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"Dolphin Tale" Soundtrack

Updated on October 15, 2014

Music from the Movie "Dolphin Tale"

Dolphin Tale is a touching tale of love and devotion. A young dolphin is rescued after she gets entangled in a crab trap, but she is wounded so badly that her tail must be amputated. A boy named Sawyer becomes devoted to her rehabilitation. The movie was inspired by a true story, and stars Harry Connick, Jr., Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson, and Nathan Gamble.

Dolphin Tale was released by Warner Bros on September 23rd, 2011, and Varese Sarabande released the soundtrack on October 11, 2011.

Dolphin Tale's soundtrack was written by composer Mark Isham, famous for the music in A River Runs Through It. His score for this film is written with sensitivity and grace, the ideal music for this heartwarming movie.

A song that is not part of the soundtrack, but plays over the Dolphin Tale trailer, is "All Roads Lead Home." The same song also appears on episodes of Deadliest Catch and Flashpoint. If you're guessing that it sounds like U2 or Coldplay, you may be surprised to hear that it is actually by Golden State, an indie rock band from California.

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"Dolphin Tale" Soundtrack by Mark Isham and James Shearman

All of the following songs are available on the official soundtrack album for Dolphin Tales; they are all by Mark Isham and James Shearman.

  1. Dolphin Dance
  2. Gift from Kyle
  3. Finding Winter
  4. Aquarium
  5. Rufus
  6. I'm Hazel
  7. Winter Swims
  8. Never Calls
  9. News about Kyle
  10. Chumash Story
  11. Sawyer and Winter
  12. Putting on the Tail
  13. The Coming Storm
  14. The Little Girl
  15. Clay Changes His Mind
  16. Winter's a News Story
  17. Winter Tries Another Tail
  18. The New Tail
  19. Family Is Forever
  20. Swim
  21. Dolphin Tale End Credits

Songs Left Off of the Official "Dolphin Tale" Soundtrack Album

These songs are related to the film, but were not part of Mark Isham's soundtrack.

22. "All Roads Lead Home" by Golden State. This song plays in the movie trailer.

All Roads Lead Home (From Dolphin Tale)
All Roads Lead Home (From Dolphin Tale)

As seen on the "A Dolphin's Tale" movie trailer.


23. "Safe" by Westlife (co-written by Golden State's James Grundler). This song plays at the end of the movie.

Where to Buy the Song From Dolphin Tale - "Safe" As by Westlife Available on


If you saw "Dolphin Tale" and are touched by "Winter's Tale" but can't shake the song that plays at the end of the movie. Look no further: it's "Safe" as Sung by Westlife. Amazing lyrics and beautifully sung. So inspiring. Click here to preview on


24. "Everything Happens to Me" by Harry Connick Jr (written by Chet Baker). This song is performed by Harry Connick Jr in the movie, who had to learn the saxophone for the part.

On Recording the "Dolphin Tale" Soundtrack—Behind the Scenes with Composer Mark Isham

How did Mark Isham create the soundtrack for "Dolphin Tale"? His sound has been described as within "a modern school, but steeped in tradition." Below is an interview with the composer.

"Dolphin Tale" International Trailers and Release Dates

Dolphin Tale went on to gross almost $74 million—$67 million in the US and $6 million in other countries. Want to see what the trailers for Dolphin Tale looked like outside of the US? Here are the French, Spanish, German, and Italian versions of the movie trailer.

L'Incroyable Histoire de Winter le Dauphin - France Release Date November 2, 2011

La Gran Aventura de Winter el Delfín - Spain Release Date: November 11, 2011

Mein Freund der Delfin - Germany Release Date: December 15, 2011

L'Incredibile Storia di Winter il Delfino - Italy Release Date: January 13, 2012

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Dolphin Tale Movie & Soundtrack - What Do You Think of the Music and Movie?

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