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Dr. House Gregory - Mr. Vicodin from third perspective

Updated on May 16, 2012
Auto-portrait of medical genius in TV Show known as "Dr.House".
Auto-portrait of medical genius in TV Show known as "Dr.House". | Source

Inside of everyone ?

Inside of everyone, there is a small habit or addiction to something. Some of us really like chocolates, some of us really like sex, and some of us really like TV shows like "Dr.House".

Person,often, is not even aware that he is becoming addicted to these - until today - things that he just "really liked". TV show "Dr.House" made by "Fox" TV company, is a perfect example, of a show can be "very liked" or get addicted to.Sounds funny, but it is real. From my personal experience and experiences of people that surrounding me, everyday, "Gregory" is a character that most of us CAN find them-self's in it. Starting from a kinda social-phobic behavior person, trough the our deepest and darkest secrets that we just think that others are not aware of them, 'till the our "secret love" - his "Cudy" - director of hospital where he works.

Why did I put the caption "... from different perspective"? -The thing is, to be honest, that I think that nobody sees Dr.House like I do, so I posted this Hub in hope that I share my opinion with someone that sees him as I do. I see him,on some hand just like any other person - but /and - having on mind, that environment, can and will, change the individual, we get one "environment-resistant" person - with habits like no other doctor have. Gregory haven't change a bit from first 'till the last episode. That approves and justifies the phrase "environment-resistant person" or character. But, what everyone wanted to happen is just opposite, from HIS desire, or wish, to change.

Didn't we all went trough a period when our parents or close ones , wanted from us to change ? - And we did it ...? Well, that is what House went trough, even worse - taking in mind that everyone were pushing him on rehab after hallucinations and "side-effects" of Vicodin. We all know, how hard it is to do something, what we do not approve and what we take as a "waste of time" - BUT, in same time something that HAS to happen.

Addiction as an gateway from reality or something that is MUST?

Do I, or any of readers, justify the addiction of our favorite character in "Dr.House" TV show ? No. Of course, not. But, for a couple of minutes let's put things like this...

-You are a person that had an accident, for example.In same time, you are an highly-educated person with really bad experience with people, and your own decision somewhere in your head, is to be in-tolerable to the people that expose theirs weaknesses, and to those who are not ready to jump of the standard pattern.Then, take in mind that - You need to take your medicine, and your medicine is classified as narcotic one, because of opiates in it - particularly: codeine. It's unethical for a doctor to take opiates while he's working, assuming that the medicine will affect on his way of judgement - actually , way of diagnostics. I can understand the social stigma about taking opiate-based medication, and in same time, that that person is an "MD" - BUT- it's obvious that Dr.House is doing excellent work even under larger-then-prescribed dose of Vicodin. Is that, "larger-than-prescribed" dose really needed? Well, assuming that he was a witness of some miss-judgements of his team and himself ,then, under that kind of pressure plus pain ... Maybe ... Plus, if we know that Vicodin is developing opioid tolerance in body FAST ; then, it's up to everyone's way of thinking how and what he's gonna think about his dosage and taking of medicine. Is he really abusing Vicodin ? Personal thinking that he started to take, really, as an pain-relief - but, how time was passing he got used to it - AND HE HATED HIMSELF BECAUSE OF THAT. In his eyes, and depress kind of eye-look, I could see that every pill that he was "popping" , every single - he hated.

If we take "the film back" ,and recall his decision when "Wilson", his best friend, noticed that something is changed about him ,and, that he's might taking heroin... House admitted that he is on Methadone. Gregory was really amazingly surprised by the way of the Methadone's effect, BUT in same time - his way of diagnostics and, by his words - way of thinking, changed. So, his really admirably brave decision to cut with Methadone while he can, even tho Cuddy eventually approved him to take it in hospital every day, he refused to take methadone and returned to Vicodin until he started to hallucinate.


What really amazes me, is the number of the viewers, that this show brought. "Dr.House" gained huge popularity - this is the fact.

But, has anyone of us questioned our-self's why? -It's about finding our-self in "HIM" or in "patients situations" that were often related to every-day situations. My perspective, of why people watch "Dr.House" so much is that; inside everyone of us,hides "little Dr.House" - that likes to investigate { every person has that need to explore the unknown}, the need to take a risk how results would be right { adrenalin rush, in cases when Gregory does some of his , well-known drastic and radical and sometimes unbelievable, moves/steps } .

- Without the "adrenalin rush" - excitement , and without need to explore the unknown, what kind of people would we be? We would be empty.
Even tho, here we talk about "lonely" person, he doesn't really need a "company" to live normal. He is functioning better when he is alone, we saw from the example when his best friend William moves in to his flat... What tell us that ? It tells us more then you can imagine about our-self's that are identifying with him and more about him. In everyone of us, relies one "lonely" person, that comes out on to surface when we are alone - with our-self's , between four walls, thinking about our moves in life and what we shouldn't do in past [ for example] and stuff like that.So,in everyone of us, somewhere up there - in our heads- there is one lonely person that's becoming THAT just when the mask that we/you/I ware on job or in school or in disco ... falls..

Dr.House's Vicodin addiction - took a part in a meaning of his way of communication with cow-workers and people from his surrounding.What he discovered,about Vicodin,how time passed by - is that Vicodin doesn't affect to the his way of judgement.
Dr.House's Vicodin addiction - took a part in a meaning of his way of communication with cow-workers and people from his surrounding.What he discovered,about Vicodin,how time passed by - is that Vicodin doesn't affect to the his way of judgement.

Diagnose: Incredible eye-look

The way of diagnostics, and the way of thinking of what's wrong... It's just fantastic. If you study, really, the way of thinking, and way of diagnosing patients - you will notice the unbreakable connection between character of Sherlock Holmes and Gregory House. They are both genius at work, at their job. Even the number of flat where Dr.House lives, is identical with address of Sherlock Holmes's. When you look at the eyes of Dr.House when he "get's it" -what's wrong ... The look tells million of words. It's just unique.There isn't anything close to it. But ,the show, wouldn't be same if there wasn't any fire between his team members and him ,and reverse.That, that relations between cow-workers, and errors that they do - mixing private lives with professional one - that is another thing that makes this show - are once again UNIQUE.

The conclusion is that, there is Dr.House in everyone of us - who watch him,everyday - follow his addiction,his way of thinking,his way of treating people - which is also original...If we all,just, could be cold and like him to the people and if we all / me / just could be cold in some situations like him - I think we all would be ruling the world.


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    • lafamillia profile image

      lafamillia 4 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      I love this TV show, and I would really appreciate more feedback on it.

    • Rehana Stormme profile image

      Rehana Stormme 6 years ago

      Very interesting way of looking at things...I don't watch Dr. House but my friend who watched it says it's addictive too. I think this is a good review... Voted up and interesting.

    • profile image

      Selly 6 years ago

      The article was excellent!