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Dinosaur Train - Facts, Toys, T-Shirts, DVDs

Updated on December 12, 2013

Dinosaur Train TV and Toys

Dinosaur Train is a PBS Kids TV series made by the Henson Company. The series aims to entertain and educate children. There's a range of Dinosaur Train toys. We'll look at the ideas and people behind the series and identify the must-have Dinosaur Train toys.

We have two dinosaur mad boys. DS1 is nearly 4 and DS2 is just 2. DS1 can't get enough facts about dinosaurs and Dinosaur Train is full of dinosaur facts and science.

And as a scientifically-minded parent, what could be better than a TV show where the lead character is a T-Rex with the catch-phrase "I have a hypothesis". Superb. We love it.

Page updated: 13 Feb 2011

I'd like to get off at:

Season 2 ~ Promo Videos ~ DVDs ~ About Dinosaur Train ~ Dr Scott ~

InterAction Figures and Toys ~ In the UK ~ Books ~ T-Shirts

Dinosaur Train Season Two - New Episodes


"The Jim Henson Company announced today the production of an all-new second season ... " - press release

I have a Hypothesis

Dinosaur Train InterAction Buddy - Talks to his friends

Buddy the T-Rex is the star of Dinosaur King. And the InterAction toys are the highlight of the Dinosaur Train toys range. We'll talk more about them later on, but wanted to introduce Buddy right away! Hey Buddy.

Dinosaur Train - InterAction Buddy
Dinosaur Train - InterAction Buddy

This is our favorite Dinosaur Train toy. And we think it's the one that may be difficult to get hold of near Christmas. Buy early to avoid disappointment.


Dinosaur Train Promo Videos

If you haven't seen Dinosaur Train yet, these videos are a great introduction. I showed the Sizzle Reel to DS1 and he was very excited. We had to watch the rest of the videos. And we've sat and watched them a few times since. I've been impressed by the quality of the animation and the inclusion of dinosaur facts and science. The music is great too.

Dinosaur Train DVD

Dinosaur Train is now available on DVD. Dinosaurs under the Sea is out now and Dinosaurs in the Snow is available for pre-order.

Note that ships DVDs internationally so if you can play region 1 DVDs you can get Dinosaur Train on DVD before it comes to your country. Excellent news for non-US dinosaur fans.

Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs Under the Sea
Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs Under the Sea

DS1 is getting this for his 4th birthday. Going on the clips he's seen, he is going to love it. We'll update after his birthday.

Update: This became a real favourite in our house. My older son still enjoys it at 6.

Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs in the Snow
Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs in the Snow

This one is going on our Christmas list.


Which stop next on the Dinosaur Train?

About Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train is a kids TV series made by The Jim Henson Company for PBS Kids.

Craig Bartlett is the guy behind it. Here he explains how he came up with the idea:

"I've wanted to make Dinosaur Train since my son Matt was 3 or 4, ..." - from MoniqueBlog.

I'll admit that when I first came across the concept of Dinosaur Train I was a little skeptical. My heart sinks every time I see a toy that combines Dinosaurs and Cave Men. What hope do we have of teaching them science ... But, I completely get what he means. As soon as our train board comes out, the dinosaurs climb on.

Then I came across Dr Scott Sampson ...

Dinosaur Train - Dr Scott - Triceratops

Dr Scott (Sampson) is a dinosaur paleontologist and provides consultancy to Dinosaur Train. He also features in science sections in between the animation.

Dinosaur Train Books

The theme of dinosaurs and science continues in a series of Dinosaur Train books.

Dinosaur Train: Triceratops for Lunch (Little Golden Book)
Dinosaur Train: Triceratops for Lunch (Little Golden Book)

Click through to 'Look Inside' this book at Amazon.


Which stop next on the dinosaur train?

Dinosaur Train Toys

The first video here is an interview and toy demo with the Director of Product Development from Henson Company which makes Dinosaur Train. This is a good introduction to the toys and I like seeing who is behind them.

The other videos are from Learning Curve, the company that makes the toys and then team than made them. You also get to see the InterAction toys in action. I can see why they are proving popular - the kids love the large size and the interactive features.

Dinosaur Train InterAction Figures - Interactive Buddy, Boris and more

The Dinosaur Train Figures talk, both on their own and to each other. Clever idea. You really need more than one to get the most from the concept and the more you have the better it gets. Interacting with the dinosaurs triggers different sounds and phrases. Very interactive.

With think they're pretty reasonably priced for what you get.

Dinosaur Train Toys - Trains and Carriages

We're sure kids will love these Dinosaur Train trains, carriages and figures. But some of the reviews indicate that the quality of the early versions of these toys is now quite what it should be. After getting to know the folks involved in coming up with the toys in the videos above, we're sure they'll improve. Maybe they have already. But do your research on these and make your own decision.

Which stop next on the dinosaur train?

When is Dinosaur Train coming to the UK?

Dinosaur Train UK release?

Hopefully we'll be getting Dinosaur Train in 2011. We haven't seen anything concrete yet, but we'll be looking out.

In the mean time there are a few ways to get your Dinosaur Train fix:

- You can buy Dinosaur Train DVDs from Amazon UK.

- You can watch the trailers and promo videos on YouTube (we have done this a lot!)

- You can buy Dinosaurs Train DVDs from Note: You need a DVD player that can play region 1 DVDs.

- You can buy Dinosaur Train books from Amazon uk (see below)

- You can play Dinosaur Train games on the Dinosaur Train website.

We'd love to hear from you.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great lens. My nieces and nephews would get a kick out of all this stuff.

    • ColorPetGifts profile image


      7 years ago

      Super cute dinosaur goodies - I love it -:)


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