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Did You See The New Miike Snow Video?

Updated on September 14, 2016
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Justin Rigdon is a comedian, musician, sound engineer and Chef. From Atlanta, Ga.

The Cuban Missile Crisis played out through song and dance.
The Cuban Missile Crisis played out through song and dance.

If you have not had the very pleasant opportunity to enjoy the music of Swedish indie-pop trio "Miike Snow", then there is no time better than the present. I will give you some time to catch up on their three albums of music featuring catchy melodies, hard hitting beats and groove demanding basslines. When you are done, please proceed to the next paragraph where I will review their latest music video "pull my trigger" from their third album appropriately named "iii". If you are not new to the experience that is Miike Snow's music, then go ahead and join me below.

The song we are talking about today is "Pull My Trigger" the third song from "iii" to be featured in a music video. The first song featured was "My Heart Is Full" A very entertaining video featuring a seductive heroine and her metal chained dragon sidekick riding shotgun on a Polaris Slingshot, while battling organized crime in japan. Great fighting and visually stunning effects makes this a video not to be ignored. Although given its place among the other videos for the album, "my heart is full" is the odd man out.

The second Video for the album took things in a whole new (yet old) direction. For the song "Genghis Khan" the video is set in the world of 1960s espionage. Our main character is a supervillain criminal mastermind who has his James Bond like arch nemesis tied to an operating table with a giant mega laser pointed at international man of mysteries head. As the fate of the lasers red beam draws close the power is suddenly cut. The henchmen are in a union with strict time restraints.

Back home we find our supercriminal is unpleased with his current role of husband and father. He is unable to sleep as he thinks of his arch rival's definite demise. He has had enough. Union be damned, the spy dies tonight! Back at the secret layer, all is going to plan. Then it's time to make a choice. He is holding a remote with two buttons, red to blast with the laser or green to let go. Our phantom masked villain struggles then decides he can't live without the chase. He lets him go.

Sadden by his decision he cant look as the spy walks away. Then the spy realizes he and his captor were meant to be together. Proving if you let true love go it will return. The happy couple and henchmen celebrate with an amazingly choreographed dance that would turn Fred Astaire's head.

This brings us to "Pull My Trigger". Most elements of "Genghis Khan" return along with the overall feel. Plus the two main actors Adam Jones and Edward Hayes, who give yet another spectacular performance. The over the top choreography and comedic timing with the music also makes it a clear sequel to "Genghis Khan" But one connection I find even more interesting is the choice to push the red button. It's become Miike Snows Version of the briefcase in the Cohen brothers films.

"The Cold War Just Got Hotter"
"The Cold War Just Got Hotter"

We start the video in the White House situation room. The conference table is filled with generals, admirals and advisors. It's clear they believe the only option is to nuke. The nuclear football's trigger is set. Now it's time for the President to decide to pull the trigger.

The President clearly disturbed by the decision he is about to make, falls into a daydream. Here we see a very attractive (words can not describe, see picture below) Marilyn Monroe look-alike dancing(if that's what kids call it these days) on top of a red trigger button. After a very seductive twist of the body Marilyn looks directly into the camera and says "pull my trigger" a request made in a way that is almost impossible to turn down.

She can "pull my trigger" anytime...
She can "pull my trigger" anytime...

Snapped back into reality the president finds his military advisors growing impatient. Still not finding any answers he turns to his intelligence report on his Russian counterpart. The camera zooms into the picture of the Dictator, then the scene shifts to the kremlin. Here the Russian leaders advisors are also insistent on nuclear attack in a scene very similar yet more jazzy than the one back in Washington.

Disturbed by everyone's eagerness to begin a nuclear war, both of the aforementioned world leaders each run out to their respective hallways of the White House and Kremlin. Here they do the only thing any human can do when faced with such heavy world changing and shattering decisions. They dance. Boy do they dance. On a split screen thousands of miles apart these heads of state are in sync, step for step.

Then in one moment we see these world leaders as one, as they see the future fate of the world is a barbecue without food. They make a decision, diplomacy. Each grab the red phone and we see the peace process played out in a vegas style show stopping group dance number. Certainly one for the ages it leaves nothing on the field. We get it all. Show Girls, dancing Russian and U.S. military brass, symbolic red tape and our commanders in chiefs hashing it out on top of a giant red launch button. Basically it's "The Cold War" by Sondheim and Hammerstein.

Coming back into the situation room the President and Premier appear cocky, then suddenly seem ill. But they are not ill they were just getting ready to symbolically spew peace all over the room as doves fly from the President's chest and the Premiers mouth. The world is saved. The triggers are not pulled. The keys are turned and the red buttons are put away. The world is safe, for now.

The last two Miike snow videos may be the best made in 2016 and in the many years before. They take a very interesting mini movie form that gives "Thriller" a run for its money. I for one am excited and anxiously awaiting to see if this is two one off videos or if we are getting a third, making it a classic movie music video trilogy for the ages. Let me know in the comments below what song from "iii" would you like to see made into a video next? How would it fit in the trilogy? Dont forget to "Pull My Trigger" and share!

Miike Snow's 2016 "Pull My Trigger"

Also check out the first music video in the series "Genghis Kahn"

© 2016 Justin Rigdon


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