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Dylan's all, all Dylan, over the top

Updated on November 5, 2013

Overwhelming, in a good way.

That's what a present should be, right?

As I write this, the box set delivers more than 40 Dylan albums for less than $5 each.

While you could argue that this says quite a bit about the state of the music industry, it still represents (to the recipient) a bounty, the work of one artist's genius, fifty years worth of leaping forward.

But, you argue, the recipient is already a Dylan fan and already owns half the albums in the box! It's true, we all own a few Dylan albums, don't we?

And, you argue further, the recipient only listens to digital work and the box comes jammed with CDs, the music medium of the past, now obsolete.

And finally, you argue, quite persuasively, that the USB version of the box inexplicably costs MORE even though the cost of reproduction is virtually nil.

I have no answer to these arguments. None, really, other than to point out just how inspiring it is to hold this volume in your hands, to measure, with a RULER(!) the output of our generation's greatest troubadour.

The goal of every passionate fan is for other people to understand or at least endorse their fandom. Not to find a shortcut or pay lip service, but to actually see a little deeper and understand a little more. To be a Bob Dylan fan is to embrace the man's embellishments, his cul de sacs and his experiments. It is to understand that he is a man of the people who has also made hundreds of millions of dollars plying his craft.

This set, with all its inexplicableness, is pure Dylan.

Here's the USB set I mentioned.


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