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Disney Toy Story Characters

Updated on December 30, 2010

To Infinity And Beyond!

The movie Toy Story is a tale about some toys that were afraid of being replaced. They take us on a journey of love, loss, and triumph and teach us that things aren't always what they seem to be. This is the story of the characters of Toy Story.


Woody is the 'leader' of the toys in Andy's bedroom. He is an old-fashioned pull string cowboy doll. He is Andy's favorite toy and even has a special place on Andy's bed. All the other toys come to him when they have problems. Woody looks out for Andy and even holds regular 'toy meetings' to discuss issues going on with the toys and Andy's daily events.

When Andy's birthday comes about, all the toys wit anxiously to see what new toys Andy will get. They are all surprised when Andy gets a brand new Buzz Lightyear action figure. It talks and lights up and Andy falls in love with it immediately. Woody becomes jealous of Buzz and tries to make him look foolish in various scenes of the movie. Through many unforeseen catastrophes during the film, Woody and Buzz eventually become best friends and share the bedroom leadership role equally.

Toy Story Talking Sheriff Woody

Classic Talking Sheriff Woody. Also has Hat recognition factor. Knows if hat is on his head or not. Speaks phrases to that.

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear is a "Space Ranger from Star Command" action figure. He is based off of an action hero television show in the film. Andy gets Buzz for his birthday and is loved immediately...but not by everybody. Woody despised Buzz and immediately becomes jealous when Andy gives Buzz the coveted spot on the bed. When Woody realizes that Buzz thinks he is the real Buzz Lightyear, he does everything in his power to convince Buzz that he is just a toy. It is not until Buzz sees a commercial for himself that he actually believes Woody. He becomes depressed and despises being simply a toy. It takes Woody, finally realizing that Buzz is a good guy, to convince Buzz that being a toy is great. Woody explains to Buzz that being loved by Andy is the greatest thing is the world. Buzz and Woody become friends by the end of the film and work together to overcome the possibility of being left behind.

Disney Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure

This is the quintessential, classic, truly original Talking Buzz Lightyear Toy Story toy. It has Tim Allen's voice saying "To Infinity and Beyond" etc., It has a laser light in its arm, the retractable helmet, pop-up wings, and the uniform that glows in the dark. It is a remarkable toy in any package. Also, it has pose-able joints.

Bo Peep

Bo Peep is a porcelain shepherdess figurine that is part of Molly's bedside lamp. She is often considered Andy's toy because he uses her to be the damsel in distress when he plays and Woody always rescues her. She is Woody's love interest in the film. Bo Peep has so much faith in Woody, that she is the only one that believes him when he denied pushing Buzz out of a window. When all of the other toys shun Woody, she is the one that convinces them to give him another chance and tell his side of the story. Woody is grateful for Bo Peeps loyalty and she eventually becomes his girlfriend.

Disney / Pixar Toy Story Exclusive Movie Collectible Figure Bug Face Bo Peep

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Hamm is a talking plastic piggy bank. He has a cork in his belly which fall out on occasion causing Hamm to become embarrassed. He doesn't let anyone look as he pushes it back in. He is good friends with Mr. Potato Head and they are often seen giving 'high fives' to each other when something good happens. He is a wise-cracking pig who always has a comment for everything.

Disney Pixar Toy Story Coin Launchin Hamm Action Figure

Hamm is a piggy bank who is always figuring out the angles. He is sure all the old toys will wind up in a garage sale when he sees Andy's friends bringing new birthday presents.

Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head is a Playskool toy that has removable body parts and a compartment on his back to hold his extra parts. He is the only toy in Andy's room that has control over his parts when they are not attached to him. Although lovable and kind, he can be outspoken and becomes jealous easily. He is the toy that first suggested that Woody threw Buzz out of the window on purpose. He leads a revolt against Woody with the other toys trying to banish Woody. It takes Bo Peep stepping in to convince them that Woody was innocent. Mr. Potato Head realizes his mistake and help rescue Woody in the end.

Playskool Toy Story Mr. Potato Head

Hollywood has never seen a spud stud like this before. Modeled after his character in the Toy Story movie, this MR. POTATO HEAD figure comes with all of the accessories that helped make him a wild and wacky star. Put his tongue where an ear should be, put his eyes where his mouth should be — no matter what you do, he’s still the same loveable tater. And when you’re done, you can even put all of his accessories in his TATER TUSH storage compartment. Potato body comes with hat, shoes, glasses, tongue, two mustaches, two sets of eyes, two noses and ear accessories.


Rex is a large, green Tyrannosaurus Rex with a serious case of anxiety. He often fears not being scary enough and doubts his own abilities. Because of his severe inferiority complex, he is afraid that Andy will find a scarier dinosaur and toss him out. He becomes sick and throws up when he sees Buzz's dismembered arm. He is easily lead by peer pressure and even becomes part of the conspiracy against Woody but immediately feels guilty about it.

Toy Story Rex the Dinosaur

Rex the Dinosaur. Poseable neck, arms and legs. Accurate facial, and hand expressions.


Sarge is the commander of the plastic soldiers. Although small, he is a master at his craft. He leads the Bucket O Soldiers as if they were a real army. They are the best reconnaissance team around and are constantly going on missions. They are the ones that report back to Woody to let him know what toys Andy got for his birthday. Sarge has a strict 'no man left behind' policy and is the last man on the battle field. He even risked his own safety to retrieve a soldier that had been stepped on during the birthday party. With Sarge's help, all the missions are made possible.

Toy Story Bucket of Soldiers

Lift the lid on a world of excitement and adventure with this Toy Story Collection: Bucket O Soldiers. This definitive collectors edition of the fearless platoon of 72 soldiers includes two working plastic parachutes so you will get a jump on other Toy Story fans. Imported.. Reusable storage bucket contains 72 soldiers with various weaponry and in a variety of poses. Plastic. Soldiers up to 2 1/2'' H. Bucket 4 3/4'' H (with handle down) x 7 5/8'' Diameter. Parachute 11'' Diameter . Ages 4+. Perfect with the Toy Story Collection: Buzz Lightyear Action Figure -- 12'', sold separately. Part of the Toy Story Collection.

Slinky Dog

Often referred to as Slinky, Slinky Dog is a toy dachshund with a metal slinky for a mid-section. He is Woody's most faithful follower. When Woody is accused of hurting Buzz, Slinky is the last to believe it but he is the first one convinced by Bo Peep of Woody's innocence. When Woody is thrown from the moving van by the other toys, Slinky helps to pull him back on and expresses the deepest regret for not believing Woody in the first place.

Retro Slinky Dog

The Lovable Toy Story Dog in Retro 1950's Style Packaging!

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    • WindyWintersHubs profile image

      WindyWintersHubs 6 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      Woody is my favorite but the animals make me laugh!

    • mariaamoroso profile image

      irenemaria 6 years ago from Sweden

      I like the pig - for saving money in

    • chrissuard lm profile image

      chrissuard lm 7 years ago

      Awesome Lens! I love Toy Story characters and all three movies.