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Dinosaur King - "Make your Move"

Updated on April 18, 2013

Dinosaur King TV Series, Trading Cards, Comics, Video Game and more!

Dinosaur King features Max, Rex and Zoe, three kids who find a way to bring dinosaurs to life. There's a Dinosaur King TV Series to watch. And a Dinosaur King Trading card game to collect and play. There are Dinosaur King Comics to read and a Dinosaur King Video Game to play.

We've got lots of info and activities for Dinosaur King fans.

Poll: Best D-Team Dinosaur King Character

Who is your favorite Dinosaur King Character?

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Dinosaur King Comics

Manga Graphic Novel for boys age 9-12

Amazon have excellent prices for volumes of Dinosaur King comics. Each volume is 192 pages and is full of Max's adventures with his friends and dinosaurs.

What do you need to play Dinosaur King?

The Trading Card Game

The Dinosaur King Card game is a 2 player game. Note that each player needs these things:

  1. At least 40 Dinosaur King trading cards - these are Dinosaur and Move cards.
  2. One Dinosaur King Character card (starter sets include a Character card).
  3. You need a Battlemat. A Battlemat is included in Dinosaur King Starter sets or you can download a free printable Battle Mat.
  4. 2 markers (coins will do).

Dinosaur King Rules - Free downloadable, printable Rulebook

Dinosaur King is a turn based battle game. The overall objective is to get your opponents Life Points down to zero, making you the winner.

Rock-paper-scissors is used to determine who chooses whether to make a move first in each turn. Players choose which cards to play to Attack and Dino Slash their opponents reducing their life points.

Full rules are included in Starter sets or can be downloaded and printed out:

Dinosaur King Trading Card Game Video

Watch the video to get an idea of what is involved in the game that you play with the Dinosaur King Trading Cards.

Dinosaur King Gold Cards

The cards in the Dinosaur King game occur with different frequencies. Gold cards are the rarest and most collectible.

Dinosaur King Video Game for Nintendo DS

This game can be expensive to get hold of. Click through to Amazon to find second hand versions available.

Dinosaur King Video Game Trailer - Nintendo DS

Dinosaur King Video Game on eBay

Can you find a cheap Dinosaur King Nintendo DS game on eBay?

Are you a Dinosaur King fan?


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