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Drake Exposed

Updated on May 26, 2013

Drake exposed

This blog will be exposing drake for who he really is..A worker of satan. Drake cares nothing about you he just wants your money and wants to lead you to hell. The sad thing is drake is demon possessed. The demon takes control over him and writes the songs and he takes all the credit. That is what happens when you sell your soul.

These guys jobs are to blasphemy Jesus Christ as much as possible in there music videos or songs. Like drake saying the throne is here for the taking, watch me take it.. He is talking about God not the hip hop game. The devil uses people like drake to lead millions to hell. I pray that God reveal to you the truth. May he reveal to you that everything you are reading is true.

God Bless

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Drake- Marvins room= demonic song

Okay so the first I noticed is this is a Dupressing song. Drake seems like a dupressed guy. That's what happen when you sell your soul. He has everything he ever wanted but now he talking about im just saying you could do better. Of course the devil has drake promoting drinking and going to the club and smoking weed. Nothing new it the same with all these sellouts.

Drake Headlines- demonic video

So much blasphemy in this video. First off when the sky-dome opens that is representing the all seeing eye on the back of the dollar bill. Then drake sitting down with his friends is blasphemy. Considering satan told drake to do that to represent the last super. Also there is a scene were drake and his friends are standing in front of this lodge- looking thing. That has to do with satan also. The video of course ends with the all seeing eye.

May God reveal the truth to you

Drake- lord knows

The name of this song is Lord knows...._- speaking of blasphemy...

Lil wayne ft drake- she will = demonic song

This video is about how she will sell her soul for the money and the power and the fame. Drake and lil wayne must be talking about nicki minaj because she sold her soul to satan to be like britney spears. You can tell that's why she has those but implants and fake everything else. It's sad the stuff people do for attention.

May God Reveal the truth to you...God Bless

Drake the motto= demonic song

Lil wayne and drake were real descreet with there satanic signs in this video. Considering both of these knuckleheads are sellouts to the devil. The thing that sucks most is after they spend all there money and have all the woman they wanted they have to burn in hell for eternity. Eternity= Never ending...Is that really worth it gaining all this money on earth but burning in hell for eternity???..That's the crappiest deal ever..

If you're reading this God is showing you the truth because he told me to make these blogs to expose these fake people...May God Bless you

May God Reveal the Truth to you

Follow me on twitter @openyoureyes5k1


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