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Dr. Facilier

Updated on March 9, 2016
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Nightcat is a movie junkie who loves rationalizing her obsession by writing movie reviews.

Dr. Facilier

Like all Disney bad guys, he can put on quite the floor show.
Like all Disney bad guys, he can put on quite the floor show.

The Shadow Man

Yes, his name does mean easy. And I bet he is, come and meet Disney's voodoo, hoodoo villain. And learn how NOT to do gris gris on the way. Ah, but he is a fine dresser though. Look at that bare midriff. And in the 1920s. Just try and not trip over any of Facilier's things while you are here.

Hey folks, remember this is Disney. Any relation to real magical or religious practices would be one heck of a surprise. If it makes you feel better Facilier is not being marketed as anything. No dolls, no toys, no shirts at the stores. The few things with him seem to have been pulled fairly quickly.

UPDATE: There are now Dr. Facilier things all over the place. Toys, trinkets, make up and more. You go, Doctor!

As you enter his voodoo emporium you are amazed by the dark atmosphere. Here there is real power, or is there? Dark voices chant and drums beat. Facilier appears out of the shadows, ready to greet you. Those hypnotic purple eyes pull you in. Too late to leave now, you've shook his hand.

All rights to the movie, promotional, or other art, text, or film remain with the nice folks at Disney. Please don't sue me. All writing and photography herein are original. All photography is screen shots for illustrative purposes only and not meant to violate copyright. Enjoy!


This film has nothing to do with real Vodoun. Vodoun is a religion that promotes peace, honesty, community, and brotherhood.

Friends on The Other Side



Dr. Facilier relies heavily on appearance. He chooses a witch doctor/Baron Samedi look. Baron is a powerful magician and the ruler of the graveyard and death. Facilier enhances this with his funeral garb, Baron top hat, and purple crystal cane. He also favors the colors, red and black, made popular by a certain Haitian despot for the Baron.

In fact they were going to go and name him after "Papa Doc" Duvalier. Yes, the one who killed over 3,000 people and ran a Nazi-style death camp where he did terrible thing to people. Now wouldn't that have been a great character to make into a stuffed toy? Heck, include a singing dancing version of his death squad the ton ton macoute while you are at it. You could even include the US non-involvment where our government just let innocent people die. I'd love to see the ride for that bit. End history lesson.

In real Vodoun this would give folks pause. If he really is that close to Baron, he might not be an enemy to mess with. He might also be announcing he is a dangerous bokor. True, a lot of folks might laugh, but Baron is fond of the oddest people. Appealing to his vanity by dressing like him wouldn't hurt. His bare midriff and chest suggests he is also a seller of sexual potions, and just about screams his availability to the ladies. Just remember this is Disney, so he is almost laughable. No real practitioner would dress like Baron 24/7.

The red might be a warning that he deals with fiery loa. It might be an erotic message, or again, advertising he deals in love potions. His purple eyes suggest he is either being ridden by Baron, or has the Baron's approval. If he was somehow fathered by the Baron and was therefore half Baron himself, this movie would be a whole lot scarier.

Those big teeth and sly ways are also traditional hallmarks of a death character. He also has that rictus grin. Now, most folks are just going to think he is a voodoo man and leave it at that. But lord those dance moves! Who else but Baron could make a man move so well?

No problems with the clothes, kids. He can dress as oddly as he wants to. It shouldn't make much difference if he is doing gris gris or nojo bags on his own. But you can bet he has the Baron's full attention.

Oh, is he the Baron himself? Well, no, since Baron would not need help. But he does claim on the companion CD to have been around New Orleans since about the dawn of time. A lot of Doctors in gris gris did this, but eh, I'd trust him on this one.

Disney Vinylmation Exclusive 3" Inch Villians Series 2 Dr Facilier Vinyl Figure
Disney Vinylmation Exclusive 3" Inch Villians Series 2 Dr Facilier Vinyl Figure

He is the cutest bad guy in evahs in this cute little collectable doll.


The Handshake

Skin to Skin

OK there is a story that if you are foolish enough to approach him outside of a house, say, alone in a graveyard, that whatever Baron Samedi is holding, he takes with him when he leaves. Hence a lot of people supposedly hold out sticks, as he will just take your hand leaving a bloody stump. Or maybe all of you, and depending on his mood, that is not a good thing.

So a smart person would not shake hands with the Baron. This would be placing yourself under him. But shaking Dr. Facilier's hand, you are doing the same thing. He can now take what he likes as you have given it to him. Note that that is just a scary story. In a real ceremony Baron might touch you or not, but he doesn't rip folks apart.

Also, skin to skin is personal. It might give Facilier much needed information, or a piece of his mark to keep. There are also sorts of handshakes said to show rank of hougans or bokors, but that may just be legend.

Notice that he is left-handed? Oh yes, we are throwing in stereotypes about left-handed folks for free today. If you are among the few innocent leftys left, we are supposed to be sneaky, light-fingered, and evil. All because we have the so-called devil hand. We are also great lovers, so I suppose all that evil sneakiness does come iin handy.


The Charms

Many of his charms look like African tribal masks. Huh, in voodoo? Well, yes, African powers can be used in voodoo and hoodoo. The coloring is garish, but they do come alive to drink the blood of his victims. Facilier needs these charms, as he relies so heavily on hoodoo. He is also a charming and born showman. Neat charms make folks buy stuff.

It is interesting that Facilier seems to make nothing and has everything given to him by his friends. This is where how not to make gris gris comes in. Facilier's big mistake is an over-refinance on the loa, or perhaps Baron. For the record, you are going to sit there a long time waiting for Baron to dump any trinkets in your lap. Also hoodoo is a magical pracitice which has nothing to do with the voudo loa unless the practitioner chooses to do so. But let's remember this is Disney. Fact checking isn't something they do too well.

He should be using his own magical rituals and making or at least buying his own things. But as he is greedy and lazy, he lets his debts for each gift pile up. It is normal to pay Baron for everything, often in advance. So Facilier must really be charming if Baron is working for free. But you see, Baron can also bring misfortune. He might have done this as a lesson the Doctor never learns.

As his debt mounts up, the Baron looses his patience and demands payment now. The very same charms that helped him prove his undoing as he owes payment on all of them. In the end all his dolls, charms, masks and other hoodoo turn on him. See why we make our own gris gris?

Why Don't You Like Dr. Facilier? - Perfect!!

Drool, and man oh man, what moves! Lovingly crafted and the best Facilier treat for fangirls out there.

His Hoodoo

He is a skilled bokor, and very powerful in his own right. Facilier has mastered the art of the double-edged dealings and uses that to further his power. His type of magic seeks always to further his own fortunes.

Although Baron would have no problem with this, it does bring out his darker side. The darker Facilier's requests get, the darker the aspect of Baron he deals with. You'll notice that while powerful, Facilier will constantly deny any power. This is wise if his powers are really coming from Baron.

It also protects his powers so others can't steal them. It would seem he is a specialists in charms, potions, and tarot readings. He can do a voodoo ritual to wake the dead, and scarily enough takes on Baron's appearance through stage magic.

Facilier exults in his power, and if this weren't a children's movie we'd probably get the adult version of that. To him power is everything. So his magic is showy and seemingly sideshow. It is all part of his cunning to sneak up upon his victims. After all, a showboat couldn't have real power could he?

Dr. Facilier's For Sale - No, not on a street corner

The following products feature the doctor in film and music. It is about all that is out there, as even the Disney site has only one item. I'm guessing Facilier is just a touchy villain and won't approve merch with him on it.

Fan Videos!

His Left Hand

Anything dark is called left handed. As a bokor he will do whatever it takes to get his way. The doctor deals in blood. This is the right of the Baron, and feeding it to him sweetens a request. Facilier is also fond of pain, and death. He has no problem killing, and gives the souls either to the Baron or other friends. By now I don't have to tell you modern practitioners of voudo don't use blood outside of a house, do I? We don't steal souls either.

This is also why anything Facilier gives a person tends to ruin them. He will grant your wish and tells the truth. Of course people don't pay attention. Green is assumed to be financial freedom. When what he really means is free as a green frog. Don't laugh, some bokors claim they can trap the soul in an animal, a most disgusting fate for Voudon faithful.

He is an excellent warning. When we deal with the Baron we must be certain of what we want and state just that. Any leeway in a request can let him gleefully ruin you. True, this is a trait Baron has. He despises people who think they are better than him, and loves to make life miserable just for the fun of it.

He can be a trickster, and a dangerous one at that. And if you don't pay he will take you as payment instead. This is a dark Facilier and Baron indeed. And yes, some claim both bokors and Baron will traffic in human souls. The temptation of all the New Orleans wayward at Mardi Gras would be a fine payment.

Too bad not even a bokor can just give your soul to Baron. He must accept the payment. Baron may own these souls already and simply agree to toy with Dr. Facilier.

Missing Items

The ever-present cigar of the Baron is missing. And yes, it is his phallic symbol. Also, he does enjoy smoking them. I'm supposing Disney was afraid to add one in this movie. But if he really wanted Baron's favor, or was indeed ridden, he'd have one.

The rum is missing. How are you going to charm Baron into anything without rum? Facilier doesn't even drink. Though his greed may symbolize Baron's endless need for drink and food Again, if possessed by the Baron he would drink gallons of highly spiced rum.

There is a brief dance, but no banda. Again since this is the Baron's signature move, you won't be seeing it in a Disney film any time soon. Still, it would have been entertaining to see the reaction of his victims. Perhaps no banda because Facilier never blesses anyone. Also where are his sunglasses? Who heard of a Baron without them?

If he ever had a connection to Baron's healing side, it is long gone.

The End

Poor Facilier is drug off by the Baron, or his friends from the other side, as you like it. He becomes etched forever on a tombstone, terror in his eyes. While that might seem amusing, there would be nothing funny in having an enraged Baron carry your soul off.

He would of course, simply drop dead in real life. An unpaid Baron is a dangerous one. And if his friends are the whole Baron family, he should have paid them off. Still, you have to pity Facilier. He never wanted anything but power. He never saw the danger in being a bokor and thought he had forever to pay his debts. In his own eyes, his is a failure. This to him, is worse than death.

Facilier X Gay Slash - Yummy!

A billion thanks to Flynn The Cat for posting the Facilier crossover and inspiring me.

Facilier Links

I'll be gathering some for you here. Quite honestly the art and video sites carry the bulk. But I have found his own personal site and more.

Loved it, want more? Post those thoughts here.

Dr.'s Notes

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I am not that much of a internet redear to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I will go ahead and bookmark your site to come back in the future. Cheers!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks for the lens!

      One of my... For the lack of better word "friends", liked to show up as this guy. He was constantly mocking modern cliches and helped me to develop a certain width of views.

    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: Isn't he though, Uma Leubov? He is everything wrong and an example of how real voodoo anfd hoodoo AREN'T done, but he gets away with it because he is so yummy, LOL! Thanks for visiting, hugs! :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      YUM! What a delicious beauty he is.


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