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The Five Best Dog Movies on Blu-ray

Updated on December 12, 2014
Best Dog Movies on Blu-ray
Best Dog Movies on Blu-ray | Source

Five Family Friendly Dog Movies

Everyone loves a dog movie, particularly a GOOD dog movie of which there are many. This page is dedicated to the five best dog movies that are available ON BLU-RAY. All of these movies are, of course, also available on DVD if you have yet to upgrade to HDTV and blu-ray technology.

I was disappointed to see that not many of the classic dog movies have been transferred to blu-ray yet so this list does not include favorites like Old Yeller or Lassie, instead it includes more recent dog-themed movies that have achieved the best Amazon customer reviews and the most five-star ratings. I have chosen to include only live-action drama and adventure movies so this leaves poor creatures like Scooby-Doo and Charlie Brown and Snoopy off of this page.

So, on this page, you will find a list of best dog movies on blu-ray and reviews from ordinary movie viewers like you and I. You will also find movie trailers for each of the movies (except for My Dog Skip for which there seems to be no movie trailer) and links to buy them all, ON SALE, from Amazon.

See all of Amazon's dog movies that are available on blu-ray by clicking right here.

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Eight Below

Eight Below Official Movie Trailer

Eight Below Blu-ray
Eight Below Blu-ray

Eight Below (2006) on Blu-ray or DVD

Based on a true story, Eight Below stars Paul Walker, Jason Biggs, Bruce Greenwood, Moon Bloodgood and Wendy Crewson .

Eight Below is a typical, traditional, wonderful Disney movie, this one takes top honours as the BEST dog movie on blu-ray, according to Amazon customer reviews. The story, based on another movie from 1983 called Antarctica and a true story which happened more than thirty years earlier, takes place in the year 1993 at an Antarctic research station. The owner of a group of sled dogs must leave the dogs alone for the rest of a cruel Antarctic winter. The dogs, despite many obstacles, live for six months while their owner attempts to make the trip to rescue them. Eight Below boasts some spectacular locations located in Norway, Greenland and CANADA and an excellent actor but it is the magnificent Siberian huskies and malamutes that 'run away' with the show.

"I have grown up with Huskies and have one currently. The thing I like the most about this movie is the way it depicts the emotion, enthusiasm and intelligence of this breed of dog. I was so proud to see them on screen doing what they love to do. The movie made me want to raise and train sled dogs, particularly Huskies. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves dogs and adventures, but bring a tissue for the sad AND happy moments!" ~ Prof. McFz

Eight Below is rated 'PG.'

Hachi: A Dog's Tale

Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009) Official Movie Trailer

Hachi Blu-ray
Hachi Blu-ray

Also based on a true story, Hachi stars Richard Gere and Joan Allen.

Hachi: A Dog's Tale is another movie based on another Japanese true story. The story follows a college professor who discovers an Akita puppy abandoned. He takes the puppy home to give it shelter until the owner can be found. However, when the dog is not claimed, he and his wife adopt the puppy. Hachi is unwilling to learn typical dog tricks but is a devoted companion who eventually wins the entire town over.

"Prepare to be moved to tears by this beautiful, seemingly simple film -- it's about so much more than just the relationship between a man and his dog." --Tami Horiuchi

Marley and Me

Marley and Me Official Movie Trailer

Marley and Me on Blu-ray
Marley and Me on Blu-ray

Marley and Me (2009) on Blu-ray

"When a dog wriggles his adorable rear end into a human's life, the human will never be the same." ~ Amazon

Marley and Me stars Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Eric Dane, Kathleen Turner and Alan Arkin.

The movie Marley and Me is based on the novel of the same name written by u>. This beautiful yellow Labrador puppy, Marley, is totally sweet but, of course, he changes a bit as he grows up and it turns out that Marley is rather a totally adorable way.

A rare case where I think that the movie is equal to the book. Marley and Me, in book and movie form, were both totally enjoyable. However, the movie does an amazing job of demonstrating Marley's energetic adventures. You will need Kleenex for this dog movie, too.


"Being a dog person basically since birth and a "Lab Dad" for 16 years , I loved Mr. Grogan's wonderful memoir of his family's experiences with "The World's Worst Dog" and I also am a huge fan of this movie. It was very well done and both Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston were excellent in these roles. I even think Mr. Wilson looks like John Grogan a little bit. A wonderful family film, but if you have ever gone through the loss of a beloved pet, be sure to bring a box of Kleenex for the last 30 minutes. The ending was extremely well done and realistic." ~ Matthew Karns

Marley and Me is rated 'PG' but is NOT a movie for children.

Hotel For Dogs

Hotel For Dogs Official Movie Trailer

Hotel For Dogs Blu-ray
Hotel For Dogs Blu-ray

Hotel For Dogs (2009) Blu-ray

"Five friends, one mission, save the stray."

Hotel for Dogs stars Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin, Lisa Kudrow, Don Cheadle and Johnny Simmons.

Two foster children adopt a dog secretly and wind up looking after a number of dogs in an abandoned hotel where the dogs have sheltered. Together with some other children, they attempt to care and provide for this bunch of strays. Hotel for Dogs is a funny movie based on a book of the same name by Lois Duncan.

"I am one of those mean mommies that does not allow anything not rated 'G' into my house where the tender ears of my 5 and 3 year olds can pick up on things they shouldn't. So my first reaction was to filter this movie without a second doubt. But my children snuck in and it had them mesmerized within 5 seconds. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie as well as my boys. Though the humor in the movie went over my kids heads, it was neither too raunchy nor racist. It sends a subliminal message that science can be cool and I really appreciated the strong message it sent about how much work and time goes into owning a dog. As someone who has volunteered in animal shelters, I have seen too many dogs dropped off by people that weren't ready or didn't do enough research." ~ Jade Sable

Hotel for Dogs is rated 'PG.'

My Dog Skip

My Dog Skip Blu-ray
My Dog Skip Blu-ray

My Dog Skip (2000) on Blu-ray

My Dog Skip stars Frankie Muniz, Kevin Bacon, Diane Lane, Luke Wilson and Bradley Coryell.

My Dog Skip tells the story of a young boy during World War II who has a very protective father and a very hard time making friends. Gifted with a dog named Skip on his 9th birthday, he now has a best friend and the dog and the boy eventually help him make friends and even to meet a girl.

"Skip is quite a unique character and everyone in town knows him, loves him and respects him. This was a highly enjoyable film and a good bonding movie for a family and children. You don't need to own a dog or have children to enjoy the film...I found this a highly enjoyable film that exceeded my expectations. It earns a 5-star rating because of the convincing acting and a well-rounded family film that is actually suitable to show to every member of the family." ~ Shelley Gammon

Edited to add: This reviewer cautions that if you have a very sensitive child, they may be bothered by a scene in which there is an act of violence against Skip.

My Dog Skip is rated 'PG.'

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"A dog doesn't care

if you're rich or poor

just give him your heart

and he'll give you his."

~ Marley and Me

© 2010 Treasures By Brenda


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