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Drum Tutorial Lesson 5

Updated on October 27, 2021
Don't try this at home kids!
Don't try this at home kids!

Hi and welcome to the free online drumming lessons that I've developed to take you from being merely a person interested in drumming to being a person competent in drumming.

Drumming is a lot of fun. It can be therapeutic, it can allow you to be physical. Sometimes it can be gentle and other times... tribal in nature. At first it might be daunting but once you learn the basics a person can progress and develop at their own pace. It's a good idea to do the initial stages of learning by yourself (or a teacher, but seeing that you're here it appears that you're a self starter and you're keen to see how far you can take this with just a little bit of advice and direction). Once you've grasped the basics if you can jam with a friend who plays guitar or bass (or even better, if you have both) you'll feel the thrill of exhilaration of making music. Or noise. But it's a fantastic creative and emotional outlet.

If you've stumbled onto this page from a Google search and have missed the last few lessons, I highly recommend that you check out lesson one, which teaches you the very simple and easy to understand drum tabulature that I've developed.

If you've completed the previous four lessons, then welcome back! We're really going to rock out on this one! So grab your sticks and if you don't have a drum kit, or some practice pads, then set up some pillows and let us begin...

Drum Lesson 5: Straight 4/4 Beat

This one can get quite noisy.

Straight Beat 4
C  --------|--------|--------|--------|
Rd --------|--------|--------|--------|
H  *-*-*-*-|*-*-*-*-|*-*-*-*-|*-*-*-*-| repeat
S  ----x---|----x---|----x---|----x---|
B  o-o-o-o-|o-o-o-o-|o-o-o-o-|o-o-o-o-|

You can really hammer this one home. Though also try and play it with some control and not so hard.

Remember what Yoda said "Control, control, you must learn control!"

Whether it's the Force, lightsaber skills or drumming techniques, you need to be able to maintain control.

By all means rock out (though be aware of others who share your house or the neighbors) but also try and keep playing this beat for a long period of time without faltering but as quietly as possible.


And once you're mastered the control of the foot pedal head on over to drumming lesson 6.

Drum Spotlight

The snare drum is a double-headed drum of smaller diameter and indefinite pitch. A series of cords, called snares, stretched across its underside gives the tone a sharp- crackling sound. With the snares released, the drum has a hollow sound resembling that of the tomtom. The tenor drum, also called field drum, is slightly larger than the snare drum and has no snares. It has a dull sound of little resonance and is used almost exclusively in military bands. Other small varieties of the drum include the tambourine, the tom-tom, and the bongo drums, all used occasionally for special effects in jazz groups, concert bands, and symphony orchestras. Along with other percussion instruments, drums are usually placed at the extreme rear of the musical ensemble.


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