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Effects of "Captain America: Civil War"

Updated on September 8, 2017
Captain America Civil War Poster
Captain America Civil War Poster

Where are we now?

After the events of Civil War we must ask our self what happens now? What's next for our heroes? What's next for our future?

After Civil War our heroes were divided in two different factions of the Avengers. One of the factions was with the law (Iron-Man) and the other are classed as fugitives (Captain America). This leave a wide open grey area, especially after Captain America's propaganda videos were shown in Spider-Man Homecoming.This leave us with the question is he a fugitive? Or more a freedom fighter? An inspiration?

Captain America is about to break the rest of his team out of the RAFT prison. Which also implies the rest will become fugitives too. Will they be hunted down? Arrested? Are they laying low in some safe house? For these answers we will have to wait in anticipation.

Regarding Iron-Mans team, from Spider-Man Homecoming we have gathered that Vision, War Machine and Iron-Man are living in the Avengers Command Center. War Machine is in rehabilitation after being shot out of the sky. Vision is being Vision and walking though walls. Iron-Man is about to get only took you nine years to put a ring on her finger.

Avengers: Infinity War Poster
Avengers: Infinity War Poster

Whats coming next?

We all know whats coming........that's right Thanos and The Black Order in Infinity War. Somehow our heroes have to become the Avengers again, they have to reunite, they have to re-assemble. This will be another main part of Infinity War and will they be able to do this? Will they be able to accomplish this? Can they trust each other again? Will the wounds of war still be open? Will Iron-Man and Captain America become friends again?

There are so many other characters to be added in too such as: Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel and more. How are they all going to react with each other? I'm sure people would have loved to see baby Groot VS Ant-Man. But sadly that's not happening anymore.

The most exciting thing to see is everybody coming together, becoming one to try and defeat Thanos and The Black Order. That's right TRY we all know Avengers 4 is going to be called Infinity Gauntlet and this means that Thanos will have obtained all of the Infinity Stones. This includes the Minestone which is in Visions head.

That then opens up the question who will die? We know that Infinity War and Avengers 4 are where peoples contracts start running out. The re-signing factor of some of the big names is quite low. It is very likely that Avengers 4 will be Chris Evans and Robert Downy JR's last film. This would open up the Avengers to new possibilities and a new beginning to the MCU. This will enable the universe to expand. The aftermath of Avengers 4 will signal the beginning of Phase 4 and a new era.

Thanos and The Black Order
Thanos and The Black Order

All will be revealed April 2018.


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Civil War

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    • TheShadowSpecter profile image

      Jason B Truth 

      12 months ago from United States of America

      Darn, Nicholas. You really know your comic books well. I've got quite a few Captain America comic books stored away. When I was a kid, I mainly read Spiderman and Captain America comic books from the Marvel Comics line. I gravitated away from the more complicated comic book superheroes, although I did always have a curiosity about Captain Marvel and his cosmic powers. By the way, Nicholas, didn't Captain Marvel at one time have a girlfriend named Uni, who later died? It's been so long since I've read comic books that I can't quite remember how that whole story went. I just vaguely remember a comic book in which Captain Marvel's girlfriend was overtaken by some kind of space parasite that took over her mind and eventually led to her death. I'm talking about the original Captain Marvel, who was a man, before the female one came along.


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