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Dumbo The Flying Elephant - Animated Movie Story

Updated on March 18, 2011

Dumbo and his mom

Dumbo and his mom
Dumbo and his mom
Dumbo's mother imprisoned
Dumbo's mother imprisoned

Dumbo and Mother

A baby circus elephant was born with unusual long, huge ears and named Dumbo. Although his ears were big but his mother loved her baby so much. Dumbo and his mother suffer humiliation from other elephants as well as children visiting the circus. Since Dumbo’s ears were unusually big, it became the number one subject of the gossip in the circus and his mother had to be extra protective toward her son who was constantly being mocked around by kids.

Ostracized from the rest of the circus animals, this cute little elephant was even separated from his mother who was chained up in a small and separate cage after trying to defend her child. After his mother was imprisoned, Dumbo was alone and had no friend except for Timothy, a self-appointed mentor and protector who felt sympathy for Dumbo and became determined to make him happy again.

Dumbo in circus
Dumbo in circus

Dumbo Performed in Circus

One day, the director of the circus made Dumbo the top of an elephant pyramid stunt, but the long ears of Dumbo caused the stunt to go horribly wrong, injuring many other elephants and bringing down the big top. Because of this, Dumbo was made into a clown and he had to play the main role in a dangerous act that involved him falling into a vat of pie filling. Dumbo hated his job so much and had been very miserable since then.

Pink Elephants on Parade
Pink Elephants on Parade

Pink Elephants on Parade

Timothy took him to visit his mother in order to make him happy. Once they’re back from Dumbo’s mother, two of them were drinking some water from a bucket in which, unknown to them, had accidentally had a bottle of champagne knocked into it. Because of this, Timothy and Dumbo both became drunk and began to see hallucinations of pink elephants dancing and blending in each other. After that fantastic hallucination show, both of them woke up in a tree.

Dumbo Sleeping

Dumbo sleeping in the tree
Dumbo sleeping in the tree

Dumbo and His Magic Feather

Dumbo’s only friend, Timothy, surprised and wondered how two of them got up in the tree. Four old black crows who had been sitting and staring at them told them that the little elephant was flying up there bringing the Timothy along. “Flying!” yelled Timothy. “Dumbo!, wake up..wake up! Dumbo, we’re up in the tree, you flew here!” Dumbo discovered that his outsized ears had given him the ability to fly. With the help of this group of crows, Timothy was able to get Dumbo to fly again, using a psycholoigical trick of “magic feather” in order to boost his confidence.

Dumbo jumping down in circus performance show
Dumbo jumping down in circus performance show

After its new talent was under control, Dumbo and Timothy returned to the circus and assigned to the same performance in which Dumbo has to jump from a very tall building. Dumbo, with his magic feather and Timothy were ready for the show and Timothy was so excited to see his friend’s new talent in the show. However, Dumbo accidentally dropped the feather after leaping from the platform, as a result two of them were falling down faster and faster.

Timothy had no choice but to convince the Dumbo that its power actually does not lie in the feather but in himself. Dumbo heard this and started to spread his ears wide but with little confidence. Not two feet above the net, they stopped the plunge and swopped up into the air!

Dumbo flying
Dumbo flying

Dumbo Flying

Dumbo was flying. A mighty gasp arose from the audience. This unbelievable view was amazing, they knew it couldn’t be but it was. While the crowd roared its delight, the happy Dumbo did power dives, spins, loops and barrell-rolls. Dumbo swopped down to pick up peanuts and then squirted a trunkful of water on the clowns.

After this performance, Dumbo, the flying elephant became a media sensation. Timothy became his manager and the best of all is that Dumbo and his mother were finally reunited and given a private car on the circus train. Not only that, Dumbo also forgave everyone who had been unkind to him – his heart was as big as his ears.


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      Mud pie 

      6 years ago

      So beautiful


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