime characters!! ;)


Appeared earlier in the anime series than in the manga. She is known as the 'lust' of Noah and has the ability to transform herself into anything she wants, regardless whether it is water, statue, etc.. However, most of the time in the anime, she prefers to take the form of a black cat with a white cross on its head. She is also seen accompanied by her maid servant Mimi in the anime.


Jasdevi comprises as a single Noah who can spilt to become two people, Jasbro and Debitto. They are the 'Bonds' of Noah and possess the power of Materialization, whereby all they need to do is think of the same thing simultaneously and shoot it out by guns they bought from a black market. In the manga series, they could form the Millennium Earl, their warth and 'the strongest imaginable body' to fight with Allen and company.

Skin Bolic

He is the 'rage' of Noah and is of a large built. Skin is always seen eating sweet stuff and desserts and likes to vent his anger on Akuma. He was later killed by Kanda in the Noah's Ark in Edo, Japan, disputing the claim that Noahs are immortal.


Akuma are created by the Millennium Earl who takes advantage of a person's sorrow. For example, when a persons loved one dies and is very distraught by his/her death, the Millennium Earl will appear and claims he can make the dead alive again, just by having the person call out his loved one's name and summon its soul to a akuma machine the Earl created. When the akuma machine is finished, the Earl will then order it to kill the person who called back it's soul, and then wear that human's body.

Hence, that is why akuma are deadly as they can blend into the crowds due to their 'human skins' and because they have poisonous bullets too. Those bullets, when reached their target, could kill a person and turn them into fine dust.

Akuma which are not destroyed by Innocence will not be able to have their souls saved. That is why these akuma are pitiful beings, with their souls trapped and not being able to control their killing instincts.

So far, there is 4 different levels of akuma, with the level 4 akuma being the most powerful akuma, and one that even a General alone could not defeat.

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Great fighting scene- Kanda vs Tyki ep 75

Song is 'Doubt and Trust' by Access.

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Enjoy! :D

Lenalee Cosplay

Lenalee Cosplay
Lenalee Cosplay

D.Gray-Man Cosplay

D.Gray-Man Cosplay
D.Gray-Man Cosplay

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