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The End of Days Movie Review Site

Updated on July 24, 2013

Review For The End of Days Movie

The official movie poster for the End of Days
The official movie poster for the End of Days

The End Of Days Movie Starring Arnold Schwarzenenegger

The End of Days film is a movie that adds to a long list of movies with the end of the world theme. The end of the world obsession has led to movies such as I am Legend starring Will Smith, Deep Impact, Armageddon and many many more. All of these movies try and predict how the human world as we know as Earth will end. Will it be by nuclear war, aliens, a comet, a sever weather predicament, famine, or in the case of End of Days; religion.

The End Of Days movie begins with a Catholic spiritual council that is debating whether or not to kill a child and mother who is about to give birth to Satan's child as prophesied in scripture. The movie fast forwards 20 years soon after, with the child foreseen in prophecy born and the spirit of Satan entering into a man at a restaurant. The man whom Satan entered is a prominent wall st. banker.

When an old man tries to assassinate the banker who has Satan inside of him, things really begin to get intense. The cops played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kevin Pollack respectively, are on the scene while the assassination attempt is taken place and eventually track the old man down. Arnold shoots the old man in the legs after a brief conversation and come to find out the man has no tongue. How did the man speak temporarily without a tongue?

The old man is taken into custody and they proceed to investigate his apartment where they find out he was a priest up until 6 months ago. The old man is soon murdered by Satan himself and has some writings carved out on his body that leads them to the woman prophesied in scripture.

Christine is the name of the prophesied girl who was born 20 years ago. She is continually having issues with dreams that are believed to be real. Christine is wanted by Satan to put his child in her to end the world once and for all. She is also being tracked down by Catholic clergymen who want to kill her before this happens. The combination of both of these entities make for thrilling adventures as she tries to escape them with the aid of Arnold and his partner.

Movie Analysis

I thought the movie End Of Days had an outstanding story-line but the acting and direction was not that great. The writing was excellent and the end of days movie showcased an excellent script. I thought it was predictable and not very suspenseful, although it tries to be. The End Of Days is typical monster, good guy bad guy type movie that did not wow me at all.

This was not one of Arnold's better performances and he could have did a better job. I thought Kindergarten Cop was better acting than this. I thought the Satan character played by Gabriel Byrne was the best acting role out of the bunch. He really played his part well and really carried the movie I thought. Gabrielle Byrne made it entertaining and thrilling to watch with his performance.

This is the first time in Arnold's career that he plays someone who is down and out, suicidal, and down on his luck. The big muscular man actually cries in this feature film that competed with the James Bond flick "The World is Not Enough". It has more than doubled it's initial investment of 100 million including over 20 million in it's first weekend at the box office.

Overall a C-.

End of Days Official Movie Trailer

Satan comes to life in this film

Gabrielle Byrne plays Satan in the flesh and tries to take over the entire world
Gabrielle Byrne plays Satan in the flesh and tries to take over the entire world

End Of Days Credits and Acknowledgements

Directed by Peter Hyams - Peter is no stranger to high octane thrillers with his work in Timecop, Outland, and 2010. He is an ex CBS news anchor turned Director. Upcoming flicks include Enemies Closer starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.


  • Arnold Shwartzenegger (Total Recall, Terminator, Kindergarten Cop) - The ex professional bodybuilder turned ex Governor of California plays Jericho Cane. Arnold has various upcoming projects includingt Terminator 5 which will sure to excite the many Terminator fans who will be happy to see him back in the series of films that he starred in.
  • Rod Steiger (In The Heat of The Night, Mars Attacks) - The actor who won an Oscar for The best actor In The Heat Of The Night (1967) starring Sidney Poitier, plays Father Kovak. Rod played in movies and t.v shows stemming from the early 1950's. Rod Passed away in 2002.
  • Kevin Pollack (The Usual Suspects, Casino, A Few Good Men) - The Stand up comedian turned actor, producer, writer, and director plays Bobby Chicago. Kevin has upcoming films A Country Christmas and Soulmates do out soon.
  • Robin Tunney (The Mentalist, The Craft) - Robin plays Christine York. Currently she plays Teresa Lisbon on The Mentalist Which airs on Sundays at 10 pm on CBS.
  • Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects, Miller's Crossing) - Gabrielle who spent five years in seminary to become a priest as a child, plays Satan in this one. He has won a Golden Globe for his work in the T.V. drama "In treatment" and currently working on future projects.
  • CCH Pounder (Faceoff, Avatar)- Plays Detective Maggie Francis. She excels at television roles and when she accepts movie roles, it's only a bonus. A great actress who showcases her professionalism each and every time she acts.

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End of Days Full Movie


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