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Ender's Game Movie

Updated on December 2, 2013

The Children Are Our Future

I literally just finished watching the Ender's Game movie and thought I should share what I thought about this here.

I love fantasy and science fiction movies and in some ways, this movie embodies both genre's.

The Plot

The story is set in the future, many years after Earth was attacked by an alien species that managed to wipe out a large percentage of the population and would have resulted in us becoming extinct, if it weren't for the actions of one brave pilot.

This pilot sacrificed himself by flying into the heart of the alien vessel killing himself, but this somehow destroyed the whole alien fleet.

Since then, we've been scared that these alien beings would one day return to wipe us out once and for all. In order to prevent this from happening, children are selected to become the soldiers and strategy experts of tomorrow. By teaching children from a young age, through the use of games and simulations, they are able to recognize patterns that would be far too complex for older people to see.

However, not everyone is successful at the training camp as there are specific criteria and characteristics the Commanders are looking for in a successful candidate.

Ender is one such candidate. He is the youngest child in his family and his two older siblings did not pass the tests. His older sister Valentine was too compassionate, while his older brother is a bully and is too fond of violence. Ender strives to find a balance between these two in order to understand his enemy, while finding a way to end them forever.

This is a lot of pressure for a young boy who has no-one to lean on. However, Ender has learned well and understands strategy. Or so he thinks, until his monitor is removed.

All of the children are monitored and their commanding officers and trainers can see and hear everything they do. They have no privacy rights and every action and thought is assessed constantly.

When Ender's monitor is removed, he and the other boys believe he has been kicked off the program. Since he's a smart kid, but a bit of a runt, some of the older boys take this opportunity to teach him a lesson he'll never forget. However, Ender uses his skills to good use and changes the course of his life forever.

Ender continues to learn more battle tactics and even gets to go into Space and finds he has even more challenges to face. However, time is running out as the alien race have formed a new army. The threat is imminent and Ender is deemed to be the only one who may be able to stop it once and for all. However. he has doubts and begins to wonder if there is a way to communicate with the enemy that no-one has thought to do before.

Everything is not as it seems in this movie and there are a number of twists and turns that the audience will struggle to see coming, but make complete sense when they are revealed.

In the end, the movie makes you question whether Ender made the right decisions, even with his limited knowledge of what was going on. Were the aliens really bent on war and destruction or was that just our misunderstanding and lack of tolerance? And what will happen next? I'm going to have to read the Ender's Game books now!

This is a movie filled with action and really cool scenes, but it's also about human behavior and emotions. This young boy would do anything to protect his family, or so he thought. Is the price too high in the end?

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Have You Seen Ender's Game? What Did You Think of the Movie?

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