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El Cantante Soundtrack

Updated on June 3, 2012

El Cantante Soundtrack

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony give it their all musically and theatricaly in bringing the real life story of Hector Lavoe to life in El Cantante

Ten of Lavoe's songs are sung by Marc Anthony with the exception of one by Jennifer Lopez are featured on the El Cantante Soundtrack. Some reviewers also recommend a CD of the original songs by Hector Lavoe which have been recently remastered and released on MP3 & CD.

Image Source: El Cantante Movie Poster,

El Cantante Soundtrack

Here's a list of songs from the movie soundtrack El Cantante performed by Marc Anthony with one track featuring Jennifer Lopez.

El Cantante Original Soundtrack - As Sung by Marc Anthony

Preview MP3s of El Cantante on

El Cantante: The Originals CD - Remastered CD Hector Lavoe

El Cantante: The Originals - MP3s on

Preview songs here. Amazon reviewers tout this CD as a "must have for salsa fans". The remastered CD of 14 songs is a bit pricey making the MP3 downloads the better deal.

El Cantante Movie Trailer

YouTube Videos El Cantante

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Photo - On the Red Carpet at the El Cantante Movie Premiere

Image Source: Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Photo,

Jennifer Lopez DVDs & Videos

What do you think of the movie and music from the El Cantante Soundtrack?

El Cantante Soundtrack & Movie

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    • DeannaDiaz profile image

      DeannaDiaz 6 years ago

      Que pena que ya no estan juntos! hiceron bella musica!