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Edgar Wright Movies

Updated on November 26, 2014
 Wright at San Diego Comic-Con (2013)
Wright at San Diego Comic-Con (2013) | Source

About Edgar Howard Wright

Edgar Wright is an English film director, writer, producer and occasionally an actor. He is mostly known for his hilarious parody movies Shaun of the Dead (a zombie apocalypse spoof) and Hot Fuzz (cop action satire), as well as the more recent flick Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which is an adaptation of a comic series of the same name.

Find out more about this great filmmaker and his works on the page below. There's also a list of Edgar Wright's best movies where you can vote for your favorites.


Edgar Wright Bio

Edgar Howard Wright was born on 18th April, 1974 in a large coastal town Poole in Dorset, England. He grew up in Wells, Somerset, however, where his family moved during his childhood. Wright first started making short films in the late 80s using a camera gifted to him by a family member. After graduating from the Arts University College at Bournemouth he made a spoof western titled A Fistful of Fingers which got him noticed and landed him a job as a director of some Paramount Comedy channel productions.

Edgar Wright became famous after the success of the British TV sitcom Spaced which he directed. Much like his later films, this TV series is known for its frequent pop culture references, fast camera work, and surreal humor.

Find out more about this talented filmmaker on Wikipedia and IMDB.

Shaun of the Dead

Zombie apocalypse like you've never seen before

This movie follows the adventures of a thirty-year-old loser Shaun who is so hung up about his everyday problems (a tense relationship with his parents; a conflict with his housemate about Shaun's lazy and crude best mate Ed; and his girlfriend being unsatisfied with spending every evening at the local pub) that he doesn't notice the living dead walking on the streets until they start knocking at his door. This amazing dark comedy film will change the way you think about zombie movies! Directed by Edgar Wright.

Hot Fuzz

Possibly the best buddy cop film satire out there

If all cop movies you've seen were Hollywood ones, you should definitely check out Hot Fuzz for a taste of some quality British comedy. An overly dedicated London police officer Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) gets transferred to a remote village of Sandford by his jealous colleagues. Life there seems boring and uneventful at first, but Angel soon stumbles upon a huge conspiracy as the peaceful village is rocked by a series of deaths the chief of police keeps labeling as "accidents". You just can't help guessing if the local police are just incompetent, or a part of the conspiracy as well. Written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright; directed by E. Wright.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This videogame-inspired comic series adaptation is full of win

Scott Pilgrim is a 23-year-old slacker and a bass guitarist of the band Sex Bob-omb. He meets a mysterious girl Ramona and falls in love with her; however, Scott soon learns that he must defeat her seven evil exes if he is to win her heart. This movie is based on a graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O'Malley and is directed and produced by Edgar Wright. It features awesome video game-like special effects and has lots of hilarious references to other movies, anime, comics and geek culture. This is a very entertaining film despite it doing poorly in box office.

The World's End

Edgar Wright teams up with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost again to deliver an awesome mix of action, comedy, and sci-fi

The third installment of the so-called Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy (the first two being Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz), this film follows a group of best mates who attempt to relive their youth and finish the Golden Mile, a crawl of 12 pubs including the titular World's End. They're led by Gary King, the only one out of the five who is still hung up on the past and misses the simpler times. The group quickly find out that there's something weird going on in town, and end up fighting an otherwordly force. The movie is a bit less laugh-out-loud funny, but still great.

How to Do Visual Comedy - Analysis of Wright's Filmmaking Style

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    • DenimSkirtsOnline profile image

      Denim Skirts Online 4 years ago from Manchester, England

      Looking forward to 'World's End' which is out sometime in July!! Love all of his movies, TV work and also the Mint Royale 'Blue Song' video starring the adorable Noel Fielding!!

    • JoolsObsidian LM profile image

      JoolsObsidian LM 5 years ago

      I love Edgar Wright's movies and the brilliant tv series Spaced. Scott Pilgrim is one of my favourite films and I can't wait to see what Edgar Wright does next!!

    • GoldenChile profile image

      GoldenChile 7 years ago

      I think he is better than Christopher Nolan. His movies are much more entertaining and satisfying to me. I hope the world catches up and never forsakes this man's talent as they did with the criminally underrated box office flop Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

    • delia-delia profile image

      Delia 7 years ago

      Hello from a Squidoo Greeter! nice start on this lens...I hope you add more modules with more information about Edgar.