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The Equator Man - Korean Drama 2012

Updated on September 28, 2014

The Equator Man Korean Drama: Melodrama involving jealousy, love, desire and revenge between two best friends turned enemies

The writer of the 2008 drama Women of the Sun is back with her newest piece, The Equator Man. The plot sounds similar, the only difference is in this drama, the story focuses on two best friends ( Kim Seon Woo [played by Uhm Tae Woong] and Lee Jang Il [played by Lee Jun Hyuk]) who become rivals because of circumstances, jealousy and hatred.

Mellow actor Uhm Force -v- City Hunter's Prosecutor Lee Jun Hyuk playing enemies - I honestly want to root for Lee Jun Hyuk's character because I really love him playing as a good prosecutor in City Hunter. However, this time around he plays as an ambitious guy who ends up throwing away their friendship due to greed and jealousy. Meanwhile, Uhm Tae Woong's character went through lots of hardship (he lived in an orphanage) but he his strong desire to success will open ways for him to become a CEO. He's shocked when he finally finds out his real father. Did he throw him away?

The Equator Man Details, Synopsis & Cast Members

The Equator Man
The Equator Man

The Equator Man Highlight Video

The Equator Man Details

Number of Episodes: 20

Genre: Melodrama, Revenge

Original run: March 21, 2012 - May 24, 2012 on KBS2 every Wednesday & Thursday 21.55 KST


- Uhm Tae Woong as Kim Seon Woo

- Lee Hyun Woo as young Kim Seon Woo

- Lee Bo Young as Ji Woon

- Lee Joon Hyuk as Lee Jang Il

- Im Si Wan as young Lee Jang Il

- Im Jung Eun as Soo Mi

- Kim Young Chul as Chairman Jin No Sik

- Lee Won Jong as Lee Yong Bae (Jae Il's Father)

Production Director: Kim Yong Soo

Script Writer: Kim In Young

Official Website: Jukdo

Official Twitter: Pan Equator

The Equator Man Brief Synopsis

Kim Seon Woo (played by Uhm Tae Woong) has a tough and hard life; a wonderful man raised him up however one day he found him passed away in a deep forest. Unknown to Seon Woo, the man who raised him up who he thought was his father is actually not his real birth father.

Trying to uncover the mystery behind his death, unfortunately, the man who killed his father has bribed the authority so he was going nowhere. His best friend Lee Jang II (played by Lee Jun Hyuk), who he always protects ends up betraying Seon Woo because Jang Il was trying to protect his own father and the luxurious life given to him because of the deeds done by his father.

One day Jang Il took Seon Woo to a cliff and tried to kill him, fortunately, Seon Woo survived but was unconscious for few years. When he woke up, he went ballistic because he couldn't see a thing. He's blind.

Ji Woon who has a feeling for Seon Woo since they were young, is there every step of the way to help Seon Woo gains his confidence back and slowly achieve his dream to become a successful businessman. They have to face Soo Mi's crazy agenda (and her wall of crazy paintings), Jang Il's jealousy & hatred and Chairman Jin's unbelievable plans which turn their lives upside down.

Although Seon Woo tries his hardest to make his best friend Jang Il to repent and for them to be best friends again, it's hard. Can they become friends again in the end?

Episode 1 Preview

The Equator Man OST

The Equator Man OST Part 1 - Released March 29, 2012

String of Fate by Im Jae Bum - Teaser

The Equator Man OST Part 2 - Released April 19, 2012

For You by JJ

The Equator Man OST Part 3 - Released May 3, 2012

For You by Lee soo Young

Equator Man - Awards

KBS Drama Awards 2012

- Excellence Actor (Medium Length Drama): Uhm Tae Woong

- Excellence Actress (Medium Length Drama): Lee Bo Young

- PD Award: Uhm Tae Woong

Equator Man Poster Shooting BTS Video

I created this page solely as a fan of The Equator Man Korean Drama. The Equator Man is copyright of KBS, its respective writer, production teams, actors, actresses and everyone's involved in this drama.

The Equator Man details were taken from Naver. All other synopsis & articles above were written by deyani. Please do not take any portion of the this page without any link back to this site. Thank you for your co-operation.


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