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One of the best filmmakers that you (maybe) haven’t heard of Drew Daywalt

Updated on September 5, 2014

I’d just spent a break talking to my friend, Jay, about horror films. He emails me a link, “You’ve got to check this guy out.”

This guy turned out to be Drew Daywalt. I’d heard of him before, read a few of his articles online when Fearnet was still a thing (miss it already), but I’d never watched any of his short films. I have no idea how I’ve missed them up to this point. He has a way with horror (whether writing or writing and directing) that is missing in so many of Hollywood’s so-called films these days.

I could fill several articles with just this guy’s stuff, but ain’t nobody got time for that! Instead I’ve chosen a few that really hit me. Check them out below then check out the rest of his stuff on YouTube.

MEAT: Two friends face the aftermath of hitting 'something' with their pickup truck.

Ok, so this is more of a comedy than a horror, but if this one doesn’t make you laugh, check your pulse. The dialog is spot on perfect with excellent performances by both actors. When you find out what’s in the back of the truck, it’s enough to make a grown man cry…Not that I did! You didn’t see me! You can’t prove it!! Whatever else you do in this life do not miss the song at the end.


THE OLD CHAIR: A young girl gets more than just an old chair when she turns to the online classifieds for free furniture for her first apartment.

I never understood my GF’s dislike of yard sales and buying used items from strangers until I saw this film. Click play and strap yourself in for a hell of a ride! Yeah…I peed in my pants just a little, you’ll know which part when you see it, I am man enough to admit that. Why did I wait to watch this until I was home alone? Why?!?!?

The Old Chair

JUDGED: What kind of cosmic events do we trigger when we mete out our own justice?

This atmospheric gem follows two cops and a psycho in a patrol car as they take the ride of their lives. Saying anything more would ruin this viewing.


THE KINDRED: An assassin has a brush with the supernatural in the most personal way.

A well written, acted and shot actioner with a supernatural twist. One part of this film could have gotten me in trouble had my exclamation not been uttered in an otherwise empty apartment. all the guys will know which part.

The Kindred

THE MANY DOORS OF ALBERT WHALE: Albert Whale, a troubled, sickly young man, has a secret: he's holding a demon hostage in his kitchen.

The suspense in this film builds like the steam in my pants at a Naked Salma Hayek Lookalike Contest. The FX are top notch. Certain to leave you wanting more. I think this would make a good feature film. How did this demon come to be in his kitchen? What happened to him up to this point? What the hell is with the sticky notes?

The Many Doors of Albert Whale

These are just five examples of the plethora of excellent films available from Drew Daywalt. After viewing his work I have to wonder why this man doesn’t have investors and/or studio heads beating a path to his door? Why are we, instead, forced to watch remake after remake and dead, cookie cutter film after dead cookie cutter film?

Check him out at the link below:


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