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Dr Dre Solo Beats all other headphones hands down

Updated on October 12, 2013

I’ll get straight to the point here, the Apple iPod is the best MP3 player around at the moment. It doesn’t matter what model of iPod you have, they are all top quality, right? So, why does Apple have to go and ruin an awesome MP3 player by selling it with rubbish headphones?

White may be the ‘in’ color at the moment and the Apple headphone look cool, but sound quality wise they are useless. If you want to get the most out of your iPod, or indeed any brand of MP3 player (all of them are supplied with rubbish headphones) you need to get yourself some decent headphones.

There was a time when it was considered ‘un-cool’ to have over the head headphones and, therefore, the ear bud speakers were all the rage. My how times have changed and now over the head headphones is the only thing to be seen in when listening to music on the go. And what particular headphones is the brand to wear, that’s right Beats by Dr Dre.

Dr Dre Beats headphones look big, bulky, heavy and uncomfortable to wear, but they are actually the opposite. Once correctly fitted you will find these headphones light and comfortable enough to wear all day long, should you so wish. The head band is made out of plastic, and I thought it felt a bit fragile, but I have had my Beats for several months now and they are still going strong. Providing you look after them these headphones will last a lifetime, so there is no need to worry about poor quality here.

I am rather proud of my barnet (hair cut) and I know there are thousands of people just like me, and I don’t want to ruin it wearing a strap over my head. With Dr Dre Beats headphones this is not a problem because I can wear the band around the back of my neck, and by adjusting the size I can get a nice tight fir to ensure the ear cups stay where they should. I have owned other over the head headphones where I could not do this.

The sound quality of the Dr Dre Beats headphones is awesome. The bass is low and punchy, just like it should be, and whilst this is, in my opinion, the best thing about these headphones it is also the thing that people who don’t like Dr Dre Beats headphones complain about. Put it this way, if you like to hear (and feel) the bass these are the headphones for you. If you aren’t a bass junkie then steer clear of these headphones because you won’t like them. The rest of the sound range, like the bass, is crisp and clear, even at the highest volumes.

Dr Dre Beats is a premium brand and as such demands premium prices, which is to be expected. These headphones aren’t the cheapest you will find but then you do get what you pay for. Besides, if you want to be seen wearing the must have headphones I’m afraid you’re going to have to stick your hand in your pocket and shell out for it.

In all honesty the Dr Dre Beats headphones aren’t the best value for money. I mean, there are other cheaper pairs of headphones that are just as well made and have just the same sound quality for considerably less. So what’s the point in spending the additional money on these? I hear you cry. The answer is simple. Dr Dre Beats headphones are a status symbol, they are uber cool and they are the ‘in’ thing to have strapped around your head whilst you are listening to your favorite tunes.

So, are Dr Dre Beats headphones worth buying? I have to say yes. The Beats headphones are stylish and cool, and are the headphones to be seen in at the moment. If, however, you are not bothered about wearing the ‘in’ headphones I would suggest taking a look at Sennheiser headphones and/or Bose headphones which offer the same experience at a lower price.

If you have any questions, queries or thoughts please feel free to note them here.

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