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Dr Jin - Korean Drama 2012

Updated on September 28, 2014

Time-Travelling Fantasy History Romance Medical Sageuk Korean Drama

2012 is a year of time-travelling Korean Drama, starting from Operation Proposal, Rooftop Prince, Queen In Hyun's Man and now, Dr. Jin.

Based on the adaptation of Japanese manga & drama Jin, Dr Jin will portray a story of a very successful neurosurgeon from the modern world who time-travel to the Joseon era (year 1860). Stuck in this Joseon era, he uses his medical expertise to help the people there even though he faces many challenges as well as lack of medical equipment and medicines.

As a big fan of Jin's Japanese drama, I'm a bit skeptical with this Korean adaptation. Not to mention that Dr Jin's scriptwriters were the scriptwriter of my least favorite Korean Dramas: Road No 1 & Spy Myung Wol. But the casts are fantastic, so I'll give this drama a chance.

This drama will be quite different with its Japanese counterpart because in Jin J-drama, it portrays a story about Edo era and Sakamoto Ryoma (who is a real historical figure from Edo era). While Dr. Jin will portray a story about Joseon era & Korean history (Lee Ha Eung or Heungseon Daewongun who was the father of Emperor Gojong) . So it will be an interesting drama.

Are you excited for Dr Jin?

Dr Jin Details, Synopsis & Cast Members

Dr Jin - Teaser

Dr Jin - Correlation Chart

Dr Jin - Correlation Chart
Dr Jin - Correlation Chart

Dr Jin Details

Number of Episodes: 20 extended to 22

Also Known As: Time Travelling Dr Jin / Time Slip Dr Jin

Genre: Action / Thriller, Historical, Medical, Melodrama

Based on: Manga "Jin" by Murakami Motoka

Original run: May 26, 2012 - August 18, 2012 on MBC every Saturday & Sunday 9.50PM KST


- Song Seung Heon as Dr. Jin Hyuk

- Park Min Young as Hong Young Rae and Yoo Mi Na

- Kim Jae Joong as Kim Kyung Tak

- Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung

- Jin Yi Han as Hong Young Hwi (Young Rae's brother)

- Kim Hye Ok as Hong Young Rae's & Hong Young Hwi's mother

- Kim Eung Soo as Kim Kyung Tak's Dad

- Lee So Yeon as Choon Hong

- Jung Eun Pyo as Huh Gwang

- Lee Wong Jong as Joo Pal

- Kim Byung Choon

- Kim Il Woo as You Heong Pil

- Kim Myung Soo as Kim Dae Gyun

- Kim Kwang Sik

- Kim Eung Soo as Kim Byong Hee

Director: Han Hee

Script Writers: Han Ji Hoon (Road No 1) & Jeon Hyeon Jin (Spy Myung Wol)

Official Website: DrJin

Brief Sypnosis

*** Very Brief Synopsis***

This drama will follow a journey of neurosurgeon "Dr Jin" (played by Song Seung Heon) who travels 150 years back into the Joseon era. A very successful neurosurgeon who's cold-headed, he has to face first hand about practicing medicine in this era which triggers him to look into medical practice from a fresh point-of-view, it will help him to grow more and learn more.

Yoo Mina (played by Park Min Young) is a doctor who is outgoing and has a kind heart, she loves helping the poor.

Lee Ha Eung (played by Lee Boom Soo) (was a real historical figure in the Joseon era).

Kim Kyung Tak (played by Kim Jae Joong), a highly skilled martial artist. He is practically the best officer and he's very competitive. He will have some sort of love line with Hong Young Rae.

Hong Young Rae (played by Park Min Young) is a daughter of a ruined nobleman family who is warm-hearted and has a nurturing personality.

Chun Hong (played by Lee So Yeon) possesses a magical power (to look into the future) and is the best gisaeng in this era.

Dr Jin Wallpaper

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Images Credit: Dr Jin Official Site

Dr Jin OST

Dr Jin OST Part 1 - Released May 25, 2012 |

Living Like A Dream by Kim Jae Joong

Dr Jin OST Part 2 - Released June 1, 2012

Will You Come by Zia

Dr Jin OST Part 3 - Released June 22, 2012

The Road of Tears by 2AM (Chang Min & Seulong)

Dr Jin OST Part 4 - Released July 6, 2012

Last Love by Song Seung Heon

Dr Jin - Awards

MBC Drama Awards 2012

- Kim Jae Joong: Best Newcomer (Actor)


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    Looks like great drama :)