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Discovery Sound Mobile Recording Studio in Missouri

Updated on February 17, 2013

Mobile multi-track Recording Studio serving starving musicians.

I've been writing, performing, producing and recording music for over 15 years now. I cut my teeth recording on a old analog 4 track cassette recorder and as time went on I upgraded to the newer DAW (Digital Audio Workstations) and PC based multi track recording software.

I've paid my dues for years as a struggling unsigned musician I've relized just how hard it is to get that first quality demo recording done for your band on a minimal budget.

I'm also flexible on pricing and I do accept trades for recording time(mostly used music gear, guitars and so on). So if your band, group or solo act is in need of a quality demo recording, live concert recording, or just needs a hard working sound engineer for a gig then call, text, or email me today to book your time and lock in at a price to fit your budget and needs.

Contact Info:

Timothy Schnieders

Owner / Chief Sound Engineer

Phone/Voice Mail/Text: 573-690-2503


Recording Studio Services Price Guide

Mobile Recording:

My pricing starts as low as $20 per hour for a basic 3-6 song demo recording session for bands and artists around the Jefferson City, Missouri area. For artists outside that area I may require slightly more to cover my travel expenses(gas money).

I come to your bands practice space, set up my gear, in a normal session record a solid take of the main instruments for each song performing together, then overdub vocals and any other instruments needed. In most sessions I should be able to leave you with a basic mix, but I take the recording back to my home office to finish the final quality mix.

Remember I'm flexible on pricing and can work out a recording package to fit your budget so contact me for a consultation on your recording needs for the best price quote.

Live Concert Recording:

For recording a live concert / performance of 1 band/ artist, I normaly charge $100 this covers my set up / tear down time, recording your bands live performance of up to 90 minutes , then taking your recording back to my home office to mix and burn to a CD to deliver back to you via mail or in person depending on distance (please allow up to 7 business days).

If your event has multiple bands/artists performing who also hire me to record their performances I can usaly offer a discount.

Additional Mixing , Audio editing/clean up and Mastering Services

If you have already recorded some where else and just need a fresh mix from a outside set of ears, or you have had me recorded a project and just want to dedicate more time to enhance your songs more.

I require a hard copy (CD/CD-R) of the tracks for each song (please include a track list or have the files labeled.)

Basic audio clean up, editing and data prep $20 per hour

I go through each track normalize them all to equal volumes and remove any hiss/hum and other noise, I go through and silence gaps between drum hits, vocal parts, and other instrument parts to improve the recordings overall sound and dynamics.

Basic Mixing services : $60 per song

Up to three mixes per song for your approval. I will add panning, light effects, compression, adjust volume and equalization levels as needed to bring your individual recorded tracks together in a quality mix.

Basic Mastering Service: $45 per song

If you already have Songs mixed the way you want and need them mastered to CD and Radio quality levels. Then I can normalize, compress, adjust equalization, expand each song to peak audio levels required for radio play and CD quality volume levels.

For larger projects like recording a full CD of 10 to 14 songs My rates are $20 per hour plus travel expenses, but if your goal is to record a full album of songs I may tell you go to a local recording studio more equiped to handle a larger project.

I'm also flexible on pricing and I do accept trades for recording time(mostly used music gear, guitars, quality microphones and so on). So if your band, group or solo act is in need of a quality demo recording, live concert recording, or just needs a hard working sound engineer for a gig then call, text, or email me today to book your time and lock in at a price to fit your budget and needs.

Shock Mounted Condenser Microphone
Shock Mounted Condenser Microphone

Gear Discovery Sound Uses

BR-1600 8-16 track digital recorder.

24 Channel Behringer Euro Desk Soundboard/Mixer

An arsenal of quality Shure, Audio Techna, Behringer and Seinheiser condenser, cartoid, and ribbon microphones to capture great instrument and vocal recordings.

Nady and Audix drum Microphones to capture live and studio drum kit sessions,

Behringer Headphone Amplifier with Behringer and Yammaha studio headphones.

A endless amount of 25-50 foot audio snakes, XLR cables, and microphone stands to fit almost any recording or live situation.

Cubase, Adobe Audition, and Audacity recording software that I use in my home office If your project requires additional editing, mixing or mastering above and beyond the BR-1600's capibility.(additional hourly rates apply for these services)

I also have a Presonus FirePod 8 channel audio to firewire interface that I'm currently building a new PC to utilize for mobile recording.

I should have it built and ready to roll in the early 2011 recording season.

I also have a modest sized P.A. System to fit small venues if your in need of a P.A. and a experienced sound tech for your next gig give me a shout to discuss your needs and pricing.

Tips for bands before going into the recording studio

I've recorded countless bands and artists over the years and here is a list of tips and ideas you should consider before being recorded by me or anyone else for that matter.

1: Get plenty of rest before recording tired musicians make more mistakes and your ears and brain will decieve you when their fatiged.

2: Try to avoid the use of drugs and alcohol before and during your recording session. We all know alcohol slows your response time behind the wheel of a car, but it also slows your response time performing music. Alcohol and most street drugs also effect your response time, perception, and the functions of the inner ear. So you may experince some loss in hearing certain audio frequencies.

Basicly what may sound freaking sweet when your drunk or high may not sound so awsome the next day sober.

3: Test your gear make sure all your amps, guitars, drums, keyboards and other instruments that you plan to use are functioning properly and free from unwanted noise. Most studios wont waste the time waiting for you to fix a instument or find a replacement. (Some Studios may have a couple guitars and or a extra amp there available for use if needed. Some may charge an extra "rental/usage" fee, some may not")

4: Try not to borrow gear/instuments (unless it's to replace a broken/malfunctioning instrument or guitar amp). Most musicians think that if they have a cheap guitar or amp they should borrow a buddy's expensive guitar or amp just to use in the studio. But then your not used to the sound and feel that will throw you off sometimes. So try to use your own gear you practice with.

5: Don't invite all your friends and girlfriends/boyfriends to your recording session. It's a distraction with people comming in and out, excessive talking and so on. Try to limit it to just the musicians and a manager or bands producer in the recording session. This saves time and keeps things productive.

6: Know your songs. practice, practice, practice the studio is not the place to find out your bass player has been playing in the wrong key, or the drummer is off beat. Practice the song, try to learn each section of a song with out hearing a vocalist and or lead guitar. This helps tighten your rhythm section and will just over all make your band tighter over all.

7: Select one or two people to be the bands spokes person to the studio engineer when mixing down your recordings. As a studio engineer it drives me nuts when each member keeps asking to change a mix the guitarist wants the guitar louder than every thing, the singer wants his vocals loudest, the drummer wants the drums louder it's will be a never ending cycle since every musician involved wants to be heard and it wastes time constantly changing the mix. Pick one or two people to make the decisions for the band an those people will be there to say how the final mix goes. When I record a band I'll let the drummer be there when I tweak his drum mix, same for the guitarist, bassist and so on but after that I preffer just the spokesperson or bands producer to make the decisions during mix down sessions.

8: LOUD it not always better, younger inexperienced musicians often think that a amplifier has to be cranked to 10 to sound good, and a young drummer thinks he has to pound his drums louder than the rest of the band. Practice your songs at lower volumes before you enter the recording studio, most studio microphones are super sensitive so you don't need to be cranked at full volume to get a great sound.

9: Listen to your sound engineer and understand what stage of recording your in tracking, mixing, or mastering. Tracking is when your recording the initial intrument parts for a song, mixing is when your blending every instruments part together before bouncing it to a stereo track. Mastering is when your optimizing the compression and volume of the final stereo recording mix before it's finished.

It's not cool for the drummer to decide he cant hear his snare drum during the mastering session, and ask if you can turn it up after it's alread been bounced to a stereo track.

10: Know your budget and time available before going into the studio. If your wanting to record a major label quality full album of songs, you probably wont get it done in just one day or a week. Most major label albums are recorded over a minimum four month time frame. If your just wanting a basic demo of a couple songs that will only take a few hours to a day to produce well. So don't get in over your head or budget with expecting to get 12 songs recorded, mixed and mastered in a day or two. (Most studios won't allow the artist at the Mastering session just for this reason, and if they do allow the artist there they often charge a extra fee.)

11: Listen to your Producer and studio sound engineer they have experience and their job is to get a great recording "PRODUCED" that means they will give you direction, give constructive criticism offer advice on how to try a different method or way of performing something. They may even ask you to try a different amp/guitar or drum to get a certain sound.

So you want to get into recording music!

When I first started out recording my own bands music over 15 years ago we didn't have the internet or all the great digital recording tools we have today. I started learning by trial and error, and by picking up tips from books and from other sound techs I met along the way. That lead to alot of horrible recordings, but as time went on and years later I spent a couple years interning at a couple local recording studios the recordings and knowlage got better. Then the internet boomed, new software and recording gear became affordable so I partnered with friends and bandmates to start a couple music promotion companies, record labels, and recording studios.

I started this Squidoo lens not just to help my own recording studio gain more business, but I also want to help other budding sound engineers, musicians, and studios find some great wisdom, deals on new and used recording gear and more.

So below you will find I listed some eBay auctions of gear that I have tested and used over the years and have found it to be the easiest, affordable, and the best products available. As I get more time I will also post reviews of each product detailing some of my experiences, tips and trick to help you out.

Catch a great deal on the Boss BR1600CD on eBay

I've been using th Boss BR1600 for about 5 years now it's a great little DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for most musicians or small studios this is all you will need. It records up to 8 tracks at once and you can over dub 3 more stereo tracks for a total of 16 tracks. You can also bounce tracks making it almost unlimited in overdubbing additional tracks. It's loaded with great COSM guitar/bass effects and a handy vocal tool box for adding depth, warmth, reverb, compression and other effects to vocals.

The BR1600 also has a fantastic mastering function so any musician or home studio engineer can master their songs to almost major label/radio station standards.

I has a basic users guide and a huge owners manual that will take some time to read and practice with to utilize all the features packed in the BR1600.

The only flaw I've experienced so far with this unit is every couple years the hard drive goes out (there is no cooling fan so I'm assuming the heat from running for hours on end wears the drive out) . If you own one or plan to buy one it's a good idea to rig up a laptop cooling pad under it to help pull some of the heat away and extend the hardrives life. Even when the drive goes out it was only like $80 to have it replaced at the local Boss/ Roland authorized repair shop. So backing up all your audio data on a CD-r or via the USB port to your PC is a safe idea in the event the hard drive crashes.

Behringer Headphone amplifiers on eBay

If your planning on recording a band it's a great idea to get a headphone amplifier so you can use multiple pairs of headphones for each musician. There are several brands available but I've had pretty reliable (and great prices) from Behringer Headphone Amps. so think about what your studios need are and shop around.

Behringer has some great units that have diffrent features, and lmost all of them can be daisy chained from your recorder or mixer/sound board to supply a versitile headphone signal for every user in your studio.

stock up on XLR Cables from eBay sellers

XLR Cables are the standard for almost all live and studio microphones, it's a good Idea to have more cabels than you normaly use just incase one or two short out or get damaged before or during a gig or recording session.

I welcome your questions and inquiries about booking recording time with our studio.

I also like to network with other recording studios and sound engineers and producers so feel free to submit your info.


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    • Schnieders LM profile imageAUTHOR

      Schnieders LM 

      6 years ago

      @anonymous: You can use a Midi cable to link two Br-1600s where it utilizes both units inputs and other features, One will be the Master and the other the slave so you only have to press the Record/Play buttons on one unit but both will record.

      See the user manual for further details on how to sync the two units via midi.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great post! I especially loved the section on tips to bands before recording. Very wise information and I agree with every bit of it. I have an interesting question for you: My band leader has TWO Boss BR1600's and we've maxed out the inputs for one. Is there a good way to "daisy chain" two of them together and still be able to "map" all inputs to their own tracks? I'm just wondering if there might be a way to, say, write the inputs of one BR1600 to the virtual tracks of another BR1600 or something?

    • DigitalSoundMagic profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice post! Really great suggestions and I hope that clients will start listening! That's similar to


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