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Endless Love II: Winter Sonata (Korean TV Drama)

Updated on January 9, 2013

Relive the drama of unrequited love in this touching series

Endless Love II: Winter Sonata or simply known as Winter Sonata is a 20 episode South Korean drama series broadcast in KBS as the second installment of Endless Love drama series directed by Yoon Suk-ho in 2002. The drama depicts the story of a talented musician named Kang Joon Sang (played by Bae Yong Joon) who moves to Chuncheon and experience a tragic accident in which he loses all his memory of his previous life and the memory of his love life, Yu-jin (played by Choi Ji Woo). After the accident, he moves back to United States and becomes an architect but when he returns home to Korea later Yu-jin glimpses him in the street and tries to resurrect their unrequited love.

Original Title: Gyeoul Yeonga

International Title: Winter Ballad/Winter Love Story/Winter Sonata

Country: South Korea

Genre: Romance, Drama

Screenwriter: Oh Su-yeon

Director: Yun Suk-ho

Episodes: 20

Broadcast Network: KBS,

Broadcast period: January 14, 2002 - March 19, 2002

The story starts about 10 years before while the main characters are in high school. Joon Sang (Bae Yong Joon) is a new student, having just moved to the town of Chuncheon with his famous pianist mother. He is a quiet, aloof and doesn't make friends easily except for one classmate who tries to be his friend a girl named Yujin (Choi Ji Woo). Of course, being as newcomer all the girls in his school likes him like the girl named Chelin. Though their love still succeed and they become a couple and it is first love for both of them.

But of course it doesn't last and Joon-Sang gets into an accident and dies (or does he?), and Yujin grieves over his death. 10 years pass and everyone has grown up. Yujin is now engaged to Sang-Hyuk and though she still thinks about her first love over the years she is determined to move on. She works as an architect in a firm and they land a contract with another company to help design and oversee a ski resort being built. The new director of this company, Min Hyung, arrives to Korea from the United States, and that's when everything starts getting really interesting in Winter Sonata. You see, Min Hyung looks exactly like Yujin's first love Joon Sang. Everyone is stunned, what's worse Yujin's catty classmate Chelin (who always harbored an interest in Joon-Sang) has sunk her claws into Min Hyung.

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Bae Yong Joon plays the lead male character Kang Joon Sang / Lee Min Hyung is a South Korean actor best known for his television dramas and movies like Six Steps to Separation, Salut D' Amor, Sea Breeze, A Sunny Place of the Young, Papa, First Love, The Barefooted Youth, Did We Really Love, Hotelier, Winter Sonata, The Story of the First King's Four Gods, April Snow, Untold Scandal and Ppilku.

Choi Ji Woo plays Jung Yu-jin, Joon Sang's love interest is a South Korean actress and model. She was first discovered when she won a talent audition organized by MBC in 1994, and made her debut in the 1995 drama series War and Love. In 2001, she also starred with Lee Byung-Hun in the television series Beautiful Days. Her biggest break came in 2002, when she co-starred with Bae Yong Joon in Endless Love: Winter Sonata, the second installment of Endless Love drama series.

Park Yong Ha plays Kim Sang-Hyuk, Yu-jin and Joon Sang's high school friend who is also in love with Yu-jin is a South Korean actor and singer. At the age of 17, he was noted for his good looks and acting skills which he made a debut MBC drama Theme Theater (1994), Park appeared a range of TV dramas and films. In 2002, Park co-starred in Winter Sonata with Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji-woo, which brought him fame in Japan. He also released various Japanese Korean albums.

Park Sol Mi plays Oh Che-lin, has a secret love for Joon Sang is a South Korean actress. She made screen debut when she starred in a minor role in the 1996 series Papa, and made her debut proper in 1998 with MBC. Her biggest breakthrough came in 2002 when she got roles in several dramas like Bad Girls, Winter Sonata as well in All In, Dance with the Wind, Golden Apple, Paradise Murdered and My Woman.

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Listen to the Winter Sonata: Original Soundtrack (OST) - Relive the story of the drama with its soothing soundtrack


1. Cheoeumbuteo Jigeumkkaji (From the Beginning Until Now) - performed by Ryu

2. "My Memory" - performed by Ryu

3. Cheoeum (First Time)

4. Geudaeman'i (Only You) - performed by Ryu

5. Cheoeumbuteo Jigeumkkaji (From the Beginning Until Now) - instrumental version

6. "My Memory" - piano and violin version

7. Ponael Su Eobsneun Sarang (The Love I Can Not Send) - performed by Seon

8. Shijak (The Beginning)

9. Geudaeman'i (Only You) - piano and violin version

10. "My Memory" - piano version

11. Itjima (Don't Forget) - performed by Ryu

12. Gieoksog'euro (Inside the Memories)

13. Yeon'in (Lover) - performed by Ryu

14. Jebikkoch (Violet) - performed by Ryu

15. Geudaeman'i (Only You) - piano version

16. Cheoeum (First Time) - piano version

17. Jebikkoch (Violet) - instrumental

18. "Love Hurts" - Yiruma (Ep 1)

19. "When The Love Falls" - Yiruma (Ep 2)


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