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Marine Eagle, Globe And Anchor Ceremony Videos

Updated on July 27, 2013

What is the EGA?

The EGA stands for the Eagle Globe & Anchor that is given to a recruit when they return from successfully completing the Crucible, which is the last and final test of any recruit. The crucible is a 54 hour long test of endurance, teamwork, commitment and personal challenges. Upon receiving the emblem of the USMC, it is the first time they are called a Marine by the Drill Instructors. They have spent the last 54 hours in the field, less than 4 hours of sleep, 3 meals, and challenges they couldn't imagine. The crucible makes boot camp look easy. Even those who have been told what it is like by other Marines do not understand until they experience it. Completing the Crucible is a major accomplishment and builds personal and team moral, it gives each individual a personal sense of accomplishment that is beyond compare, and it teaches them to trust in their brothers. It is also the last straw for a few. Sometimes the rest of the team can boost them along and sometimes they break and just can't do it anymore.

This is a tribute to all the Men and women who have completed the crucible and are now United States Marines. To those who are the true HEROES, we cannot thank you enough. Thank you for your service to our country and the sacrifices you make everyday you serve and all the years you are on call afterwards. A side note to anyone considering joining the Marines or already scheduled to go to boot camp: Most Marines I have talked to said that they it was often harder than anything else they have done, they still look back at it with a smile and laugh at themselves. Remember to enjoy the journey along the way.

This Squidoo box will jump to the story of my son graduating Marine Corps Boot Camp. It will also give you tips and tricks if you go to MCRD San Diego.

Band of Brothers

Lt. General Charles Cooper quote

1. All Marines are entitled to dignity and respect as individuals, but most abide by common standards established by proper authority.

2. A Marine should never lie, cheat, or steal from a fellow Marine or fail to come to his aid in time of need.

3. All Marines should contribute 100% of their abilities to the unit's mission. Any less effort by an individual passes the buck to someone else.

4. A unit, regardless of size, is a disciplined family structure, with similar relationships based on mutual respect among members.

5. It is essential that issues and problems, which tend to lessen a unit's effectiveness, be addressed and resolved.

6. A blending of separate cultures, varying educational levels, and different social backgrounds is possible in an unselfish atmosphere of common goals, aspirations, and mutual understanding.

7. Being the best requires common effort, hard work, and teamwork. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

8. Every Marine deserves job satisfaction, equal consideration and recognition of his accomplishments.

9. Knowing your fellow Marine well enables you to learn to look at things "through his eyes," as well as your own.

10. Issues detracting from the efficiency and sense of well being of an individual should be surfaced and weighed against the impact on the unit as a whole.

11. It must be recognized that a brotherhood concept depends on all members, "belonging" - being fully accepted by others within.

-"Band of Brothers" FMFPac concept by Lt Gen Charles Cooper, late 1970s. This is taken from which is an excellent source of Marine information.

This great man has passed on now. You can read a short biography for him here:

Gifts for the new Marine

These are items he or she can use and will likely be greatly appreciated.

Make Your Travel Arrangements

Smart guidelines to follow:

Going to Graduation for boot camp or SOI graduation? Check out flights, car rentals, and hotels. Sign up for flight alerts with Hotwire or CheapOair to get the best rates available.

Rules of Graduation travel? 1. Book early 2. book refundable or transferable flights 3 research your hotels well before booking 4 verify hotel transportation and times available 5 reserve the car rental in advance or verify taxi services and costs 6 travel with another couple/people to share costs

The hotel I booked provided transportation to and from the airport, unfortunately my flight arrived AFTER the hours it was available!

I have two other lens that discuss Darek joining the Marines and the Graduation Ceremony from Boot Camp. These sites list dozens of military related sites that give information from everything from practicing the ASVAB to Graduation Itinerary.

Marine Graduation or Parent of a Marine

USMC for the Women

Get these items to travel in comfort and ease. What better carryall than one with the USMC logo on it? Comfortable pants to travel in yet a touch of feminine with the pink camo! Got to love it!

After the Crucible Darek said:

I couldn't believe what we had to do - it was the hardest thing. By the time we got to the ceremony we were all dead on our feet. The Warriors breakfast afterwards was awesome though! So much food and so little time!

Military Links

Useful resources for Military information.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Go Marines ! Many Boy Scouts enter the military. They have what it takes. I'm lensrolling your page with mine. Check it out ! Character Counts !!!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      The day Darek graduated was very emotional for me, I swelled with pride, and was honored to give him his crucible coin, from one Marine to another. Semper Fi.