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Dino Dan - Paleontologist in Training

Updated on December 9, 2013

DIno Dan TV Show

Dino Dan is a brilliant kids TV show from Nick Jr. Are you looking for fun activities for a fan of the show? On this page you'll find lots of Dino Dan things to make and do.

You can plan a dinosaur party, decorate a dino themed bedroom just like Dan Henderson's room and play games based on the show - do you know the codewords? Oh and we love the Corythosaurus and T-Rex posters to color.

Dan Henderson is a 10 year old boy who sees realistic, brightly colored dinosaurs everywhere he goes. Dan studies the dinosaurs and learns facts about Corythosaurus, Diplodocus, Stygimoloch and his other prehistoric friends. Dino Dan is a great educational show for preschoolers and younger school age kids. It encourages an interest in science and nature. And who knows, maybe you have a young paleontologist in training!

Dan Henderson is played by the actor Jason Spevack.

Dino Dan-Ready Set Dino

@ Amazon


The new Dino Dan DVD is here. Dino Dan-Ready Set Dino was released in March 2012.

Dino Dan Toys

There are now loads of fun Dino Dan official toys available for fans. You'll find lots of the dinosaurs that feature in the show available as electronic toys and even cuddly plush versions.

Dino Dan: Dino Trackers!

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The first Dino Dan DVD came out in late 2011. Dino Dan: Dino Trackers! is 60 minutes long and features 5 adventures from the show.

My boys aged 5 and 3 really enjoy watching this DVD.

Dino Dan: Where the Dinosaurs Are

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Dino Dan: Where the Dinosaurs Are is the second Dino Dan DVD for 2012. Out in July 2012 and available for pre-order before then.

Season 1 Trailer - Introduction to the show

If you don't know what all the fuss is about, watch the Dino Dan trailer. This award-winning TV show has fabulous graphics and is full of dino facts and enthusiasm for science and nature.

Teaches the Scientific Method

Yes, it's educational as well as fun

I love that Dino Dan introduces kids to the scientific method. Dan likes to experiment and draw conclusions from his observations. Science is poorly understood by many adults. Getting introduced to the scientific method at a young age and in a fun way is definitely a very good thing.

I have seen complaints by creationist parents who object to Dino Dan mentioning that dinosaurs are millions of years old because. Hopefully shows like Dino Dan will help improve scientific knowledge in future generations so that more people are able to properly understand the scientific method and how it works and will be less susceptible to pseudo-science. I hope so!

I'd just like to give a big thanks the PBS and Nick Jr for bringing us a show that improves scientific understanding in kids (and hopefully their parents too!)

Watch the TV Show Online

Buy episodes of the show to watch on demand

Dino Dan is available from Amazon Video on Demand to watch online or download. You can buy individual episodes in standard or HD format. Or you can buy a TV pass to get every episode in season one at a reduced price.

We've got official Dino Dan T-shirts at last! You can choose from a range of designs for boys and girls..

There's a cool yellow T-shirt with a print of Dan's vest on it, with a dinosaur inside (of course.)

There are Dino Dan shirts featuring the dinosaurs from the show including a brilliant green T-Rex shirt.

And there's a lilac Dino Dan shirt for girl fans of the show.

Games - Dino Dig and More


How do I find Dino Dan Code Words

Code words get you points to spend in the shop in the Dino Dan game. Here's is where you enter Dino Dan code words - click on CODE.

If you don't have a codeword to try, you can guess words related to dinosaurs.

If you get stuck click here for Dino Dan Code Words

Dinosaur cupcakes

Dinosaur cupcakes
Dinosaur cupcakes

Dino Dan Episodes - Episode Guide

Find out about all 25 episodes of Dino Dan season 1 and the Special 26th feature episode.

Dino Dan Dinosaurs

Which dinosaurs have appeared in Dino Dan?

There will be more dinosaurs in future episodes of Dino Dan, but so far we have met:

[ Source Dino Dan on Wikipedia ]

Do you know a paleontologist in training?

See results

Behind the Scenes - How is Dino Dan made?

Interviews with Jason Spevack who plays Dan Henderson and Dr Donald Henderson, Curator of Dinosaurs, who explains how they make sure the dinosaurs are accurate.

I think you've found one!

I think you've found one!
I think you've found one!

Dino Dan Season 2 Trailer

Dino Dan Toys News

Exciting News!

Wild Creations have announced that they will be bringing out a range of Dino Dan Toys. Brilliant! We can't wait. The toys are due to be available in the US in Fall 2011.

Dino Dan: Toys for a Paleontologist in Training

Dan wears a Safari Vest so he can keep his paleontology equipment to hand. Can you find any fossils in the garden? Our kids have had lots of fun digging buried toy dinosaurs out of the sand-pit. And they love to dress up indoors in their safari gear and pretend they can see dinosaurs. (They were recently spotted tending to a wounded T-Rex!)

Dino Dan on Amazon and eBay

These results are updated daily so will pick up the latest Dino Dan products.

Dino Dan Toys on eBay

Keep an eye out for Dino Dan style handmade vests on eBay.

Dino Dan on his 2010 Shaw Rocket Prize Nomination! - Jason Spevack Interview

Sunshine Cleaning



Jason Spevack plays Oscar in Sunshine Cleaning.

How old is Jason Spevack?

Jason Spevack, Age

How old is Jason Spevack? Jason was born in 1997.

This means Jason will turn 14 during 2011. Sorry, but we don't know when his birthday is. We'll update if we find out.

Do you know a Dino Dan fan or someone who would enjoy the show?


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      I wish i could be just like you!!!

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      Dana DeCrescenzo loves Dino Dan

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      great lens!

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      My kids enjoy watching Dino Dan, I love how he goes through to see why the dinosaur did what they did, its helping my little ones learn as well as get to watch the dinosaurs.