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Updated on November 14, 2013

Director Henry Alex Rubin

If you're wondering about the Disconnect Theme Song that's heard in the movie's trailer, isn't it something? It's "Sail" by AWOLNATION. That same song came be heard in of all things a BMW commercial. The band is currently on tour, so you can check them out live if you like the song. Upcoming dates starting in June include Colorado, New York, Chicago & St. Louis. To see the rest of their tour schedule, click here.

Identity Thief's Jason Bateman who's best known for light comedy in movies like Horrible Bosses, The Change-up & The Switch shakes things up flexing his acting chops with a dramatic role in the indie action thriller Disconnect directed by Henry Alex Rubin.

Already the movie has made its debut at several international film festivals including The Toronto International Film Festival, The Venice International Film Festival and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. An official Disconnect movie trailer was finally released. You can also see several videos and interviews from the stars walking the red carpet and attending Q & A sessions with the press and film festival attendees.

The Disconnect Soundtrack is scored by Max Richter. 19 music tracks are included on the score in addition to the movie's unofficial theme song "Ni Su Nave" by Jayme Ivison. The soundtrack album for Disconnect was released on April 9, 2013. Music Editors Missy Cohen and Suzana Peric are working with orchestrator Dave Foster and music supervisor Beth Rosenblatt (Cadillac Records, Cider House Rules Secretary).

Disconnect stars Jason Bateman as an outraged parent along with Hope Davis. Frank Grillo and his impossibly chiseled cheekbones you may recall from the movie The Grey with Liam Neeson. Paula Patton, otherwise known as Mrs. Robin Thicke played the bride in Jumping the Broom and it's hard to believe that any woman would stray from the dangerously handsome Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood, Battleship) who plays her overly protective husband. The cast also stars Michael Nyqvist, Andrea Riseborough and Max Thieriot. This intense dramatic thriller was released April 12, 2013 and will be coming out on DVD September 17, 2013.

Look for Jason Bateman in Identity Thief co-starring Melissa McCarthy, John Cho and Amanda Peet which comes out on DVD June 4, 2013. A great Jason Bateman movie double bill is to also watch The Change-up, a fun body switching comedy co-starring Ryan Reynolds & Leslie Mann. Look for new episodes of Bateman's previously cancelled show, Arrested Development, available as exclusive streaming content on Netflix.

Disconnect Soundtrack

Source: Milan Records

Updated 6/3 & 6/12 | 11/14/2013

Disconnect Theme Song in the Movie Trailer - From the Album Megalithic Symphony


Preview the Disconnect Trailer Song - AWOLNATION "Sail"

For more information on AWOLNATION's tour dates, click here.

The Alternate Video of "Sail" - Over 47 Million Hits

The original video of "Sail" by AWOLNation has over 16 million hits but this video has four times as many hits. I love the disconnect where there's a girl singing the lyrics. You'll find an unofficial lyrics video with over 23 million hits here. Only, I'm thinking what lyrics are there beyond "Sail"? But then I went back and the verse actually has some pretty freakin' cool lyrics worth checking out.

Do you have any idea what you've done?

Click on any of the songs below to preview the Disconnect O.S.T.

What's the End Credits Song? - "Tornado" by Jonsi

Chloe Asks: "Can anybody tell me what the song was that played in the last few moments of the movie (when Ben's sister was putting the earphone in his ear), and that spilled over into the credits?"

Thanks to jhanaklalan for providing the answer that the "Ending/credits song is tornado by Jonsi (sigur ros's lead singer ) the band ben boyd likes in the movie."

If There's One Song To Listen To... - From the Disconnect O.S.T.

Check out Ni Su Nave by Jayme Ivision. It's a simple plucking guitar riff with a simple haunting melody that weaves in and out of the steady rhythm established by the acoustic guitar. Mesmerizing in its stripped down nature. Have a listen to the song either by previewing on this YouTube video, Amazon or iTunes.

Filmography Composer Max Richter - Disconnect Soundtrack

Max Richter
Max Richter

Max Richter Interview - How He Composes Music

How's Your German? - Der Gefühlsverstärker Interview

If you can understand German, here's a more recent interview with Max Richter.

Source: | IMDb

Disconnect Release Dates


April 12, 2013


April 24, 2013


June 20, 2013


September 2012


September 2012


January 2013

Source: IMDb

Disconnect Movie Trailer - This Trailer Looks Hot

You see Jason Bateman at the dinner table being called away because of a cellphone call while his son is texting some girl who flirts with him on his Facebook page. Another couple, Paula Patton and Alexander Skaarsgard looks distraught as their credit card gets declined and it looks like their privacy gets invaded when it's revealed that one of them has been visiting online chat rooms and message boards. An investigative reporter gets hooked up with a tantalizing 18 year old.

Together, the stories tell a cautionary tale of the perils of being overly connected where everything is not as it initially appears. Riveting and intense, this is a thriller that's suspenseful in its innate realism.

Jason Bateman Disconnect

Wow! You're really hot. You're a's like the step before a cougar.

Venice International Film Festival - Frank Grillo & Henry Rubin

Santa Barbara International Film Festival - Alexander Skarsgard

What do you you think of the Disconnect Movie and Soundtrack?

Disconnect Soundtrack

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      jhanaklalan 4 years ago

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      jhanaklalan 4 years ago

      Ending/credits song tornado by Jonsi (sigur ros's lead singer ) the band ben boyd likes in the movie

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      Can anybody tell me what the song was that played in the last few moments of the movie (when Ben's sister was putting the earphone in his ear), and that spilled over into the credits? Please!