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Dumb Ways to Die

Updated on June 12, 2014

Have you heard of "Dumb Ways to Die"

When I first got forwarded a link for "Dumb Ways to Die" from a friend I immediately assumed it was some gross cross between "Faces of Death" and "World's Dumbest Criminals".

That is not what it about at all.

In fact, Dumb Ways to Die, is an incredibly peppy, poppy, memorable and very humorous cartoon video campaign that went extremely viral. While some of the cartoonish deaths are a little bit graphic, the cartoonish nature keeps them from being gross or scary.

The whole video is in fact a good teachable moment for children (but perhaps not TOO young kids), since it is very catchy and the whole point is to drive home the safety tips that endanger the lives of our young children. It makes it's point and does it well.

Maybe you have seen the original "Dumb Ways to Die" video yet? Since so many people have, this seems likely. If not, why not join in the fun and watch the 3 minute cartoon video/song below.

This lens is dedicated to everything, "Dumb Ways to Die" related. All pictures used are used with fair use rights from games and videos.

The Story Behind Dumb Ways to Die - How a Melbourne transit local ad campaign became a international hit

Dumb Ways to Die Group
Dumb Ways to Die Group

I find the story behind this viral video to be as interesting as the video itself

Dumb Ways to Die started as a simple local ad campaign for Melbourne transit that cost, "less than a single TV ad". The story goes like this. In Melbourne they had a rash of safety related accidents locally. They wanted to make a fun and humorous ad campaign to try to reduce these accidents.

They went to a local ad agency and and had the video and some posters made for their subway system. Initially the campaign was limited to the posters and Tumblr for the video. Soon enough though, this video was shared, again and again and soon became a worldwide phenomenon.

This video is not only catchy and fun, has spawned a hit mobile game and numerous imitators, but it also worked in it's intended purpose. Melbourne transit reports a 30% decrease in accidents after the advertising campaign.

Dumb Ways to Die Audio Version
Dumb Ways to Die Audio Version

Dumb Ways to Die -Audio Version

Yes, I actually went and got the audio version for this song on my iTunes. I listen to it on both my iPhone and iPod. Heck, it is a catchy tune, and if I find myself humming it, I might was well be able to put it on for a listen.

Tangerine Kitty is the "group" that was put together just for this song. It features the singer Emily Lubitz from the group Tinpan Orange and Ollie McGill from the group Cat Empire. They just took synonyms of different parts of their band names and made it Tangerine Kitty.

Get it on iTunes: Dumb Ways to Die - Single - Tangerine Kitty

Dumb Ways to Die Video Game
Dumb Ways to Die Video Game

Dumb Ways to Die -The Mobile Device Game

Get Dumb Ways to Die mobile games for free

Since the huge popularity of the video game, the folks inventive folks who made the initial video have come out with a video game for mobile devices. It has a iOs version as well as a Android version available, and it is a very popular game in both areas.

What this game does is walk you through all the deaths in the video in random order. You have to think fast and take different actions to ensure the survival of all the cartoon characters. For instance, flick the piranhas away from the little guys legs, make the guy on fire run faster, wipe the screen clean of vomit. As the game progresses you have to move ever quicker.

It is not a game you will play for HOURS. But it a fun amusement for an hour or so of time.

Get the Google Android version of Dumb Ways to Die

Get the Apple iOs Version of Dumb Ways to Die

Have you seen, or played the video game

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Dumb Ways to Die Video - Haven't seen it yet? Check it out here. Prepare to laugh!

Did you enjoy the "Dumb Ways to Die" video?

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Dumb Ways to Die T-Shirts - Yes there are even cool things you can buy based upon this viral catchy toon

What are YOUR thoughts on Dumb Ways to Die - Share your thoughts on the video, the story behind the viral video, the mobile game or the song itself

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