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Disney Brave Movie 2012

Updated on April 18, 2013

Disney Pixar Brave Movie New for 2012

With the success of Tangled, Disney have clearly realised that a Disney princess doesn't have to fit the stereotypes. And Princess Merida in Brave certainly isn't a frilly, pink sort of princess.

Oh no, this princess is a Scottish warrior princess, determined to show that she's made of different stuff. The consequences are dramatic and she must put things right.

This looks set to be an amazing Disney movie with a wonderful cast and gorgeous animation. I'm not normally one for Disney princess movies, but this one could just be different.

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Disney Brave

Disney Brave is a new Disney movie for 2012. It's set in medieval Scotland and the hero is the non-conformist Princess Merida. Merida is a skilled archer and wants a life of adventure. She inadvertently causes mayhem and must work with her friends to fix it. Merida loves animals, especially her horse Angus.

I'm Mom to two boys and usually avoid all the Disney Princess stuff. But Brave looks different. I'll be watching it and so will my boys (aged 4 and 5 when it comes out.) Why? Well for one thing this is a Disney Pixar movie and we love Pixar. But also it's good for boys to see strong female characters in movies. They come home from school and preschool with far too many ideas about boys things and girls things. And also, I love Celtic music and all things Celtic, and the film looks beautiful so I expect to enjoy it myself.

Let's take a look at the Disney Brave trailers and get a feel for the movie:

Brave Theater Trailer Looks Amazing

I was lucky enough to see the Disney Pixar Brave movie trailer on a very big screen on a recent trip to the cinema. I was very impressed. Merida's hair looked amazing. In fact, I had to remind myself to watch everything else. I kept getting drawn back to her hair!

Brave Takes on the NFL Draft Trailer - April 2012

Disney Brave Families Legend Trailer - April 2012

Disney Brave Stories: Merida Trailer - April 2012

Disney Brave: The Prize Trailer

If you had chance to change your fate, would you?

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The Disney Brave trailer and the poster give us a taste of the gorgeous Scottish scenery that we'll see in the movie.

It looks like this will be a beautiful movie to watch.

Princess Merida's hair is amazing too. She has gorgeous curly Celtic red hair. And it's so well animated. I keep finding myself staring at it!

Disney Brave Release Date

Disney Brave is released to US theatres on June 22nd 2012.

Disney Brave has its premier in Scotland on June 30th 2012.

Disney Brave will open in the rest of the UK on August 17th 2012.

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Brave a Pixar movie, so Merida is a female action hero lead character. Now things sounds good! We're a big fan of Pixar movies like Toy Story.

"Brave's co-director Mark Andrews recently told ABC News that Merida is an 'anti princess.'" Source

Merida loves to be outdoors riding on her horse Angus. She's a keen archer.

I think boys as well as girls will be happy to watch this movie which is a smart move as more families will be able to share the movie. And it's great for boys to see that girls can be adventurous and courageous.

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Princess Merida is the first born child of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. She's not happy to fit into the princess stereotype. Merida wants to be an archer and ends up causing chaos that she must fix - demonstrating her bravery.

The voice for Princess Merida is provided by Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald. I remember Kelly Mcdonald from Trainspotting but she's been in lots of things since then including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. She played the Grey Lady, Helena Ravenclaw. Kelly's brilliant and I'm pleased to see a Scottish accent in a Hollywood movie - very brave!

The Name Merida

The name Merida certainly sounds like it should be an old Gaelic scots name, but it doesn't seem to be. At least I can't find any reference to it.

There are modern Mexican and ancient Spanish towns named Mérida (with an accent), but that must just be a coincidence. I guess Disney wanted a new name for this character. We'll probably have babies named Merida now!

Disney Brave Cast

As we've said, the lovely Kelly McDonald will provide the voice for Princess Merida.

We're in for a treat with the rest of the cast too. Emma Thompson plays Queen Elinor (Emma has a home in Scotland.) Billy Connely is King Fergus. OK, you can stop there. I will be going to a Disney princess movie!

But it goes on. Julie Walters plays a Wise Woman who is crucial to the story. And we even get Robbie Coltrane too.

Again, I'm so glad we're seeing British actors here. To a Brit, it's very painful to hear American actors doing British accents. There are a few exceptions of course. But this is such an excellent cast.

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Disney Brave

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      There are already many gals with the first name of Merida - just search Facebook. Funny common thread is the complaint that no one can ever pronounce our name correctly.