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Disney Pixar Cars Characters

Updated on September 7, 2012

Meet The Cars Characters

Meet all your favorite characters from the hit Disney movie cars. Since 2006 these characters have become household names, Lightning McQueen, the rookie racing car, his transporter, Mack and the all so adorable Mater to name a few

Welcome to the land of Disney pixar cars characters...

Images and screenshots used for visual identification to the characters only, for people to get an idea of what they are about and are low resolution copies.

Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is the newest sensation to hit the racing circuit. Although McQueen was an excellent driver, he had the recklessness of a rookie and his sportsmanship skills were lacking. He thought that he could win without a crew and felt that he was too good for his current sponsor, Rust-Eze. They had given him his big break but longed to be the face of Dinoco Oil and receive all the publicity that came along with them. To do that, he had to win the Piston Cup, the biggest race of the season. After a tense race, he ended up being in a three way with his top competitors, Chick Hicks and The King. There would be a tie-breaker race in California.

En route to the race, Mack, McQueen's trailer, encounters a problem that causes his latch to pop open. While sleeping soundly, McQueen rolls out of Mack and ends up alone on the interstate. With no head lights, all he can do is follow a truck that he thinks might be Mack. He ends up being mistaken and winds up in the little town of Radiator Springs, off Route 66.

McQueen accidentally ends up destroying the town's main road and is detained by the sheriff until it can be fixed. After much reluctance, he fixes the road and becomes fond of the people in the town. They teach him about humility and the value of good friends. He also learns about sportsmanship. These lessons lead McQueen to understand that he can't win the race alone and that true friends are more valuable than trophies.

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Tow Mater

Tow Mater (Larry The Cable Guy) is the most lovable Cars character. He is Radiator Spring's official tow truck. As a young truck, he was a beautiful blue. Now, after years of tractor tippin', he is bumper to bumper covered in rust. One of Mater's most endearing qualities is his gullibility and his child-like innocence. The playful way he sees the world is one of the things that catches McQueen's attention.

Although Mater is a lowly tow truck, he teaches McQueen a few things about friendship and loyalty. He also gets to show off his reverse driving ability, which comes into play during McQueen's big race. He repays Mater by letting him take a ride in the Dinoco helicopter, one of Mater's dreams come true. When all is said and done, Mater and McQueen become the best of friends...what an unlikely pair.

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Mack (John Ratzenberger) is a dedicated member of the Rust-Eze Team. He pulls Lightning McQueen trailer to and from each race. After McQueen's entire pit crew quits over his arrogance, Mack becomes his only friend. McQueen pushes Mack to get him to the big race in California and so he can schmooze with the Dinoco Team. After hours on the road, Mack falls asleep. After some hi jinks from the Delinquent Road Hazards, a bunch of street racers, Mack swerves off the road causing his trailer door to open. McQueen silently rolls onto the highway while Mack continues on the road trip, unaware of what has happened to McQueen.

At the urging of McQueen's agent, Harv, Mack finds out that McQueen is in Radiator Springs and goes to rescue him. Upon arrival, Mack takes McQueen to Los Angeles for the race, where he serves as his one and only pit crew member until the new friends from Radiator Springs show up to help.

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Sally (Bonnie Hunt) is a royal blue 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera. She is Radiator Springs' town attorney and McQueen's love interest. She was living the big city life as a hot shot attorney but felt empty. Her unhappiness led her to flee the city and just drive. She drove until she broke down in Radiator Springs. Doc fixed her up and the whole town took her in. She was running the Cozy Cone Motel when McQueen arrived. She hesitates getting to know him at first, thinking he is a big shot, know-it-all. After seeing his sincerity and hard work at fixing the main road, she decides to befriend him. Because McQueen has no headlights, Sally playfully calls him stickers. It's a nick name that sticks with him throughout the movie.

Sally has dreams of Radiator Springs becoming a hot stop on the way to California but the interstate had been preventing that for years. McQueen helps get it 'on the map' and recommends it to all his friends. More visitors end up passing through and Sally gets to open her dream hotel, The Wheel Well.

Sally Carrera Adventure Clip Watch

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Doc Hudson

Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) is the judge and physician in Radiator Springs. He is the one that sentenced McQueen to fix the road before he could leave the town. Doc sees him a bull-headed and dangerous driver that needs to have his priorities checked. When McQueen discovers that Doc is Hudson Hornet, the most famous racecar to have ever lived, he finds out how he came to be a resident of Radiator Springs.

Doc had won three Piston Cups in the 50's and was going for number four. During the race, he was in a devastating crash and put out of commission for a while. Upon his return, he was shunned by the racing community and left the racing circuit to learn medicine. He even had his racing stripes painted over to hide his identity from the whole town. No one knew who he was.

When Mack whisks McQueen out of the town, Doc sees how much the town folk miss him. He has his stripes painted back on and goes to help him at the tie breaker race. He ends up becoming McQueen's trainer and crew chief.

Cars Doc Hudson Diecast

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Sheriff (Michael Wallis) is a 1949 Mercury Club Coupe police car. He's what I would call an old dog. He likes things the way they are and is not very trusting when McQueen comes to town.

Sheriff was the first person from Radiator Springs to encounter McQueen and it was not under the best of circumstances. McQueen had been racing around looking for Mack when he got pulled over by Sheriff. After Doc sentenced McQueen to fix the main road, Sheriff made him wear a boot on his tire so that he couldn't run. He didn't trust McQueen to stay and carry out his sentence.

After McQueen earned the trust of the town, Sheriff warmed up to him. In the end, he offers McQueen a police escort to the tie breaker race in California and serves on McQueen's pit crew.


Luigi (Tony Shalhoub) is a 1959 Fiat 500 ragtop. He is the owner of Casa Della Tires in Radiator Springs. Out front is the iconic Leaning Tower of Tires. Luigi is one of the biggest race fans that you will ever come across. His favorite car is a Ferrari and they are the only cars that he prefers to follow in racing. He loves them so much, in fact, that his license plate, 445-108, is the latitude and longitude of the Ferrari plant in Modena, Italy. His tire shop is also covered in Ferrari posters. Since he only follows Ferraris, Luigi has no idea who McQueen is when he enters the shop. He doesn’t know that he is a racing star.

Luigi’s big dream is to fit a set of white wall tires on a Ferrari. When McQueen decides he needs new tires for the big race, Luigi gives some to him. McQueen is quite taken with the tires and, later, shows them off to some of his big shot racing buddies. In the end of the movie, Luigi passes out from excitement when a couple of Ferraris enter the tire shop and ask to be fitted for a set of white walls. It was his dream come true.

Luigi, Guido & Tractor Vehicle Multi-Pack

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      excellent names of the cars looking for their toys in the future

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      Rankography 6 years ago

      Cool lens, great movie. Too bad #2 was not near as good.

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      Great movie.

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      I loved the characters.

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      Cars was a great movie

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      Treasures By Brenda 6 years ago from Canada

      Nicely done lens devoted to the characters from the movie Cars.

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      tow truck is the best character in this cartoon... i just like to watch cartoons like this

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      Sweet cars!

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      Gosh, these are sure cute -- now if I were to identify with one of these? Lightning McQueen I think. Fun.