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Django Costume

Updated on August 18, 2015

How to Dress Like Django | Django Unchained Cosplay Tutorial

Django is the revenge-seeking hero of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. Django is the perfect costume for fans of the movie and this cosplay tutorial has everything you need to put together an authentic, budget-savvy Django costume for a party or convention. Here you'll find descriptions of Jamie Foxx's outfits and links to inexpensive clothing and accessories that will make your look instantly recognizable.

Just searching for Django's cowboy hat, pistol or stylish round sunglasses? Use the table of contents below to find exactly what you're looking for!

Image Credit: The Weinstein Company

Django's signature accessory is a brown cowboy hat trimmed with flat gold studs -- and this hat is the single most essential part of your Django costume. Since an official Django costume has not yet been released, finding a perfect match for Django's cowboy hat will be a challenge. Focus primarily on the color and trim detail when shopping for this accessory.

If you're attending an outdoor costume party this year, you're in luck! Django dons a thick-knit light brown scarf during the winter months of Django Unchained.

For added authenticity, choose a tattered scarf from a thrift store or weather a new scarf using sandpaper.

ililily Solid Color Neck Warmer Wide Lightweight Long Scarf (scarf-001-3-BN)
ililily Solid Color Neck Warmer Wide Lightweight Long Scarf (scarf-001-3-BN)

Wrap this thick brown scarf around your neck to stay warm like Django this Halloween.


Throughout Django Unchained, Django wears an olive green button-up jacket made of weathered corduroy and a pair of khaki slacks. While khaki pants aren't hard to find, the unique style and color of Django's coat will undoubtedly make finding a match that is both inexpensive and authentic a challenge. Your best bet will be to choose a jacket that is similar in either color or material. For example, a light brown corduroy coat with wooden buttons would work just as well with your Django costume as an olive green corduroy button-up shirt.

If creating a cheap costume is your biggest priority, local thrift stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army typically carry a variety of well-worn vintage coats that range in price from $5 to $20.

Why Dress as Django? - What did you like most about Jamie Foxx's revenge-seeking character?

What do you like most about Django?

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Since you most likely won't be able to ride a horse around this Halloween, choose the next best thing to go with your Django costume: A dark brown fur-lined winter coat. Django wears this thick coat while traveling (and bounty hunting) with Schultz during the winter.

Protect your hands from dirt, blood and frostbite like Django. In Django Unchained, Django chooses to accessorize his everyday bounty hunter outfit with a pair of black leather gloves. Color and material are the most important elements of this part of your costume so be sure to choose a dark-colored pair of gloves that have the dull shine of leather. Check out local thrift shops for vintage gloves that are worn-in or age a new pair using sandpaper.

Mens Leather Smartphone Dress Gloves for Touch Screen iPhone Android Tablet, Small, Black
Mens Leather Smartphone Dress Gloves for Touch Screen iPhone Android Tablet, Small, Black

These gloves are both inexpensive and versatile. Easily transition this pair to your daily wardrobe after Halloween is over.


Django Costume | Weapons & Accessories - Hip Holster, Revolver, Rifle

Bounty hunters use a variety of weapons and accessories to hunt down their next paycheck. In Django Unchained, Django uses whips and other unconventional weapons to kill the men who tortured him and his wife, but he most often relies on a silver revolver with a cream-colored handle. Django carries that pistol in a brown leather hip holster.

Smiffys Authentic Western Wandering Gunman Belt & Holster
Smiffys Authentic Western Wandering Gunman Belt & Holster

Complete your Django costume with this inexpensive, adjustable brown belt and hip holster.


Jamie Foxx's sunglasses may have been custom-made with hammered metal from the 1830s, but that doesn't mean you can't sport a similar pair with your Django costume. The keys to choosing the right pair of Django sunglasses are black reflective lenses and round gold wire frames, both of which can be found in most 1960s-era costume accessories.

Small Retro-Vintage Style Lennon Inspired Round Metal Circle Sunglasses, Black
Small Retro-Vintage Style Lennon Inspired Round Metal Circle Sunglasses, Black

These round glasses will give your Django costume a little bit of Jamie Foxx's swagger.


Sturdy footwear was an essential part of every Westerners' wardrobe in the 1800s. In the movie, Django sports a pair of black leather ankle boots like those featured below. Since shoes can be expensive, purchase boots you'll actually want to wear on a daily basis, borrow them from a friend or find an inexpensive pair at a local thrift store.

To set your Django costume apart, add authentic details like the runaway scar Django bears on his right cheek. How? Use a modeling wax like the one below to create a small lowercase "r" on your cheek. Cover the wax with liquid foundation, keeping in mind that scars are typically a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone. Set the foundation with a pressed or loose powder and you're good to go.

Do You Think Django Will Be a Popular Costume This Halloween? - Share your thoughts about Django Unchained or just say hi!

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