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Dream House Soundtrack List

Updated on September 18, 2012

Music and Songs Dream House Movie

Previewing a shirtless Daniel Craig on the big screen and setting music to the visuals, how does composer John Debney get such a great gig scoring the Dream House Soundtrack? I'm sure part of his job description requires him to stop and start certain parts of the movie over and over.

I know, it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it, so I fast forwarded through the movie's trailers so you don't have to. It's only about 15 seconds into one of the movie's trailers where we're treated to what seems like slightly gratuitous eye candy given the movie's set in winter. But hey, I'm sure Craig's character does some of his best contemplation wearing only his pajama bottoms or jeans and oh yeah, the guy's gotta stay clean and take a bath so, yeah, even more screen time dedicated to showing the results of Craig's morning workout routine.

The former James Bond screen idol certainly rivals Ryan Gosling's buff appearance in this summer's Crazy, Stupid, Love movie where Gosling impressed a nervous Emma Stone. Craig did much the same for his co-star Rachel Weisz, so much so, that the two got married when the film wrapped.

Dream House gets released in theaters September 30th which will be our first chance to see the newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Craig while the Soundtrack to Dream House by John Debney gets released September 27th, 2011.

Dream House Poster


Dream House Soundtrack List - Release Date October 11, 2011

Dream House (John Debney)
Dream House (John Debney)

Click to pre-order on and the Dream House Soundtrack will be shipped as soon as it becomes available on October 11, 2011.

1. Dream House (5:36)

2. Little Girls Die (2:53)

3. Footprints In The Snow (3:17)

4. Peter Searches (6:00)

5. Night Fever (1:33)

6. Intruders (1:41)

7. Libby Sees Graffiti (2:33)

8. Peter Ward’s Room (2:10)

9. Ghostly Playthings (3:17)

10. Peter Ward’s Story (3:13)

11. Ghost House (2:37)

12. Remember Libby (4:05)

13. Murder Flashback (3:59)

14. Peter Saves Ann / Redemption (7:29)

15. Dream House End Credits (5:55)

Source: Varese Sarabande


Dream House TV Spots - Version 1 - "Terrifying"

Dream House TV Commercial - Version 2 - "Pedigree"

"We Shouldn't Have Moved Out of the City" - Rachel Weisz as Libby

If there was ever a case for urban living, Dream House is the movie to keep you from leaving to homestead out in the country in isolated, seemingly idyllic but haunted remote places. Besides, where does one look up a priest to improve a house's feng shui?

"What Are You Doing?" - Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig

"What DId He Look Like?" - Daniel Craig as Will

Dream House Movie Release Date

September 30, 2011

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

What do you think of John Debney's Dream House Soundtrack and the movie starring Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz? Nothing like a horror movie to bring two lovebirds together as Weisz and Craig got married after meeting on the set of Dream House.

Dream House Movie & Soundtrack - Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz

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