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Dinner at Ponderosa

Updated on September 19, 2012

Lost somewhere in Nevada

I was moving at a really fast pace trying to keep myself from freezing. There were only a few moments of daylight left.

In these parts of Nevada, as soon as the sun goes down, it could get really cold really fast...

I was in the middle of nowhere, feeling lost,cold and hungry. I didn't really remember how I got myself into that situation. In the distance I could hear wolves howling. To the west I saw the last remains of daylight. Complete darkness was about to fall in a few moments.Now,fear was added to my list of feelings, along with lost,cold and hungry...

Image source: Wikimedia Commons,2006 Sascha Brück

My name is Hoss

It has gone almost completely dark when I heard the sound of a horse approaching. I could hear it but I couldn't see it.

Eventually, the fading dusk light allowed me to see it's figure.

Luckily, it was not alone.The poor animal was suffering under the weight of an enormous rider.

"Evening stranger"said the rider.

I gave him a quick look, he truly was a mountain of a man.

"My name is Hoss" he continued without waiting for my reply.

His warm, friendly smile took away all of my fears.

"You seem lost" said Hoss.

"I believe I am" I replied, trempling from the freezing cold.

"Well, come on ! Follow me stranger, we are not far !"

I did as I was told.

Beef steak, pie & shelter

I followed him on foot for a few minutes.

Hoss was right. The house was not far from where he found me.

He opened the door giving me a friendly pad on the back.

"Come inside. It's almost dinner time !"

It was a really warm place. A Chinese man was setting the dinner table. Hoss informed him of my presence:

"Hop Sing, set an extra plate, we have company tonight ! "

I was silent the whole time

"Hey Pa" said Hoss to a white-haired gentleman sitting by the fireplace.

"This is a... friend. He lost his way. He will be joining us for dinner".

The middle-aged man approached me offering me his hand.

"Welcome to the Ponderosa. My name is Ben. Ben Cartwright . Hoss, is my son... Ah..and those two coming down from the stairs right now are my other two boys. Joe and Adam"

I shook hands with both of them and then sat down to dinner.

There was beef steak on the table.Lot's of it. It turns out that my hosts were cuddle farmers.

I was amazed by their manners.No one asked me questions.

To them it didn't matter who I was or what I did. I was their guest. That was enough.

The Chinese cook served apple pie for desert. We all had a piece. All but Hoss. He had three.

I was happy

After dinner,we moved to the sitting room by the fire-place to have a cup of coffee.

I sat on a leather sofa close to the burning fire.

I felt myself sinking in the soft cow skin covered chair. I was feeling tired and sleepy.

I remember the intense smell of burning pine wood in the atmosphere. I took a look around:

Ben was reading a book.

Joe and Adam were playing checkers on the small table next to me.

Hoss was having one last piece of pie.

I was struggling to keep my eyes open.

I stared at the burning fire for a few moments,smiled and fell asleep...


The sound of "Africa" from Toto, woke my up. It was my phone's alarm tone.

The time was 06:01. I needed to get up.

I saw my face in the bathroom mirror.There was a big smile on it.

I washed it with lot's of cold water. The smile was still there.

"I just had dinner at Ponderosa !" I said loudly to myself ,realizing that I just had one of the best dreams of my life !

All images are from Wikimedia Commons

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Really cool lens and nice story ! It was fun reading it !

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love Bonanaza and all the characters.

      What a cool idea for a lens. :)

    • arperinos profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: Thank you for your comments Dave.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is a fun lens. Very creative. I was born in 1956 and all television was black and white then. In the early 60s, one of our neighbors bought a color television and invited a group of people over one Sunday night to watch Bonanza in color. So, that night I watched Bonanza, my first color TV show ever.

    • serendipity831 profile image

      Drake McSherry 

      6 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

      I loved this lens-so much fun! :)

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind Guides 

      6 years ago from USA

      wow -- what a seriously strange yet wonderful lens -- not like anything I've seen here before, and that's GOOD. Thanks.


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